Monday, June 12, 2017

Moment In Time to Millennial Love 
There were lovers in their time 
And there were Millennial lovers 

Moment In Time (free form poem) 

Blessing come true
Our moment in time
There was time enough to hold you
To kiss you
To gaze into your eyes
To wander through the fields
Enchanted with your presence
Time enough to laugh
Time enough to sing
Time enough to dance to
Dance through all that life had to offer
Each breath
Each heartbeat
Sweet moment in time
As others complained
How short their time was
Sharing memories of moments
Quickly passed away
Then and now
Then and now
We couldn’t understand
We couldn’t grasp what they were going through
Blaming it on dreams
Blaming it on lifestyles
Blaming it on everything but the truth
This moment in time
So we lived our years
Years of holding
Years of kissing
Timelessly enjoying the dreams we cast
Our bound fashioned purpose for endlessness
But then you died
To leave me alone with the price of it all
The price of those glorious lifetimes
The years of disappearing tears
Trapped by the wonder we enjoyed
My moment in time 

A special moment in time is recounted in this free form poem. This looks like a love poem. It is actually about time. As one reads through this poem, time should play as an undercurrent. With this in mind the ending turns from sad to confusing. 

Arlene and I truly had it all. We had our good times and the bad. We were not rich (what we might call lower middle class), but we had wealthy people and organisations throw money and opportunities to fuel our dreams. We did things most people only dream about. Some of the things we established still live on and grow in the hands and care of others. We raised two amazing kids. One who is actually being paid by the University of California at Berkeley to earn his Phd. The other is a high priced chef, voted by Zagat as 1 of 10 up and coming chefs in the Bay Area. As parents we did real well. We did enjoy one major advantage. Time. There was time enough for everything. Other people talked about how short time was. Arlene and I never experienced that. There was more than enough time for everything. Time enough for our dreams. Time enough to rekindle the magic of dreams in others. As a testimony to Arlene: The Freemasons is a male organisation. When Arlene died, the Masons sponsored a big celebration and thank you for Arlene. In the river of time there was much to do to distract me from missing Arlene to helping others. Then bloomed the time to celebrate a wonder. As one man passed on and a new soul would stare into that garden and by his smiles; and behind his smiles was Amor, my new wife.

Time. Some believe it is too short, Some people think it is too long. Some folks don't think time at all. Have we ever noticed that time seems to slow down when we are anticipating something big. Time also seems to pass more slowly when we are doing something we don't like. On the other side of the coin, when we are having fun time seems to pass more rapidly. How many times have we heard or felt "there isn't enough time"? Scientifically and "factually" we are told that time moves differently based on speed or mass. The faster a thing goes the slower its time moves. Time also moves slower based on the mass surrounding it. Time. "Fact" or feelings, it is a mystery. Fast or slow. here is one more fact: When it's over it's over. All that's left are the memories and changes made. Reminders of a life lived. Our life. A celebration. Yes, all our lives are celebrations. We are that special. And that mystery; time. Take it. Use it. Make the most, the best of it. It shouts at us, Enjoy.

Let's celebrate life: Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes "The Time Of My Life" 

Love know many faces - Like Millennials 

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) typically have the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years. The generation is generally marked by an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies. Here are Ryan Higa (of nigahiga), and Kina Grannis to give us deeper details of Millennials. 
Here are Kina and Ryan with a modern day in the language of Millennial. "Millennial Love (Official Music Video)" 

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Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. 
Be happy now. Don't wait for something 
outside of yourself to make you happy in 
the future. Think how really precious is the 
time you have to spend, whether it's at work 
or with your family. Every minute should be 
enjoyed and savored.
Earl Nightingale



  1. Time definitely runs like a thread through this poem - a sad loss and precious moment

  2. Time sure seems to have its own relative nature depending on what is going on. But then time is a human construct so maybe that's why.

    1. Maybe you've struck on something - Human construct
      Thank you for everything

  3. Certainly a delight to read, thanks for sharing.

  4. Life is a structure of time, indeed, A really nice craft of time, this poem is. Enjoyed the video sooo much

    much love...

    1. Happy that this brought you enjoyment.
      Thank you for the visit

  5. This poem makes me think of a song from the Steve Miller Band.

    1. Thank you, Lisa, for bringing back memories.

  6. What a beautiful poem, time is so precious and I'm glad you and Arlene made the most of it.

    1. So sweet of you to say.
      Thank you so much for your style (hint, hint)

  7. And it is of course still a love poem.

    1. What can one expect one with love in their heart to see?
      Thank you. Dream on...

  8. I think to have all that time is probably what makes all the difference... and so great to know about your children. Many years ago I took my PhD too, and it was the best time of my life, and maybe the worst too...

    1. Let me offer my belated Congratulations.
      Thank you for the share

  9. T I M E ... BE it... Treasure, I AM, Manifest, Eternal... this the knowing of Soul.

    1. That is magnificent.
      Thank you for the eloquence.

  10. Great poem and I enjoyed your thoughts on 'time'. Congrats on raising such fine sons. It sounds like they give you good reason to be proud.

    1. Thank you for the kind regards.
      Glad that you enjoyed the poem.

  11. Replies
    1. Janet! So happy to see you.
      Thank you

  12. Lovely poem.
    Time - good thinking about time - time can pass quickly or it can go ever so slowly as you had said similar.
    Like that movie Dirty Dancing have the DVD.

    1. For all the joy you brought me I'm glad I could give some back.
      Thank you for everything.

  13. Time is important as this poem relfects.
    Lovely to read and also thought provoking.


    1. So, we caught your mind with this one.
      Thank you for this good feeling.

  14. Very wise and well done .. great dear Martin :))

  15. Time is.... there are not enough words the many thoughts on time... I have, however, recently come to really believe, understand, that living in the past keeps me in the state I was in yesterday, and looking forward to tomorrow to achieve my happiness means I will never be happy today, since tomorrow always remains tomorrow... which leaves nOw, this minute, this very second, to be happy... I've gone off-topic a bit...

    1. You have hit upon a key of time and life. Live to the fullest NOW. There may come a time when memories is all we have. Before that time comes...
      Thank you for sharing these valuable thoughts