Thursday, August 31, 2017

Forbidden Veil to Face/Off 
A man seeing a memory is lost in confusion 
The plot of a movie is the cause of a confusion 

Forbidden Veil (poem)

I wandered down a lonely trail
The moon forgot so long ago
And memories had ceased to flow
Amid forbidden veil
And there I saw what couldn’t be
A maiden I had met somewhere
Now lost forever in her stare
And now it beckoned me
So here I sat it seemed so right
She sang a song of yesterday
When kisses weren’t so far away
And lovers found a place to stray
Where hearts in love could safely stay
Believing dreams would come their way
Which promised more than words could say
Yet drifting shadows did betray
Instead of Joy I found dismay
The song had sewn my plight
I dare not stay I couldn’t leave
Confusion reigned from all around
Her song became a wall of sound
Which offered no reprieve
I shouted hoping she would hear
But all I found was me instead
With all these reasons in my head
Why she’s no longer near 

Confusion takes possession of a man in this poem. This was intended to be a simple A/B/B/A poem. It is unclear if the speaker is caught by a vision or a memory. In the third stanza he becomes stuck. Hence the repeating the B rhyme. As the poem ends, if we weren't confused before, we should be now. Oddly,we are in touch with the speaker. 

Perhaps a husband or a boyfriend can relate to this (or a lady might admit to this). Arlene had a strange power over me. Sure, I loved her and I would do anything for her. But in the nature of things, this wasn't enough. It all starts with, "Marty." Then I know I'm in trouble (or in for delight). Then comes the kisses and hugs and Arlene's magic. When I came back to this world, whatever it was, Arlene won. Arlene learned not to overuse her superpower over me after this incidence. Arlene wanted a new car. After a "Marty", we were off. I remember a few more  "Marty"s at the Mitsubishi dealership. The next thing I recall was driving to dinner in Arlene;s sexy new car. Arlene was not as happy as she should be. It seems that I didn't haggle one little bit. I went with everything the dealer offered. He had a real sucker on the hook. The dealer felt so bad (or good) about dealing with me that he threw in a free dinner How could a guy be that stupid? The answer was "Marty".

Life goes on. How we choose to live our life is up to us.After all, it is our life. I do want to offer this insight, Some individuals enjoy doing the same thing. Breakfast. lunch and dinner at the same time everyday. The same routine everyday. There is nothing wrong in this. In fact there is a need for this type of personality. There is one thing, though. Our brain and how it stores things. If we have a tendency of doing the same thing, the brain will store it with similar memories. This includes little things like brushing our teeth. watching TV, our cell phones... All being stored with other times we went shopping, did the laundry, went on Facebook. Ever heard this, "What did you do this weekend?" What is our answer? Are satisfied with our answer? There will come a time when we will ask our self the question. We now have a valuable insight. Use it to be the wonders that we are. Use it and Enjoy.

Think I'm the only one who's girl crazy: Boyzone "Words" 

Another look at a film 

"Face/Off" is a 1997 science fiction action film directed by John Woo, written by Mike Werb and Michael Colleary, and starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. Travolta plays an FBI agent and Cage plays a terrorist, sworn enemies who assume each other's physical appearance. The film earned favorable reviews and grossed $245 million worldwide. It was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Sound Effects Editing (Mark Stoeckinger) at the 70th Academy Awards. As successful as it was Defy Media and Screen Junkies found some problems with the movie.
Here is what Screen Junkies found.  "Honest Trailers - Face/Off"

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Love makes people do crazy things. 
And not feeling loved can bring people to the edge of 
Jacqueline Simon Gunn


  1. this interesting and wonderful to speaks a lot about human psychology...romance...longing....loved this...!!

    1. Thank you for your deep and pleasant review. It is much appreciated.

  2. Screen junkies always has fun with movies they poke fun at. All have our own way and go to the tune of our own drum indeed.

  3. I am a lover of routine. My partner is an adventurer. Our differences work well for us (mostly). As Patt Hatt says, different drum beats, still music.

    1. That sounds like a wonderful match up.
      Thank you for sharing this elucidating insight.

  4. Oh I think that when passion comes in, we are always confused... but that's what we are looking for isn't it?

    1. I like (Love) it.
      Thank you for getting back to me.

  5. A lot of times crazy behaviour hides deeper issues.Thanks for such an honest and open poem.Lovely....

    1. I appreciate you bringing this up. Thank you.
      Happy you enjoyed poem.

  6. Confusion can blind the heart and mind when it truly matters. This is a lovely poem to end the month with. Greetings.

    1. Isn't this the truth and it can be used against us.
      Thank you for the compliment.
      Write on...

  7. Beautiful but very touching poem,made my eyes teary!!!

    i feel for you Martine ,may God bless your beautiful heart with peace .
    yes no mater what life goes on and each same day brings varieties of joys in our life ,lucky who have such routines within family and relationships .
    this is TRUE beauty of of life!

    Face Off is favorite movies of both of us(husband and me) and we never get bored to see it many times .

    1. Thank you for your sincere comment.
      I appreciate you enlightening us with your thoughts.
      May the blessing of each day shed its light on your path

  8. Hello, it is a sad and beautiful poem. I do enjoy my routine, sometimes I might go off and do something different, lol. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and the Labor Day weekend!

    1. Thank you.
      Routine! I've seen your "routine" in your pictures. I enjoy your routine too. Enjoy your days (for us).

  9. What a fascinating poem indeed. Love can be like magic...

    1. Good to have caught your interest. Thank you.

  10. Your poems were as good as ever. We watched Face/Off years ago. It is a rather memorable movie.

    1. Thank you. It's good to see you. Happy to know you are still enjoying.

  11. Wow, what a deeply layered piece that says so much yet reveals nothing. I'm bombarded with feelings of yesterday as I desperately try to rekindle our love today, only to discover that it's all in my head...maybe. That has to be such a lonely place. Love can be so confusion...lovely write.

    Funny review, though I love that movie.