Saturday, January 14, 2017

This Memory to Cornflakes 
A memory of lovers 
A memory of grandmother 

This Memory (lyrical poem) 

The leaves are turning gold once more
The scent of winter at the door
And one less summer to explore
I feel we’ve seen it all before
Soon comes the rain we can’t ignore
Where once was day an endless night
And one less kiss by candlelight
I sense we’ve done this once before
Before the breezes learned a melody
Scented by flowers’ harmony
There was this memory
Of you and me
And maybe shadows on the floor
Still understand what dreams are for
And one less moment to ignore
In case we’ve done this all before
An autumn moon this lovers’ shore
It calls our hearts again to flight
And one less chance to hold you tight
A chance we might have seen before
Before the stars in heaven could all see
The flowers dancing merrily
There was this memory
Of you and me
We’ll see
We’ll see 

A couple romantically float over what used to be is the theme of this lyrical poem. With the cadence of a song in mind, the meter of this poem is kept very tight. It follows this form: verse, verse, chorus, verse, verse, chorus. If you are interested in setting these lyrics to music, help yourself. 

Arlene made scrapbooks of her memories. She had been doing so long before we met each other. These scrapbooks contain pictures, ticket stubs, flat preserved flowers, menus, little hand written reminders and thoughts and things of that nature (that can fit in a photo album). Me? I was nowhere like her. I would take tons of pictures. Look at them once or twice. Put them back into their packages and there they would stay. The first winter came, when I was a new parent, a change came over me. Peter, our son, was only a few months old. It hit me like a bullet, "We will never be here again." That sounds obvious, but there and then it took on a strange new meaning. I has gone over, with Arlene, her scrapbooks many times before. These treasures took on a new meaning. Had Arlene seen something that I didn't? That foolish boy was gone, He had done so much and didn't take the time to appreciate it. Those moments captured in scrapbooks. 

We cannot go back into the past. We can try to reenact a memory, as long as we are aware that these reenactments will not be the same as the original moment. It is good, from my experience, to take a moment to look at our past. What did we do? What have we leaned? What could we have done better? Take in the experience of our life. Avoid comparing our life with anyone else's life. We should be our own measure of successes. We should be our own ideals. We should be our own stars. There may be other lights of possibilities, lights of hope, lights of strength. We may be and should that light for others, for ourselves. Who knows what the future holds? We should take in the "now". We cannot go back into the past. We can, however, use the  past as footsteps to the future, The time is our's. Our's to Enjoy. 

Talk about memories, remember this one: Sydney Pollack "Memories The Way We Were" 

Memories + Love = Cornflakes??? 

Mark Viera, the "Latin Prince of Comedy", is a comedian was hand picked to perform on the “Leatherneck” tour for the U.S. Marine Corps which is now in its second year. His numerous television credits include performances on the critically acclaimed "Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Stand-Up" and Comedy Central's "Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up at the El Rey." Mark is about to relay a story about his grandmother. 
Mark is about to solve the mystery of how memories and love equal cornflakes. "LAFFMOBB - Rachel Dratch's ' Late Night Snack' - MarkViera 'Cornflakes'" 

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Memories are the key not to the past, 
but to the future. 
Corrie Ten Boom

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Love For Today to Slam Poetry Popcorn 
A poem of love 
A poem of love of popcorn 

Love For Today (sonnet) 

Let's paint a love to last us for today
With moonbeams and rainbows setting the mood
Mid showers of flowers dreams are debuted
As lesser cares are skipping all away
Let's follow our hearts in all we now do
Forever’s tomorrows await us there
Mid oceans of notions passions we share
As all which is ours drifts into our view
So precious these moments we have in sight
With torrents of tumult to test our light
As sadness for gladness awaits some blight
So let’s bless today a gift of delight
Let's seal our resolve by sharing a kiss
As everything else will bloom dreams of this 

A lover's song is a bit more than this sonnet. First notice the rhyme within rhymes in the third line of each quatrain. A bit more subtle: The first two stanzas start with the word "Let's".  The word is hidden (teasingly) in the third stanza. To add to the tease, the  rhyme pattern changes. "Let's" again takes its dominant place as the sonnet ends. Question: was all of this just to get a kiss? 

Some of the guys may kill me for sharing this. Every now and again, Arlene would dazzle me with kisses. I loved it, but it was hard to function. It was so fantastic that if I was cooking Arlene would have to remind me of this or that. I didn't mind. I'm a kissing fool. A drunk has his alcohol. A drug addict has his drugs. Martin has his kisses. Sometimes Arlene used this handicap when she thought she was in trouble, like when she ran up the bills. I guess I might have been furious. ...but those kisses. When the affect of the kisses wore off, whatever the problem was didn't seem to matter. On the positive side, Arlene also used kisses to relieve problems and stresses I was going through. Sometimes I got these flurry of kisses just because. 

Say what we want about Arlene, me, the kisses, the silliness of the whole matter, the bottom line is I was kept positive. How many times has someone done something to set us off? Don't feel bad. We are biological beings. We are reacting to chemicals in our brain cells (caused by an event). Do not leave things at that, There is something we can do. Adopt a positive life style (or as positive as we care to live). Positive is defined by us. There is positive all around us. Observe. Learn. There is only one person we can absolutely change, that we can expect to change, that is us. A funny thing about life, from my experience, is that we tend to attract people like us and leave behind what we used to be. Those chemical reactions in our brain? We can change them. We are in charge. It all starts here. Believe in ourselves. Know that we can. And above al Enjoy.  

Back to that lovesick puppy in the sonnet:  Arno Elias "Amor Amor" 

A poem of a different flavor 

Archaeologists have discovered that people have known about popcorn for thousands of years. In Mexico, for example, they’ve found remnants of popcorn that dates to around 3600 BC.  Gregg, of You Suck At Cooking, not only shows us how to pop corn, he wrote a poem about it. 
It is guarenteed that we won't learn anything. And that's something. "Slam Poetry Popcorn - You Suck at Cooking (episode 55)" 

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The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, 
but its echo lasts a great deal longer. 
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cold Winter to Shoes Yourself 
Tankas about the cold of winter 
Children in the cold of winter 

The River (tanka) 

I feel her passing
Her secret to the river
Which had no sparkle
On that cold and bitter night
That she chose to say goodbye 

Cold Winter (tanka) 

Swallowed by some wind
Alone and broken hearted
In his cold winter
Taken by the dark dark clouds
As the whole world turns to gray 

Winter Winds (tanka) 

What secrets they hid
Under the cold winter winds
Which blew through their lives
Causing couple to scurry
To warm blankets of their love 

Expressions  of the cold winter flow through these tankas. Classic tankas are easy to write. They do not have to rhyme. The syllable of the five lines is all that matters. The syllable pattern is as follows: 5-7-5-7-7. The modern tanka is freer.

Let's go in a different direction from the tankas. Winters in San Francisco aren't that cold. Never the less, when Arlene and I became parents, winters would find us indoors. Peter, our son, was no problem, Both Arlene and I interacted and played with him. Robin came into our lives, The women in Arlene's family treated Robin different. Where Peter got toys, Robin got clothes. Clothes became her toys. As Robin grew, during the rest of the seasons we'd go out to play. In winter (or at nights), try as I might, I was a clumsy father, in a woman's world. Though Robin enjoyed my efforts, I felt uncomfortable. A toddler teaching her dad how to dress a doll. I was the cook of the house. Winter, for some reason, meant more cookies, cakes and pies. I was making cookies and who should bring me the milk that I needed? It was Robin. And so it began. The kitchen became our playground. Robin would grow up to be a chef. She was honored by Zagat, a restaurant reviewing service, as one of ten Up and Coming Chefs in San Francisco. 

Sometimes we are blind to the obvious. Something dangles right in front of our face and we don't see it. It happens to everyone. It happens to world leaders. It happens to the common person. It can be something that we don't see or something that isn't really there but we can't or refuse to accept its nonexistence. It can be a total accident or it can be a well plan scheme. A scary example: we all have to have medical insurance or we will be penalized on our taxes. All of the sudden insurance goes up. When I was young, I could see all the girls who were after me. That time Arlene broke up with me, I could no longer see the girls. The media is constantly toying with us. What can we do? Stop. Take a deep breath. Remember, people are basically good. Remember, I am a victim too. If we find ourselves ahead every now and then, consider ourselves lucky. And with every step Enjoy. 

Now, how about a winter song: John Rutter "Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind" 

Now kids in winter 

Children often claim they’re not cold, when they go out in the winter snow. The truth is that kids are at the same risk of heat loss and hypothermia as adults are, and maybe more. This is a common problem as the Holderness Family points out' The only difference is most families don't turn to an Eminem rap. 
Seeing how well this works for the Holderness Family, we can cross this off our list. "Shoes Yourself | #EminemParody | The Holderness Family" 

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In the depth of winter I finally learned 
that there was in me an invincible summer. 
Albert Camus


Monday, January 9, 2017

Empty Tears to Manly Tears 
The tears of a lost promise 
The tears of a drug lord 

Empty Tears (deteriorating poem) 

She climbed into her lonely bed
Her fantasies still fresh in head
So empty are the tears she shed
Another dream she had instead
Her heart repeats each word he said
Sweet promises her soul was led
In paradise the sun was spread
As waves caressed the shore
Tomorrow’s hope he did imbed
Believe in me were thoughts he pled
How could she leave where would she go
When here was what they said search for
Then came the instant all was shred
Was it his eyes that gave it away
Or was it some misbegotten word
She didn’t know She didn’t know
All she can remember was
Going for something in her purse
Something to quickly end it all
Before running to the safety of her home
She climbed into her lonely bed
Her mind mending what just happened
So empty are the tears she shed
Perhaps this madness was just a dream 

Dreams fall apart for this princess and in this deteriorating poem. The rhyme of this poem goes askew.  Take notice of how and when it does. It has something to do with the lady's frame of mind. This poem also makes use of the disturbing odd line rhyme pattern (in the last stanza). 

Disco was a thing of the past. Parenthood was calling Arlene and I. Arlene started having these recurring dreams. Dreams of our great life together. Dreams of promise. And then I would leave her. Arlene had signed us up for Lamaze classes. We were good students. Arlene shared the dreams with our Lamaze councilor. The councilor suggested that I pay more attention to Arlene. I don't know how this was possible. Arlene was my everything to me plus I was bitten very heavily by "the father-to-be" bug. The only thing I didn't like about pregnancy was the Lamaze classes. I did as the councilor suggested. The dreams got worse. We tried several other things. In the end, playing disco music while we slept worked. Speaking about "in the end", after weeks and weeks of going religiously to Lamaze classes, at the first touch of labor pains, Arlene begged for pain medications as soon as we hit the hospital. Arlene's mom, who was a head maternity nurse, took charge of the ward. 

I consider myself a Christian. I may be a little mixed up on which denomination, but I am better than most in my bible studies. My beliefs are mine. (The same holds true for everyone.) Nature and science prove that there is something more to life. Here we have a pregnant individual. One thing that is common among pregnant individuals is that undergo massive and intense biological changes. More miraculous are the changes men undergo as mentally they become fathers. There is nothing gowning in them. I believe the woman plays the greatest roll in child birth. The biological changes men and women undergo as they become parents are easier to grasp in a person with a baby growing in them. Here again, nature and science prove that there is something more to life. Then we all enter the chapter of old age. In all of life's changes "old age", I believe, is the most diverse. One last chance. We are amazing. Accept that. Live in that. Is there life after death? We are here. that person we were ten years ago isn't. That conscientiousness of last night's dream is a memory. Clues? We are here now, so Enjoy.

Let's enjoy the mysteries of life set to music: Julee Cruise "Mysteries of Love" 

Do drug lords cry 

Arnold Rothstein, a kingpin of the Jewish mafia who was behind the Black Sox scandal, refused to identify his killer to the police, saying “You stick to your trade. I’ll stick to mine.” Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele give us a rare behind the scene look at a drug lord in hopes that we might better understand. 
If we can't believe a pair of comedians, who can we believe? "Key & Peele - Manly Tears" 

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There is always some madness in love. 
But there is also always some reason in madness. 
Friedrich Nietzsche

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Songs Of Memories to Britney Spears Can’t Stop Making Hits 
A lover's song takes a nightmarish turn 
Britney Spears turns another song into a hit 

Songs Of Memories (English sonnet) 

There was no doubt about the love they shared
This couple other lovers yearned to be
Who toy with Joys of kisses openly
To view these two one knew why they were paired
The night would find her singing happily
Of things lost deep inside she sweetly aired
Of memories still yet so unprepared
A sight as yet her lover need not see
Then came the day when oh so jealous fate
Would take his blade and tear in two a heart
And screaming soon would find her on the floor
Each night incites an empty shell to wait
For surely streams of dreams will sweetly start
These memories of songve is a song sung long before 

A song takes a nightmarish turn in this English sonnet. As most English sonnets this one is divided into two sections. The first section is the before. The second section is the after. What adds to the disturbance (terror) of this sonnet is middle section that is not there. We are given no clarity of the sources of his violent jealousy. All we have is a song. 

While I was in charge of two youth groups I was given a name and a phone number. Arlene once worked at a computer company. She became friends with a girl named Beverly. Beverly drove Arlene to and from work. The two of them went out shopping together and generally hung out. Beverly was married, but we never met her husband. After some time Arlene and I started noticing some bruises on Beverly's arms. She blamed them on accidents at home. When the bruises appeared on her face, I used the number given me. It belonged to a youth and family protection service. They offer an impressive and full range of services to deal with family violence. The entire service is completely confidential. A few days later, Beverly quit her job. She stopped talking to Arlene. We stopped seeing Beverly and only heard rumors about her. (Nothing bad.)

Getting involved in another person's life is a complicated issue. When we enter into a relationship we establish boarders that can be crossed and others that we should avoid. What about the other people? ...our family, friends and stranger, We're outside. There's a sign that says, "No smoking." We see a person smoking. What do we do? A family member needs to borrow money. They are a credit risk? What do we do? You suspect a friend is in trouble. What do we do? There are countless and varied situations that arise from time to time. Our personal frame of mind, situation, openness also changes. Life calls to us, " Get involved." Should we? Here is something else. How many times have we heard, "I wish they would mind their own business"? When is it our business, our responsibility? This is going to sound like a cop out. It is our life. We are the ones who have to look into the mirror. We are the ones who have to sleep at night and wake you up in the morning. We are the ones who can make a difference. Whatever we choose, Enjoy.

While we are considering: Brian Crain "Gliding Moon" 

Do you remember Britney Spears 

When Britney Spears was 11 years old, she managed to get a part on Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, which was quite famous. Many other celebrities who are now very famous were a part of the show as well at that time. These include singer Christina Aguilera, singer Justin Timberlake, N Sync member JC Chasez and Canadian actor and musician Ryan Gosling. The Key of Awesome couldn't get Britney for their video which tells the story of this Mouseketeer's hit generating talent. So they got Laura Hart to take her place. 
With that said, let's hit it. "Britney Spears Can’t Stop Making Hits" 

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Reality is never as bad as a nightmare, 
as the mental tortures we inflict on ourselves. 
Sammy Davis, Jr.