Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wonder Which A Dream to Spatula Battle 
The wonder of a love 
The wonder of a spatula battle 

Wonder Which A Dream (Shakespearean sonnet) 

The sunshine of another Joyous day
Whose promise is the scent which thrills my heart
A wonder which a dream has sent my way
Which make each cherished marvel play its part
The light of hope that wishes will come true
Whose passing makes each moment yearn for more
A wonder which a dream has cast called you
Which brings a meaning what all this is for
The lonely cloud’s confusion is now gone
Whose purpose was a much less clue to me
A wonder which a dream had once brought on
Which made this world a better place to be
A wonder which a dream has once eclipse
The wonder which is found amid your lips 

A lover beholds a wonder in this Shakespearean sonnet. It should be no secret that this sonnet plays with wonder. Wonder is the subject of the third line of each quatrain and the rhyming couplet. A closer look at the quatrains and we will notice how tightly this sonnet is constructed. 

Courting Amor was very formal. I pulled out all of the stops. I was a "perfect gentleman" (which was easy since this behavior was expected of me with the young ladies' groups). I showered her with flowers and fruit baskets (which she liked more than candy). I made her girlfriends envious of her. I got know all of her friends and treated them right. They, in turn, helped me to win Amor. It was quite a courtship. One could tell, because Amor had a glow. There was only one this missing. Amor likes to stroll. San Francisco has an outstanding lovers' lane, in the Presidio. I had been courting Amor for almost two month. Lovers' lane, the mood, the moment... Amor couldn't take it anymore. She took me in her arms and kissed me. A cloud had been lifted. We were teenagers again.

Isn't it funny how something holds us back.Maybe it's that job we're after. Maybe it's it;s that something that we always wanted to try. Maybe it's that someone that we just can't talk to. The key word is "can't". But "can't" we really? Many blame it on fear. Fear may be what holds back many of our potentials. But there may be other things. Things beyond our control. Things beyond our senses. We may not even be aware. What can we do? Many people say get over it. Conquer your fear. I have another suggestion. It has been my experience that everyone is good at something(s). Life has a lot to offer. Everything in its proper time. Three things in one concept. It is our life. It is our time. Maybe we are afraid of doing something or maybe it's best that we don't do it. Telling someone (or our brains) that they are afraid (fear) may make things harder. Relax. Continue to grow. Know that everyone is special. You are special. Everything in it proper time. For now, Enjoy. 

For now, let me take you away: Lenny Ibizarre "El Viejo Pescador" 

Spatulas are not just for flipping food 

The spatula goes by many other names. Depending on what country you’re in and what particular food you might be preparing, it can be called a “flipper,” a “tosser,” a “scraper,” or, as some British prefer, a “fish slice.” Some think the spatula was originally a fly swatter. The folks at beatdownboogie think the spatula was once used as a weapon. 
Think they're crazy? Well, watch this. "SPATULA BATTLE 2!" 

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Be brave, young lovers, and follow your star. 
Oscar Hammerstein II


Friday, January 20, 2017

He Left Me With A Song to Alike 
A man changes a person's life 
A son changes a father's life 

He Left Me With A Song (lyrical poem) 

It was early I recall
If I know a thing at all
When I beckoned to his call
My name’s written on some wall
He was pleasant and polite
But in truth no appetite
Or my truth was not quite right
For this time there’ll be no fight
For this your time come walk with me
Your time here is finally done
From all this you’re finally free
Your new life has finally begun
I woke up I think at dawn
To a window I was drawn
Something’s different they are gone
In my mind a cloudy song
It would take some time to set
No grave here for false regret
Just a walking testament
A bit harder to forget
For this your time come walk with me
Your time here it won’t last long
From all this a chance to see
Your new life when this one is gone
Every morning out I go
Things like me put on a show
With these feelings we don’t know
If your truth is really so
For this your time come walk with me
Your time here will soon be through
From all this then you’ll truly be
Your new life is all about you 

A person's life is changed by a strangers in this lyrical poem. The pattern of this poem is as follows: VVC, VVC, VC (V= verse. C= chorus), The poem does contain some metaphor and open ideas. As with all my lyrical poems, the meter is kept tight.

Before working at Chevron. I worked at the M and M restaurant. It was here that I would meet my second greatest teacher and influence on my life, David. The M and M was a large hamburger restaurant with a premade dinners served in deli style. David was the owner. I did everything from cooking on the grill, to busing (cleaning) tables, to waiting on customers. Let me explain how this happened. I started as a  busboy. It got boring fast, even though the M and M drew a healthy amount of customers, especially around dinner time. David taught me to be the best busboy I could be, and see what happens. I did as he suggested and I did get better. Even more, I felt this need to be, to do even better. Soon, in addition to busing tables, I was helping the dish washer. I was helping the waitresses deliver meals. Just when I thought I was really good at something, David taught me a few tricks. This would inspire me to do better. 

When I started to wait on customers, David taught me to listen. This was good for the business and me (tips). As I got better and better, David taught me how to cook the food for the dinners and how to work the grill. I got so good that at closing time there was only David and me. It was here that David set my mind loose on "truth". There is one truth: like 1 + 1 = 2. And then there is the "truth" in people's minds. For them this "truth" is just as real and sometimes more real than what we are taught. This from a restaurant owner. But think about it. It's a restaurant. People talk. Some listen.

"What is truth?" A very famous question. There is the truth and there is the truth in people's minds. Some call it a "belief system".  A person's beliefs go far beyond religion. Try human rights, when does life begin or how long should one boil  a noodle. Some beliefs can be changed or altered. Some cannot. This is important to keep in mind. Let's say we want everyone to be treated equally. Most people can adjust. For some reason, some cannot. Everyone should still be treated equally, but we should recognize that some cannot accept this (and possibly explore the why). People's "belief system", our " belief system" is very complicated. Some of it starts from the day we are born. Some are inhabited subconsciously. Some is learned. The challenge is when truth meets truth. How is it dealt with? How do we deal with it? We are entering a time when truths are being challenged. My "belief system" suggests understanding is the answer. Keep as many doors open as possible. What does your "belief system" say?  For everything starts and ends here. Most important is the key to everything,,, Enjoy.

Here's someone who will leave us with a song: 
R.L. Burnside "See My Jumper Hanging On the Line" 

Sometimes a father can learn from his son 

It may help to understand that many of the forces driving fathers and sons apart are natural life processes. Beginning in their early teens, boys begin to differentiate themselves from their fathers, often by openly rebelling against the home rule. Daniel Martínez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez look at a father who tries to teach the right way to his son, in their short film "Alike". It was the winner of over 50 awards and nominee for 2016 Cartoon d’Or and winner of the 2016 Goya Award for best animated short film. 
It also wins the Aww Award. Find out why. "CGI Animated Short Film HD: "Alike Short Film" by Daniel Martínez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez" 

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Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, 
and one teacher can change the world. 
Malala Yousafzai


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Whispers to How To Wash A Car With A Baby 
Whispers coming from the dance floor 
Whispers coming from a dirt car to a father 

Whispers (free form poem) 

If you could see her on the dance floor
You couldn’t help but feel her moves
Calling you in whispers so loud so loud
Do you want more You want more You want more
I draped my arms around this soft pearl
The music held us to explore
Take me to your world she whispers whispers
Let’s make it whirl Make it whirl Make it whirl
Time then stopped and people disappeared
We rose to our heaven apart
Whispers echoing She wants to wants to
Still the beat of the music… or is it my heart
For this moment, two transform to one
She feels my thoughts. I share her form
What need for whispers when her eyes her eyes
The midnight sun… time for fun. I’m undone.
She whispers… 

The dance floor transforms in this free form poem. The most notable thing about this poem are the echoes. The breaks represent a change in scene: for example, in the first stanza he is looking at her. In the second stanza they are dancing together. And so forth... 

Years of practicing (I'm a slow learner) didn't go to waste. Arlene and I were pretty good dancers. We weren't professionals, but we went out dancing a lot. One of our most memorable evenings was when The Crew, Arlene and I were part of, went down to Tingles with Gary and Gloria Poole. Gary and Gloria were a brother and sister dance team and Disco Dance Champions. They were also close cousins of Valerie, a member of The Crew. Gloria and I had a crush on one another, way back when, but it never evolved into anything.  

Gary heard about how good Arlene and I were on the dance floor. He had an ego equal to mine. He challenged me to a dance show down. Gary, being a big star, had no problem  talking the Tingles' owner into the show down. Arlene and I chose Malo's "Suavecito" as our song. We were doing pretty good until I made a mistake. I had Arlene close to me and looked into her eyes. All of the sudden the crowd of people disappear. We forgot about the competition. There was only the music and us two. Needless to say, Gary and Gloria blew us away. Later that evening, Gary told Arlene and me that he saw, on the dance floor, why people enjoyed watching us dance. 

(If the poem suggests something more - maybe) 

In today's world, more than ever, we are constantly under the mold of group think. We are told what is in style, what is beautiful, what to believe, what is important. Our computers are making it easier and easier to gather information about us. Information to mold us. To make us easier to control. There are some instances when group think is valuable: like safety and emergencies, for example. But what is important to our life is what we believe. What is important to us? It is vital that we cultivate this in ourselves and in others. Some may believe in a supreme being, while others may not. It's okay. We can still live happily together. So it is with all things. The only rule is that we and our beliefs should not hurt anyone or anything. This is our life. That is their life. The wonder of it all. That individuals, who are all different, can exist together. And together we can win our freedom and Enjoy. 

Back at the dance: Malo "Suavecito" 

Speaking about freedom, does your car need washing 

According to Professional Carwashing and Detailing the best car wash in America is Mister Car Wash, headquarter in Tuscon, Arizona. This company was established in 1969 and is now operating in 20 states. If there is not a Mister Car Wash near you Jordan Watson, of How to DAD, has another idea. 
Now fathers, pay close attention. "HOW TO WASH A CAR WITH A BABY" 

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Soul meets soul on lovers' lips. 
Percy Bysshe Shelley 


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Past Midnight Fling to How to Open a Bottle with a Cucumber 
The secret what happens past midnight 
The secret of opening a bottle with a cucumber 

Past Midnight’s Fling (poem) 

The clock strikes one
Far from the sun
The madness past midnight
Has just begun
Let loose the light
Which blurs from sight
Melodious movement
Of our delight
Toward sultry scent
Our purpose bent
To flavor forever
In time well spent
With all
The glorious kisses
There’s nothing between us
That cannot be shared
The lingering silence
With feelings so intense
Still two lovers dared
As we confer
Our bliss to stir
To places predisposed
For lover’s myrrh
Our eyes are closed
Senses exposed
To lavish our longing
With sweet repose
Let fall
No secrets to hold back
Our love remains intact
In passion ensnared
Our moment in pleasure
Let all else surrender
Two lovers declared
The clock will ring
Our hearts still sing
While utterly undone
Past midnight’s fling 

It's past midnight and these lovers have just begun in this poem. This looks like a lyrical poem. It could be, but it has no recurring chorus. There a few measures of note in this poem. The poem has two types of rhyme structures. In one structure, the third line contains a play of sounds: i.e. the M in madness and midnight (Word Wizardry). In the other rhyme pattern: strict rhymes give way to sound alike. 

This poem goes back to those disco days. It was 10:00. Time to go out dancing. At around 8ish "The Crew" would gather, at one of our houses or a restaurant or at the hair salon. "The Crew" consisted of Ed & Sherrie, Mike & Valerie, Lance & Whoever and Arlene & Me.  Our nightclubbing area was from Bocce, in Sausalito to Tingle. in South San Francisco. We'd leave the final choice of venue up to Ed. He had a knack at selecting where the evenings best action would be. We would hit the club by 11:00 and leave before they closed, at 2:00. Sometimes The Crew would head for the nearest all night pancake joint. We were all friends (except for Lance's date for the evening), so it was not unusual of us to switch partners on the dance floor. Though Lance and Valerie were professional dancers, nothing, no one compared to Arlene and me when we dance with each other. (Long before, when Arlene found out that I couldn't dance, she spent years to teach me.) Arlene's biggest thrill was when we could clear the dance floor, because other couples would stop and watch us. The Crew once did a three night (two day) binge. Three straight nights of dancing. Two days at lake Chebot. Those were the disco days. 

(If the poem hints at something else - Maybe.) 

Imagine that. I couldn't dance. Then I fall for the girl of my dreams. If I was to make her happy, I had to learn to dance. I learned to dance just in time to be a part of a trend that was sweeping the world. Not only that, life had surrounded me with dancers. It was like, life had put this whole dance thing just for me. But let's step back a little. doesn't this happen to other people? Doesn't life place stepping stones for every individual? I am not suggesting that our life is preplanned. But, for me, there seems to be an order to it. An order personally suited for each individual. Doubt? Take a look at our life. What do we do well? What were the steps that brought us to this point? Now take the next step and Enjoy. 

Back to the poem: Katherine Lynch "Twilight Romance" 

What will we think of next 

Cucumbers contain most of the vitamins you need every day, just one cucumber contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc. Not only that. Did you know we can use a cucumber to open a bottle? 
Here to show use how is Dave Hax. "How to Open a Bottle with a Cucumber - Life Hack" 

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There are two great days in a person's life - 
the day we are born 
and the day we discover why. 
William Barclay


Monday, January 16, 2017

Something to I Rap To Cats 
What is that something in a lover's heart 
What is that something that makes him rap to his cats 

Something (English sonnet) 

Dark clouds are gone another sunny day
The scent of hope now blossoms everywhere
The songs of Joy are loosed to thrill the air
My heart beats rhythms something’s on its way
It’s something grander than mere words can share
It’s something even time can’t snatch away
It’s something where sweet dreams may go astray
It’s something nothing can shape to compare
How do we choose our memories to trace
When daylight comes what feelings will still flow
When nothing’s left what will this soul turn to
Soon something will put reason in its place
As something happens even angels know
Another moment blessed with holding you 

A lover's heart sings out in this English sonnet. In the quatrains a guy in despair meets a lady who takes away the darkness. In the second quatrain an ostinato develops, as the guy tries to put a meaning to his heart. With the triplets the mood changes as the guy just gives in to his feelings. 

When Arlene died, I went into mourning. My mourning consisted of working very hard for the Masons and being very active in charities and volunteer work. I wasn't interested in dating or meeting other women. Because of my heavy involvement with youth groups, the Masons thought it best if I were seen in the company of a woman. So it was that I met Amor. There were others trying to get my attention. In fact, Amor wasn't one of them. I went after her attention. What attracted me to her (beside her looks) was her humor. I don't mean jokes. Amor can do or say things that are so cute that it makes me laugh. Laugh so hard that I know how I will die: Laughing at Amor's cuteness. As I got to know her, there was something more. At the time I couldn't put my finger on it. As we are married now, I was successful. After three years of marriage romance (and only one argument during the whole time), I fell ill. It was then I started to learn about that "something". I marvel at life. After a rough childhood, I did so much. I touched so many. For me, there was a strange order to life. Now, life has blessed me with Amor. Exactly what/who I need right now. 

Life is a marvel. I wonder at the many things I have done. I boast, that I have done thing that others only dream about. Then I meet others whose life seems to mirror mine. In 8th grade met a person who looked just like me. (There are other examples of this on YouTube.) The two of us met in a place, a time, a life. What are the chances that a teacher and I would meet. A teacher who would watch over me for my whole school adventure. Through this teacher, I would meet my other half. For me, there seemed to be an order to life. Everything in its time. Sound familiar? Life is a marvel. A gift to us. Perfect? What is that? Who or what defines "perfection"? Our perfection. Our life. The wonder of it all. Sculptured just for us. Could this masterpiece be better? Let's find out and Enjoy. 

Let's enjoy a masterpiece from a past: The Beatles "Something" 

Do we love our cats enough to write a song 

When a cat chases its prey, it keeps its head level. Dogs and humans bob their heads up and down. Sometimes we humans bob our heads to the rhythm of a good tune. Does a cat? Does a cat even care? Dan Bull cares. He cares so much that he wrote them a rap song for his cats. 
Dan's rap may not be the best but put to a cat video... "I RAP TO MY CATS | Dan Bull" 

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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, 
while loving someone deeply gives you courage. 
Lao Tzu

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Any Final Thoughts to Sister Convinced of Zombie Apocalypse 
A person faces his apocalypse 
A sister faces zombie apocalypse 

Any Final Thoughts (sonnet) 

My world is so much different today
One problem I thought slit from my life now
Comes back to take its last sarcastic bow
The courage I had then has skulked away
It seemed inconsequential in its time
That simple ending did not pulse from fun
It oozed in hatred long before begun
Where now that soul left feeling so sublime
Amidst the tentacles of fear I’m held
With terror shouting horrors through my head
Still echoes there the last words that she said
That from God’s world I too will be expelled
To thee oh Lord my final prayer I send
For through these doors I go to meet my… 

A person faces his own doom in this sonnet. I have decided not to call this a Shakespearean sonnet for the combination of two reasons. First, it has nothing directly to do with love. Secondly. though heavily hinted at, the rhyming couplet doesn't rhyme. Notice as the sonnet progresses confusion and evil get stronger, until in the end they win. 

The day began and Arlene and I had planned to spend the day together. The day before I had performed in the third degree for the Masons in Vallejo. At 8:00 in the morning sharp the phone calls started. During the performance of the degree my mentor changed  the  word "Ethiopia" to "Vallejo". Because of the character he was playing, the context of the word and the heavy Filipino community of the section of Vallejo we were in, this word change was taken as a serious insult to the Lodge and the community it served. Being his student and very influential in the Lodge, I got phone call after angry phone call. Instead of spending time with Arlene, I was fielding the behavior of my mentor.

When the phone calls let up I went to Arlene to tell her what was going on. I found her unconscious on the bathroom floor. After trying unsuccessfully to wake her, I called 911 and her mother. When emergency came, I lost clarity. I went into automatic mode, but what actually was going on was a fog. Because Arlene's mother was a registered nurse, she was allowed to stay with her daughter through all attempts to revive her. Arlene died that evening. It was unreal. What do I do? What do I say? For months I had someone staying with me, making certain that I was as alright as I could be and being there. If it wasn't for my family, friends and associates I would have been like the person in the sonnet. 

Such is life. One foolish word led to a flood of angry phone calls preventing me from being by Arlene's side. One word caused so much anger. One word (a word!) may have led to a person's death. A death that would make everyone forget about (overshadow) "the word". Little things can have major effect on life. Such as a smile. Do not underestimate our smallest acts. I am not suggesting that we freeze up fearing that something we do will have a negative effect. I am just trying to illustrate that one thing leads to another. But we already knew that. We all want a world of perfect peace. (At least most of us do.) How do we get there? I am just one person. Even the smallest act. Enjoy, 

A haunting song for a haunting sonnet: Elliot Goldenthal "Libera Me" 

What are brothers for - Zombie attacks 

It is believed that the modern conceptions of zombies originally began with voodoo religion in the West African Yorubi tribe and then traveled with captured slaves to the Caribbean island of Haiti, a busy slave center in the 1700s. Millicent's conception of zombies came from her three brother after a dentist visit. 
A little confused? Well watch this. "Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse"

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Depression is the inability to construct a future. 
Rollo May