Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Tear to Best Lie Ever 
A torture soul sits by the phone 
Another lie is broadcast over the phone 

The Tear (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Another tear sent softly through the night
To wander through their dreams while they’re apart
And listens to the sorrows of a heart
Which yearns to hear a voice say it’s alright
He learns a brand new meaning of alone
As voices from the shadows become clear
They talk of doubt he doesn’t need to hear
His mind resigned to marvels of its own
And time was never meant to move so slow
Each ticking taps into a tortured soul
Eternity of seconds take their toll
Where was the sleep that he had come to know
Then on the phone which called from far away
A tearful voice said Hi are you okay 

A tortured soul fills this Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet uses the less familiar ABBA rhyme form instead of the ABAB rhyme form. This form is good for communicating to a reader a feeling of tension and release. 

We already know the ending, so I'll cut the dramatics (if you promise not to laugh). Arlene's job sent her to Houston. Texas for some training. She would only be gone two days and three nights. She went to the airport Wednesday afternoon and would return on Saturday. The kids, Peter and Robin, were little and going to school. It was only a few days, What could go wrong? It started with Robin, Dad picked her up from preschool, instead of mom. She must have forgotten that her mom was going on a trip. I must admit the house felt strange without Arlene there. I can imagine what the kids were going through. We took our minds off of it by playing and watching TV together. This worked well until bedtime. Robin started to cry. She missed her mommy. Peter started to cry in sympathy. My solution: let's all go camping; Here in the front room. We made a tent out of a blanket and crawled in together to go to sleep. Then it was my turn. Why didn't she call? Did the plane crash? Is she okay? I miss my Arlene! What are we going to do without her? Just as terror took charge of my tortured mind the phone rang, It was Arlene. She had had a rough day of her own. She missed us. I woke the kids up to talk to their mom. When Arlene asked Robin what she and Peter had done that day, Robin said, "take care of dad." 

This is a realm. This is a magic, We call it our mind. Through it all our senses are interpreted and we see our world. Through it our imagination come alive and we create. Through it we are the individual we are. Our minds are constantly working. If we and the world don't provide it with stimuli it will create its own. Then the question is: what is real? When we see a cake, Chew a cake, Taste a cake. But there was no cake. Was there some kind of cake? Easy to say of course not. Have we ever been awakened in the middle of a dream? The world is in disarray. Has our mind seen something that wasn't there, then we create it. Our mind is a powerful gift. It is our key to the world. It is our world. The wonder of it. The power of it. It is our's. Our's to Enjoy. 

Take it away Roy: Roy Orbison "Only The Lonely"  

Take it away boys 

Mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles. In Japan, 90% of mobile phones are waterproof because youngsters use them even in the shower. Mobile Phone Radiation can cause Insomnia, headaches and confusion. For more information about mobile devices and what they can do, put them in the hands of boys; Especially boys who are watching football when their girlfriends call. 
Get your pencil and paper ready. "BEST LIE EVER | Rudy Mancuso" 

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They say when you are missing someone 
that they are probably feeling the same, 
but I don't think it's possible for you 
to miss me as much as I'm missing you 
right now 
Edna St. Vincent Millay

Friday, January 27, 2017

A Song Of Spring to Performance by 4-year-old Claire and Dad 
A lover proves his love to a flower 
A song proves the love between a father and a daughter 

A Song Of Spring (Italian sonnet) 

A youthful lad was strolling by a stream
The songs of spring were lilting through his heart
His soul beheld the flower of his dream
And to this dream he swore he’d never part
He brought his flower home to safely stay
And showered her with all that life could give
The lad would sing of love throughout the day
His flower’s smile his reasoning to live
Then came one day the smile no longer there
The lad with sadness could not bring it back
What callas care did he forget to share
What happiness did precious flower lack
And from his dream a gentle voice replied
It aired the words his heart already knew
And as he gladly brought her back he cried
The lad who’s laying somewhere in her view 

A lad proves his love to a flower in this Italian sonnet. There is nothing special hidden in this sonnet. This was done so that nothing distracts us from the message it contains. 

I was 21 when Arlene and I moved in together in our Place in the Sky. It was a small apartment on Twin Peaks, with a large balcony overlooking the eastern side of San Francisco. Imagine the unimaginable of a 21 year old boy moving in with his dream, in a Palace in the Sky, no less. It was 1972. When my eyes began clearing up I started to see there was a big difference between a boy and girl seeing each other and living together. My generation was raised with men ruling the roost. Women where exploring their independence. Arlene was one of these women. Moving out of her parent's house was part of her need for independence. There was this boy's challenge: build a relationship and break those old chains. That Palace in the Sky made things easier. Arlene and I saw and heard about our school buddies changing. Many were breaking up. Some of the girls took on their boyfriend's characteristics. In our Palace in the sky it was natural to see Arlene bloom. I, being young, saw the benefits Arlene's independence brought me. Since I wasn't controlling her, it was like we were always dating. As far as partner are concern, one plus one equals so much more (than two). By letting Arlene grow in her own way, in her own direction, she became so much more. As I grew older, I was so much more. As we grew older, we continued to date. As we grew older. the team of Arlene and Martin were hard to beat. 

I grew up in a male dominated world. I have heard and read ancient legends of matriarchal societies. Let me state that I am for equality. I believe men and women should be treated equally. My history as a soccer coach speaks for this. There are some challenges ahead. Men and women are different. Not just physically but our brains are wired differently. We could say that men are stronger. But women are more agile. They tend to live longer too. What we don't appreciate, yet, those matriarchal societies are much different than what we are used to. Remember that we live in a male dominate. male centered, male created world. A women's world would be much different. Those female leaders of countries are just acting out male roles. In the matriarchal society there was no war. There was no defense either. It had other shortcomings. The perfect world, at least for me, is a world where men and women are treated perfectly. A world which reflects ladies and men live here. A world we can all Enjoy.

Now for flowers of a different sort: York feat. Angelina "Ice Flowers" 

How cute do you want it 

Dave and Ashley Crosby. of Seattle, Washington, were college sweethearts who married when Dave was 22 and Ashley was two days shy of her 19th birthday. They had a daughter, Claire, who learned to talk at a super young age and early on could carry a pitch. The dad and daughter take the cuteness award on YouTube. 
Are you ready for some cuteness? "You've Got a Friend In Me - LIVE Performance by 4-year-old Claire Ryann and Dad" 

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If you love someone, set them free. 
If they come back they’re yours; 
if they don’t they never were.
Richard Bach

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Exchange to A Bad Lip Reading of Inauguration Day 
Another day brings an exchange of feelings 
Another day brings an exchange of power 

The Exchange (Italian sonnet) 

Each morning starts the beat of life’s routine
No longer matters one day to the rest
A part from sterile bleakness lack of scene
This haven that becomes a human’s nest
Soon after what is called the morning fare
He settles in his space the same old way
Some days he needs a hand in getting there
Small things one takes for granted cause delay
But once he starts what richness in his tide
With vibrancy paints all the world alive
His light frees confidence once lost inside
Inspiring dreams with power to survive
Beside this mind the rules of time can range
Still all things borne of earth some repose yearns
In sleep for now our fantasies exchange
To what tomorrow brings if he returns

An average moment turns into something else in this Italian sonnet. The sonnet starts out as just another work day for a 9-to-5er. Two whole quatrains were spent to describe the monotony. Things begin to change, for the better, as the sonnet goes on. One quatrain to go. We are expecting a person's day to get better. With the final quatrain, we should be disoriented. Well we should be. It was all a dream.

For thirty years I had a great time working at Chevron. It was a dream job. I looked forward to going to work each and every day. The hardest part of going to work was leaving Arlene each morning. I had gone to College to be a music teacher. Chevron sent me to Art School (at their expense) to be a graphic artist (in the printing field). Instead of working a press, I would be a pioneer of the quick copier (or Xerox machine, as we now call them). My incredible success put me in charge of a team of people who assembled things. It was then that Chevron started brain washing everyone to be positive. This worked out very good for me and my team. In four years we only had one late job. Rewards for doing an exceptional job flowed our way. Going to work was fun. Then I landed the job of Customer Assistant Rep. An employee of Chevron would come to me with a job and I would figure out how to get it done. (whether it was a simple copy job to a teacher award program in Washington D.C.) One of the first jobs that came across my desk was "Chevron's Unified Accounting Practices". The trick was to copy and assemble binders containing new accounting guidelines for every gas station and
Chevron offices worldwide and have all these delivered around the same day. We were so successful that my final request for this project was to bring food for the entire staff of the three building downtown headquarters, as a celebration. From here my imagination gained its reputation. Do I see the glass half full or half empty? It depends on what is in the glass.

It is difficult for me to discuss people and their jobs. We spend a good deal of our life working. I was lucky to have someone to teach me the value of good work practices. (David, the owner of the M and M Restaurant.) I enjoyed working at Chevron. Then the entire company takes up a positive frame of mind. I'm even happier. People enjoyed working with me. Here may be a clue. Chevron found out that people are more productive when they are happy. Not all jobs are Chevron. Then there is our mind. It can find, it can make an avenue of escape in even the most tedious job. (I know this from clothing factory workers.) Then there are those who gain pleasure and satisfaction in knowing they are good at what they do. It is up to each one of us. We spend a good deal of our life working. For that reason alone, as well as for those around us, find that pathway to Enjoy.

And we meet that next day let's do it with a little soul: 
Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers "Just Another Day" 

Where was the pleasure in that latest inauguration 

I bet we didn't know that in 1703, George Washington's was the shortest inaugural address at 135 words. I bet we also didn't know that Bad Lip Reading go their hands on the 2017 inauguration. What does this mean to us? 
Ifbanyone can figure it out, please share. "'INAUGURATION DAY' — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump's Inauguration

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Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Words to If Parents Were Brutally Honest 
The truth about his words 
If parents' words were the truth 

Words (sonnet) 

He bared the words which set her heart to flight
Each passage was another dream come true
Enchantment was the picture which he drew
And wonder were the feelings he’d ignite
He spoke of heavens he would bear her to
Each wished for whisper sparked her soul’s delight
Each promise from his lips her whims excite
And then he freed the words of I love you
They spent their days with words of wonderment
The world she knew seemed very far away
She found her meaning in each verse he sent
Forever were the words she heard him say
And then one dawn such pain would she incur
For in the end mere words were all they were 

Fancy words fill this sonnet. We could lose ourselves in the dreams this girl heard in his words, until the bitter end (the rhyming couplet). This sonnet tries to use its form to signal something is wrong. By the end of the second quatrain we think we're in the midst of sort of English sonnet. Then comes a third quatrain with a different rhyme pattern. 

One thing that set me ahead of others was that I wasn't just words. Whether in romance or other endeavors, I was more than words. When I was with the sick and shut in committee, I did more than send cards and letters, I made personal visits. So it was with all of my charitable endeavors. This made me very popular. I feel. it raised the success level of my various exploits. My personal involvement attracted others who wanted to help. 

As far as romance, let me share one example. When I asked Amor to marry me, I did so at Joe's of Westlake. I managed to get all of her girlfriends there to witness the occasion. This was quite a surprise to Amor,who only expected a ring. The best was yet to come. The next weekend a limo came to pick up Amor. The driver was a man who waned to repay me. The limo had two of Amor's friends in it. They took Amor to a wedding dress store, It was then Amor found out I was putting together the framework of a big wedding for her. I had found out Amor's dream of a big wedding from her friends. Not only could her boyfriend fulfill her dreams. He knew her dreams. 

I don't need to tell anyone that there is a big difference between action and words. Talking about changing something and playing an active role in that change are two different things. One could succeed or it may not. The other is nothing but air. An idea, gone. We are better than that. We deserve more. The world deserves more. In today's world of the social media, getting actively involved is easier than ever before. Don't like how things are being done? Want to improve something? Write, phone (people in charge), be active in perusing your change or promotion. Get others to do the same. Even donating time or money is one big step further than words. Empty words, in themselves, accomplish nothing, but expose our weakness, our emptiness. Action demonstrates our strength. Our level of commitment in what we believe; In what we trust; In what we Enjoy.

Here's a song about words: Anthony David ft. India.Arie "Words" 

Our first words were from our parents 

Some parents interpret a string of "da-da" babbles as their baby's first words "daddy". But babbling at this age is usually still made up of random syllables without real meaning or comprehension.  Most babies say a few simple words by the end of 12 months. After this time a tabby can fully enjoy the sweet words coming from their parents' lips. 
But for the sake of making a funny video. "If Parents Were Brutally HONEST" 

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The language of friendship is not words but meanings. 
Henry David Thoreau


Monday, January 23, 2017

The Messenger to Tell Him I Said Hi 
A man uses a precious wind to send a message to his love 
Two friends use each other to send messages to their friends 

The Messenger (English sonnet) 

Soft wind which dances somewhere though our past
Refreshing precious flowers growing there
The source for all the music everywhere
Sweet whisper from which all our dreams were cast
Sail off and tell my love once more I care
Refresh her air with feelings which hold fast
To memories of meanings meant to last
Within a world which caught us unaware
Pray do not soil the sweetness of her sleep
With rains intending to bring any pain
Or toy with Joys which she’s accustom to
It’s well and good that I alone should weep
And bear the strains of such a grand refrain
To bear my soul of Thank Yous she is due 

A man implores the aid of a special messenger to carry a blessing to his love in this English sonnet. This sonnet employees flourishes of Word Wizardry. The first half of the sonnet describes the messenger. The second half of the sonnet deals with the message. 

Amor was (and is) a lot of fun. She had a lot of problems, though. Our lifestyles were very different. Most of her problems came from her perception. She needed money and she had a low self esteem. I introduced Amor to my world. A world free of money. A world where everyone wanted to meet her. A world where she was treated special. I and those around me, taught her to put aside her focus on money. Do not give her need more energy than it deserves. With this little insight Amor was able to resolve a lot of her debts. Another big problem was, she had low self confidence. We needed to turn her "can'ts" into "cans". We had a great start because the new world she was now dancing in was one of possibilities. These possibilities put it in her mind that she could be a nursing assistant (CNA). It was a rough and challenging road. Not only did Amor graduate, she encouraged two of her classmates, who were going to drop out, on and complete the course. Proof that we can. It was a real joy to open a world to someone who brought me so much happiness. As proof that I was doing good, Amor got even more beautiful.

We live in a world of positives and negatives. They are all around us all of the time. They are spices of life. There is a certain belief system, that states that one will not exist without the other. In other words: there can be no good without evil. It is up to us though. Positives and negatives are all around us. Both fall on us. But, positives tend to attract more positives and negative tend to attract more negatives. Both live and get stronger on energies. We provide some (if not all) of that energy. The choice is ours. Do we want our world to be positive? It may rain negatives on us through no fault of our own. It is up to us to set our world back to the positive level that we prefer. (The storm can also be positive.) The choice is ours. Happiness begins here. We can be the light for ourselves as well as for other. We are that special. This is our time. This is our choice, so Enjoy.

For now, let us escape: Frank Fischer "CafĂ© del Mar" 

Calling someone or calling to call someone 

The top 5 countries in the world with the most currently active cell phones are: China: 1.2 billion phones; India: 904 million phones; U.S. 327 million phones; Brazil: 276 million phones; and Russia: 256 million phones. So many phones just to say hi to someone. The folks at genuinejerks have discovered even the simple "hi" has become complicated. 
How familiar is this? "Tell Him I Say Hi" 

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The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.
They're in each other all along.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hurting Inside to The Last Player Picked 
The pain of losing your love 
The pain of being the last one picked 

Hurting Inside (lyrical poem) 

I’m hurting inside because
My love went away
And why didn’t say
Was I in the way
A cruel little play
To tear my heart wide
I’m hurting inside
I’m hurting inside because
My lover left me
In pain can’t she see
There’s nowhere to flee
From her memory
And no place to hide
I’m hurting inside
I hurt inside because
I really thought she’d stay
Create a family
And greet another day
That’s how it all should be
A dream was all it was
I’m hurting inside because
The tears will not stray
From just yesterday
When all went my way
So distant dismay
A different tide
I’m hurting inside
I hurt inside because
I see eternity
With nothing but decay
Where once was clarity
This image on display
Remains of all that was
I’m hurting inside because
Here in this debris
This shadow empty
Now cast to its knee
She’s taken the key
The last of my pride
I’m hurting inside 

Nothing but pain in this lyrical poem. The pattern of this poem is: V V C, V C V (V= verse, C= chorus). It is hoped that "I’m hurting inside because" got a little tedious. If it was successful, we may have missed this guy's problem and the reason she might have left him (in the last stanza).

This poem was inspired by an evening. One that evening one of our dance buddies comes over unannounced. He was a mess. He and his partner had just broken up. Though they lived together, he and his partner were not married. Arlene and I were in shock. They seemed like such a perfect couple. There was little Arlene and I could do but listen as he described his pain and the shattered dream. Our friend cried himself to sleep on our couch. Arlene caught and shared with me something that she caught from him. The next day she did some investigating. It turned out that what people saw outwardly was just one side of a coin. There was another side no one even suspected. The fact that she left him was part of his pain. The pain, for both people, would subside. He would find someone new within a few months. She found someone new in a little over a year. 

The reason relationships end are many This not only holds true for people, but work and life styles and many other things. People change. Things change. If a person or things have problems that is one thing. Even in what one deems a normal relationship, separations happen: like the kids leaving home. The change sparks feelings. Good feelings. Bad feelings. Confused feelings. Feelings that may have nothing to do with the separation. So, what might we do? We only have control over us. Some relationships have to change. Stay aware. Stay in touch. Try to be prepared. Be realistic about ourselves and our surroundings. Sounds like a lot. But we can do a lot. We really are that good. As the world changes, we can change. We can change with it or go off and discover something new. Remember, this is our time. Remember, we are special. There is a relationship. Use this relationship to mold moments and Enjoy. 

Let's step into the past: Little Anthony and The Imperials "Hurt So Bad" 

What is worse than being picked last 

Andrew Bynum is a professional basketball player who is currently a free agent. Bynum has played for the Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was named an All-Star and was selected to the All-NBA team in 2012. In his school days he was considered a nerd, His favorite subject was physics, and he was a member of the chess team.The folks at studio C also have a nerd. In sports it seems nerds are always chosen last. 
Maybe this one will be different. "The Last Player Picked" 

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If you love someone, set them free. 
If they come back they're yours; 
if they don't they never were. 
Richard Bach