Saturday, February 4, 2017

They Said to NFL 2017 - A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL 
A person is changed by what they said 
Laughter is brought out by what we think they said 

They Said (poem) 

I was wild
Had little control
When I was brought in they said
I talked to birds and butterflies.
Made pictures they called incident
The words they used confused, abused
It’s only you wee friend they said
Time moved on as it’s apt to do
They grew names teachers turned our minds anew
Whenever an old or different thought came to our head
Listen to what we say first that is what they said
So here I am released a man your youth
Inside abides a part of me is dead
I graduated now to search for truth
To filter through this head those things they said
Harden lips
Turn wings to bright stars
It’s there while there is still time 

A weight and a warning in this poem. This starts out as a free form poem. Something changes in the third line of the second stanza. The rhyming makes itself clear in the third stanza. In the forth stanza a meter (10 beats) is established. The last stanza is an echo of the first. It appears to have returned to free form. On closer examination, the last stanza has the same beat pattern as the first.

I was very fortunate in my school days to have great teachers. They helped me grow. I only had one bad teacher in all those years. Chevron Oil Company got a little heavy, brainwashing us employees to be positive. Who is going to complain about having to be positive, especially when we rewarded with money. So here I was a 40 year old child joining an old man's group, the Freemasons. Let me start off by saying, the Masons of 1990 were a lot different than we are today. My Lodge was about 50 years behind the times. Small wonder they were dying. I joined, mainly, because I don't know who my father was. The Masons are a natural "family tree". My ability to memorize and perform drew me a lot of attention. I attracted many teachers. I learned a lot from them, including how important it was that I acted just so. I listened and I learned, as did many in this faltering fraternity. After three years, I was put in charge of the public schools committee. With the help of a teacher, I lucked upon a radical new reading program (Stepping Stones to Reading). It went against the old ways of dealing with the public schools. But when the reading program was recognized by San Francisco everything changed. I was put in charge of parties that were highly successful. As rumors of my programs got around, I attracted others, who were trying to bring about changes in their Lodges. By joining forces and working together, we were able to bring the Bay Area Masons into the twenty-first century. With new members came new ideas and new hope. 

We are being bombarded all the time with "truths". "Truths" in how to behave. "Truths" in how in what to believe. "Truths" about what's right, Today more than ever. We are bombarded with "Truths". The news,  social media, our leaders, books, schools, employers, ads, and on and on... What do we do? What can we do? Be aware is one step. Look at our life. See how saturated we are. There are a number of sides to any issue. Seek out other view points. We don't have to accept other's views, just listen. It is their opinion. Maybe not our's. Everyone has a right to an opinion. Easy to talk, harder to act. Keep in mind this is your life. Never give up hope. Never give up on your dreams. Always know who is the real person in the mirror. There, in the mirror, is the real truth, Enjoy. 

Need a little inspiration: Jamie Houston "Breaking Free" 

A word from those in 2017's Super Bowl 

The first two Super Bowls were not even referrd to as the Super Bowl at the time. It wasn’t until Super Bowl III, the New York Jets vs. the Baltimore Colts,  that the name was coined. Now it's Super Bowl 51. What do the players have to say? 
We won't find out here, because Bad Lip Reading is in charge. "'NFL 2017' — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL 

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Freedom is never more than one generation 
away from extinction. We didn't pass it to 
our children in the bloodstream. It must be 
fought for, protected, and handed on for them 
to do the same. 
Ronald Reagan

Friday, February 3, 2017

A Melody Searches to Demo-Reel Mashup 
A melody searches for a moment 
Directors' demo-reels are captured in a moment 

A Melody Searches (villanelle) 

A melody searches lost moments passed
Through our golden springs each Joyous refrain
How could forever have left us so fast
As sunset surrenders the kisses we cast
Floating in heaven true feelings maintain
A melody searches lost moments passed
We danced with dreamers through visions so vast
Each whisper answered with not to explain
How could forever have left us so fast
Caresses contain our richness amassed
Yet there in the silence hearts hear its strain
A melody searches lost moments passed
Deep in its blindness our truth it harassed
Though all which we were this feeling of pain
How could forever have left us so fast
And as our eyes close to all we surpassed
We hear it calling in the gentle rain
A melody searches lost moments passed
How could forever have left us so fast 

Time passes for two lover in this villanelle. I like the villanelle form with this theme because of the constant reminder on the last lines. At the end, when the two echoes are brought together, they have a romantic haunting effect. If you are interested in writing a villanelle more information can be found here:

After Arlene and I moved out of our "Palace in the Sky", we moved to an apartment in the Richmond district.We suffer a lot of relationship problems there. These problems would end when we moved to our large flat. But before moving, Arlene and I took a brief escape to Carmel. Carmel is a small romantic beach city on California's Monterey Peninsula. It is known for the museums, the historic Carmel Mission, the fairytale cottages and galleries of the village-like center. Most of all, there are the many romantic strolls. In those glorious disco days, when Arlene and I were stars on the dance floor, we would escape to Carmel every now and again. In our parent years, things changed. Arlene believed we should find a little time for ourselves. I believed all our extra time should be dedicated to our children. Things were much cheaper back then. There was plenty to do in our neighborhood, in San Francisco, in the Bay Area. As parents we were stellar. We were very active in children's education and schools. Peter being accept, for his Phd, at Berkeley (all expenses paid) and Robin being selected as one of ten up and coming chefs in the Bay Area, is recognition of our work as parents. When our kids were on their own, Arlene and I looked at each other. Where did time go? After many years, we returned to Carmel. On a romantic path by the sea a melody returned. It was the song of lovers, who had lived a great life. Little did they know that they would be young again. But that's another chapter. 

Time. There's a riddle. I often hear people say how short time is. I can't relate. For me, time seems very long. Why is that? We know time is not a constant. It changes with speed and mass. The faster an object goes, the slower its time is. Time slows down as we get closer to the center of the earth. Have we ever noticed how time seems to slow down sometimes when we are excited about something coming up: a big date, some money coming our way, another commercial. Have we ever lost track of time? Our mind is so focused on something. Then suddenly, "Look what time it is." Maybe filling time makes it go slower. Fast or slow, time moves on. We may not be able to control time, but we can use it. Always keep in mind, this is our time. Our treasure. Our blessing. Live in this. Do, be, experience and above all, Enjoy. 

One way I used my time: Andy Williams "Love Story" 

Seen any good movies lately 

Whether because of a dispute with the studio or just a plethora of unused material, a director often feels the need to re-release a classic (or not-so-classic) film. Often these directors’ cuts or extended editions are just more bloated versions of the original, but on occasion they represent a departure from the entire original. Even demo-reels undergo cuts. Antonio Maria da Silva has put together these director outtakes to create his latest masterpiece. 

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Love is space and time measured by the heart. 
Marcel Proust


Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Dreamer to Toasted Walnut Potato Salad 
A dreamer awaits  flower before joining the ocean 
A dreamer creates a new potato salad before joining the ocean 

The Dreamer (Shakespearean sonnet) 

There by a river destined for the sea
A dreamer awaits a flower to fall
And dance through his heart a moment set free
Paths toward forever will pay for it all
The music of life is there by his side
There mixed with surrender to feelings flow
There with his flower does all hope abide
As passions sublime is kissed by the show
Now ocean of ever waits one more dream
Through teardrops and rainbows endless delight
The scent of flowers brings Joy to its stream
It drinks in the stars which whisper goodnight
As grandeur of always danced in the sun
Dreamer and ocean again become one

A dreamer waits for one more dream in this Shakespearean sonnet. As one would suspect in a sonnet about a dreamer, this sonnet is alive in metaphor. For instance "a flower" could be a girl, a dream, an idea, a hope and much more. Even the course of the sonnet is open to interpretation. This was done so that the reader is in control. If this sonnet works well, the reader should get a different flavor with each reading. 

My life was pretty much a dream. The dream began in middle school when I met Mr. Johnny Land. I had a voice and he put me on stage. Mr. Land opened doors for me all the way through college. It was through Mr. Land that I met Arlene. When I was 16, I met David, the owner of the M and M restaurant. David would teach me strong work ethics. I was also a houseboy. One of my customers was the wife of a big shot at Standard Oil of California (now Chevron). Through her, I gained employment at Chevron. At Chevron, I met Devoy. Devoy and I started a movement called the Messengers Of Light. Then there was the whole dance thing. Arlene and I were good enough to enjoy a certain notoriety. I also enjoyed minor successes as a photographer, music and jingle writer. Besides being very involved with my children, I was very active in their schools and coaching. Arlene and I were blessed to have opportunities opened up to us. Through these opportunities, we got to see America. I had a dream job. My life was so good that when I joined the Masons, I turned my attention to the service of my fellow man. I had been involved in volunteer work for some time, but life had been so good to me that I turned as much energy as I could to serve. It was the least this dreamer could do.

Can everyone live their dream? I like to believe so. In truth we don't know. One of my dreams was to be  a music teacher. Something went wrong. I would eventually become a teacher of a different sort. There are many like me, whose dreams change, for one reason or another. There are some whose dreams die. I believe all children dream. When I grow up I want to be this. I want to do that. The greatness is not notoriety, but achieving "that" dream. As we grow life offers us opportunities and alternatives. Then there are choices. To do this we may have to do this or we may have to give up that. So here we are. Can we still live our dream? I like to believe so. The more important matter is do we believe it. Do we believe that whisper in our ear? Do we believe that wish that calls to us at night, in our sleep? Therein lays the beginning. Take the next step and Enjoy.

Maybe we can put this to song: Autumn Whispers "The Dreamer" 

I hope we like potato salad 

The word "potato" may refer either to the plant itself or to the edible tuber. In the Andes, where the species is indigenous, there are some other closely related cultivated potato species. Potatoes were introduced outside the Andes region approximately four centuries ago, and have since become an integral part of much of the world's food supply. Potatoes also make a great salad. Here to show us a new potato salad is Gregg, of You Suck At Cooking. 
In all the ridiculousness there is a recipe. "Toasted Walnut Potato Salad - You Suck at Cooking (episode 56)" 

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A dreamer is one who can only find his way 
by moonlight, and his punishment is that he 
sees the dawn before the rest of the world. 
Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Didn't See to Pizza the Music Video 
She's gone 
She's gone only for the weekend 

Didn’t See (poem) 

I didn’t see
This part of me
This whispered bliss which was my day
This wished for dream which wouldn’t end
All my tomorrows start from this
This special time of loving you
I didn’t see
How this could be
How much a smile takes cares away
How holding hands makes souls ascend
So much was shared within a kiss
How did love make a dream come true
I didn’t see
A memory
A part of me all this would stay
A far off tear I must transcend
Some other time I must dismiss
A trust this love will see me through
I didn’t see
My misery
My dreams it seems had gone astray
My memories make time extend
Whose hand now guides me through abyss
My love still sparks the morning’s dew 

He's now alone and his thoughts are echoed in this poem. Except for the first two lines, this looks like a free form poem. On closer examination, lines three, four, five and six rhyme with each other respectively in each stanza. Also notice the repetitive pattern of the first word in each stanza. Throw in the tight meter, this is hardly a free form poem. 

Nothing, nothing prepares us for the loss of a loved one. It's over. I will not ever see her again. I will not ever hold her again. I will not ever enjoy her company and all that magic we shared. The dream we shared has come to an end and here I am. I was extremely lucky. I had 24 hours constant attention for the time when the pain and suffering should have been at their worse. There was plenty to keep me and my mind occupied. Then when I was finally alone there were the memories; The beautiful memories. I miss Arlene, but how could I be completely sad when I have been blessed with so many grand memories? 

People die. Our kids grow up. Our favorite places close. "Nothing lasts forever." With this in mind, we should try to enjoy, try to take in those thing, those events, those people that are important to us. Sounds easy. Sounds reasonable. But, we are human. Humans tend to get use to things. Humans tend to take things for granted. We have to work at keeping our world fresh. We have to add the spice to keep our surroundings fresh. Listen to me go on. I didn't do anything special. Sure, I did a lot. Sure, time moves real slow for me. I consider myself really lucky. There is another thing to keep in mind. We are all lucky. We are here. This is our time. This is our moment. Make the most of it and Enjoy. 

Let's make a moment: Acker Bilk "Stranger On The Shore" 

Pizza anyone 

The first pizza wasn’t made in Italy or USA. It was ancient Greeks who gave birth to Pizza. They used to bake flat and round large breads and topped them with veggies, potatoes, spices and olive oil. Definitely that was the earliest version of pizza known to have exist in human society. The Holderness family, or at least the dad, uses pizza for a variety of thing, when the mom takes a vacation with her friends.
What else can a pizza be used for, we may be wondering. "Pizza! | Music Video | The Holderness Family" 

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As you get older you realise that nothing lasts forever. 
It's not depressing, but it does make moments more intense. 
Victoria Legrand

Monday, January 30, 2017

Dreams' Dreams to Juggling Trick Shots & Other Awesomeness 
What amazement hold lovers' dreams 
What amazement holds us in jugglers' spell 

Dreams’ Dreams (English sonnet) 

Perhaps a dream might dare this to explain
Could wonders walk or happen by at all
A wish a star such memories recall
Each morning’s blossom was a new refrain
And just for this it seemed that time did stall
As reason oft would wonder off in vain
And just because was left there to explain
As all their world these lovers would enthrall
What wind now calls these lovers you and I
As we awake to greet creation’s dew
And in our wake past lovers stand and sigh
As in our glow heart rouse to once was true
So as a dream is left to wonder why
Let’s always hold to this a kiss anew

How do dreamers categorize their dreams is revealed in this English sonnet. This English sonnet uses quatrains and couplets. The first half unfolds the dreams of lovers. This being a bit ethereal, the second half deals with holding each dream as "always". 

Arlene and I enjoyed an unbelievable time in our disco years. There were many-a dream come alive back then. Our days as parents wasn't bad. We were personally involved with our children's education and the schools. Their success as adults is the fruition of our dreams. But how many have dreamed of being young again? Arlene and I were in our 40's. We managed to buy a house in San Francisco. Our children were pretty much on their own. Could life get any better? After three years of doing this and that, we were put in charge of parties for the Masons. We took a big risk with first events and were highly successful. The team of Arlene and Martin were in big demand. We became the dreams of many who were inspired by us and the events were put together. A major effect of all of the notoriety Arlene and I enjoyed was: We were young again. In our eyes and mind, the clock was set back. Imagine, being with your dream in times left long ago. Imagine, experiencing the inexplainable. Imagine touching a dream. What do we do? Share it with a kiss.

What is a dream? The simple answer is of course those things that dance around in our minds while we're asleep. Then there are those who take their dreams as hopes that someday will be fulfilled. Then there are people like Steve Wosniak, Thomas Edison, Galileo and the like. People who had far fetched dreams that we all enjoy. Then there are the dreams in lovers' eyes. Too real for words. The point is: dreams are much more. Another of life's gifts, life's blessings. And just as those things that dance around in our sleep, dreamers of the past have proved the reality of dreams is limitless. A limitless that includes us all. What is possible? How far can we achieve? What is right for us? Make no mistake about it. They are real. They are waiting. Waiting for us. Waiting for us to Enjoy. 

How about this for a dream: Narcotango "Otra Luna" 

While we are juggling around our thoughts 

The earliest record of toss juggling is a painting on the wall of Tomb 15 in Egypt's Beni Hasan cemetery complex. This tomb belonged to Baqet III, a provincial governor of Menat-Khufu (present day Minya) during the later years of the Eleventh Dynasty of Egypt. It depicts female dancers and acrobats juggling up to three balls, and one of the girls is juggling with her arms crossed. Juggling continues to amaze us today. The folks at Kuma Films have put together a video of some of today's top juggling artists. 
Sit back and enjoy as music, choreography and juggling come together to amaze us. "Juggling Trick Shots & Other Awesomeness!" 

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The biggest adventure you can take 
is to live the life of your dreams. 
Oprah Winfrey


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Lovers' Fog to I'm sick Of This 
Two young lovers succumb to a tragic sickness 
A young lady succumbs to a not so tragic sickness 

Lovers’ Fog (English sonnet) 

A fog filled day which brought the lovers here
To sing again their song of evermore
And how the world enchained the height they soar
Its shadow loomed on all which they held dear
Was here they vowed to turn their love to lore
One act resolved to make their feelings clear
For lovers’ hearts what action was too shear
So to their end they knocked on death’s dark door
A gun to ever from his pocket drew
As she cried out to be the first to go
With gun to head one bullet and she dies
Before him how unreal the real then flew
In pool of blood laid person he loved so
Each droplet bears the bitter truth he cries

A tragedy unfolds in this English sonnet. The first half (the quatrains) is dedicated to the young lovers and their love. The triplets (the second half) describes the act and the outcome. Six lines, in the triplets, doesn't allow for much detail. This works well for the confusion of the moment. 

Suicide pacts among lovers, from which this poem is inspired, accounts for less than 1% of all suicides. It is common enough (or the planning thereof) that the PubMed Central (PMC) of the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine continues to distribute warnings. Almost every year a news story breaks through and makes the news of a couple who sadly succeeded in their suicide pact. Those that did not make the news are unclear. The reason couples enter these pacts are many, Some are responses to pressures the couple is undergoing. Some are dangerous lovers' fancies. like that in the sonnet. The good news is that the PMC's efforts have been so successful that many suicide pacts involving lovers have been caught and resolved early.  

Feelings. It is easy to attribute it to youth, when they are led off by their feelings. What about mobs? What about advertisers control over us? What about giving up our freedoms in exchanged for our security? We are guided feelings over facts regardless of our age. This is highly understanding in a time when history itself is being challenged; When the media and news can no longer be trusted; When we don't know when and where we are being watched. Where do we turn? It is easy to simply say, follow the facts. What are the facts? Here is a fact: We are born and we will die. This is our time. It is important for us to be involved in those things that we feel are important to us. I believe we must arm ourselves and be defended by the honest facts that are important to us, by us. I believe that we should not put our good feelings aside. I believe by combining facts and feeling we may fully Enjoy. 

Back to the sonnet: Claudio Monteverdi "Lasciatemi Morire" 

Let's finish this with a sick laugh 

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the single best way to avoid getting a cold, aside from becoming a hermit, is to wash your hands. A lot. Use soap and wash them in water for 20 seconds. But if we're sick already. here's Liza Koshy. She has some suggestions to what we can do to take our minds off our cold. 
Yes, Koshy is her real name. It is not the sound our nose makes when we have a cold. "I'M SICK OF THIS." 

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People in blind love throw away common sense, 
conscience and comedy from the life.
Amit Kalantri