Friday, February 10, 2017

Timeless to Gaming on the Down Low 
Some people are lost in timeless love 
Some people are lost in timeless video gaming 

Timeless (English sonnet) 

He feels her coming in the passing breeze
His promised love is not so far away
This promise from a lifetime of dismay
This precious dream to set his soul at ease
Her flowers were the purpose of his day
Each word within his heart he shared with these
Each wished for moment there her flowers sees
Amid their precious garden time did stray
Then came the time for him to say goodbye
His flowers were all there to keep him warm
So lonely was the smile upon his face
One day the garden caught a young girl’s eye
And there for her a love began to form
A love beyond all time beyond all space 

A love beyond the pages of time is revealed in this English sonnet. As most English sonnets, this one is divided into two parts. The quatrains (the first part) talks about a man who fell in love. The second part (the triplets) deals with a death and a discovery. 

This sonnet was inspired by one of my neighbors. Only a small removable wire fence separates my yard from my neighbor's yards.This was done to make our yards look bigger. The best gardener, by far, was my neighbor who lived to my left, Paul. What this fellow could do with flowers was amazing. The success I enjoyed with flowers was due to his advise. His wife, Mary, though she loved flowers, rarely went into the garden. I was amazed, Paul looked younger than he really was. He looked healthier, than he really was, too. After seven years of knowing Paul, he died. My neighbor, who lived to my right, and I did our best to take care of Paul's garden for Mary. After a few months Mary joined us in working in the garden. Mary now takes care of the garden. It is her way of being with Paul. What was really amazing, that spring, when Mary entered Paul's garden, the beautiful flowers returned. 

What happens to us after we leave this world? It is not my place to say. I believe that each person has the right of their own "here after" beliefs. Here are some facts. We are no longer that child, playing with friends, at lunchtime in elementary school. That person is gone. Only memories remain. Thomas Edison has long been dead. Every time we turn on an electric light, he returns (at least his memory). In nature, there is energy. Energy (as far as we know) never dies. It is just transferred from one thing to another. Love... there's a subject. We who have felt it know that it really exist. It goes beyond any attempt to explain it. Science and logic tries to limit it to chemical reactions. But love cannot so neatly be limited. It goes beyond any definition. It goes beyond time. Here are just a few wonders all around us. What happens to us after we leave this world? We will find out. For now, wouldn't it be more worthwhile to take in the wonders here and now? "Life is for the living", so Enjoy. 

Love love, flowers in a garden? Here we are: Secret Garden "Appassionata" 

And then there are video games 

More than 1.2 billion people are playing games worldwide, according to a state of the industry report by Spil Games. Of those, about 700 million play online games. That amounts to 44 percent of the world's online population, according to comScore data cited by Spil Games.  Gaming isn't always the most productive activity and sometimes it's better to do it in secret, like this husband and his bud, captured by Studio C.. 
Then the wife comes home. "Gaming on the Down Low" 

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Love is the voice under all silences, the hope 
which has no opposite in fear; the strength 
so strong mere force is feebleness: the truth 
more first than sun, more last than star. 
E.E Cummings

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Magic Door to Magic 3D Pen 
A couple discover magic through a door 
A lady's reality is challenged by the magic of a 3D pen 

The Magic Door (round) 

As we were going to the store
There was a man outside the door
He asked before we went inside
If we had time to see much more
Now time it seemed was on our side
The man was filled with so much pride
We told him we would gladly share
The secret he appeared to hide
The store door opened with a flare
But inside now was nothing there
Just go inside and use your head
A clue like that required a stare
Inside we thought of what he said
Then words across the ceiling spread
It didn’t take us long to see
To think of what we need instead
A car a house a money tree
A world of peace for you and me
A truck to take all this stuff home
And while we’re here let’s eat for free
As children our dreams let to roam
Here underneath our wishing dome
And dreaming it went on and on
What once was clear turned into foam
Now left in smoke with all else gone
And there you were as clear as dawn
The only wish I ever knew
And to your magic I was drawn
The man still waiting “Are you through
So little time so much to do”
But time and things worth wishing for
They all begin and end with you 

A couple discovers more than magic beyond a magic door in this round.  A good round has no beginning or end. In this round it is the third line. The third lime leads to the rhyme scheme of the following stanza. The last third line lead back to the first stanza. So the door awaits another couple. 

Arlene and I were really blessed. Although we both worked, each month we barely scratched some savings. At the end of the disco days we were deeply in dept. Our riches came from our friends and people we knew. The unbelievable deals on car rentals, travel deals, clothes and much more, were favors owed and gifts laid at our feet. Arlene and I were really blessed. It was truly a wonderland of magic. Here I was, with my childhood sweetheart (well, I was 15). Arlene was the definition of beauty. She was the other other half. We were that team. that dream. that star we all could reach, I still remember. We were on our way to Los Angeles in a fully loaded Pontiac Trans Am (arranged for by our friend at Hertz). We pulled over at a rest stop just south of Bakersfield, to take in the sunset and enjoy our hamburgers. Por Ellas by Julio Inglesias was playing on the radio. Great car, Great burgers;The most beautiful lady in the world. We both knew how life had smiled on us, Our problems were miles behind us. Ahead awaited another advenyure. I turned to Arlene and said, "It all begins and ends with you." 

Magic. Back in my school days, in my drama class, there was a guy, Diego, who wanted to be a magician. He practiced hard and was petty good. What was more amazing, this high school boy told me to learn and practice a few simple tricks. He said, "You'll see why." I took his advice and learned a few card and string tricks. We have all seen magicians perform their magic. Or have we? We know that a rabbit doesn't just appear in a hat. There are some people who try to figure out how the trick is done. There are some who just enjoy the performance. There is part of the magic. There is what a classmate said that I would see. The magic of an artist pulling a rabbit out of hat. Magic isn't limited to a magician or a stage. Magic happens to us all the time: an unexpected phone call, some money shows up when we need it, a date where everything just goes right, a deal on a rent-a-car that can't be passed up, things like that. Sure, there's a logical explanation. We could figure it out. Or we can take it in as the magic of life. As life unfolds its wonders to us, remember that part of the magic, We are part of the magic. ...and as the show goes on, Enjoy.

Let's have song about magic: Tao "Magical Moments" 

While we are on the subject of magic 

Magicians were very much involved in the birth of the movie industry. Not only were many magicians exhibitors of films, but many were involved as performers and producers. Harry Houdini made several silent films and was the creator of many special effects; magician George Melies bought the Robert-Houdin Theatre and exhibited the first motion picture seen in Paris. Now a days we have magicians like Michael Carbonaro who deliver magic to individuals so that we may enjoy the magic. 
Imagine a 3D pen. "The Carbonaro Effect - Magic 3D Pen" 

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Believe in yourself 
and believe in magic. 
Theophilus London


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Promise Of Once Again to Groundhog Daying 
A day once again repeats a lovers' melody 
A day repeats once again and again and again

Promise Of Once Again (poem) 

A dewdrop rushes off to shares the news
The morning wakes as flowers fill the air
And music of new day stirs everywhere
While promise once again lends world its hues
Warm sun soft wind remove all past despair
The streams of dreams once more are crystal clear
As blossoms of what could be reappear
Excitement now awaits its finale flare
Another dewdrop does an eyelid sheer
As they take in sheer fascination’s spark
And wave of kisses guide them from the dark
The purpose for dawn’s seasoning is near
Now everything its meaning feels its mark
As picture of perfection always views
And once again its storybook renews
As couple reengage a lovers’ lark 

Once again the world refreshes itself in preparation for two more lovers in this round. A round has no beginning and no end. If we follow the rhyme scheme, we will notice that the center rhymes become the outer rhymes of the following stanza. The last stanza leads back to the first. (ABBA, BCCB, CDDC, DAAD) 

I wasn't always a gardener. The forth place Arlene and I moved to was a small house, in the Sunset district, five blocks from the Pacific Ocean. It had a large backyard, twice the size of the house. All the places we had lived before had no real garden, at least one that I had to care for. I could be like my new neighbors and let the backyard go. I figured, the rent included the backyard, so I might as well us it. Four blocks away was a great gardening center. I went there for some advice and direction, having no experience in gardening. Luck smiled on me. A person who knew me in high school worked at the center.  For the price of a few lunches he set me on my way. After two years, I became a pretty good gardener, I maintained a great lawn trimmed with flowers on the sides. The real magic happened when I discovered jasmine. I don't know what took me so long. The scent of jasmine has intoxicated me from the days of Arlene's and my honeymoon. I trimmed the fences with jasmine vines. As the plants took hold and the scent of jasmine entered our bedroom, Arlene became more attracted to the garden. It seemed that the kisses also increased. One more thing. My neighbors were becoming gardeners. One can only wonder what motivated them. 

Why did my neighbors, all of the sudden, become gardeners? There may be lots of reasons. I could have asked. It is and was a lot more fun leaving it to imagination. I wasn't hurting anyone. Imagination. Our greatest playground. There is no limit to it. There is nothing that we cannot do. It can be be good. It can be bad. We can control it. It can control us. What is real and what is imagination (especially in today's world)? He is a nice guy. Is he really? Let's turn to facts. Imagination can shroud the facts. In the world of imagination 1 + 1 can truly be any number we like. So is he really a nice guy? Enter the world of quantum physics. A world where even imagination is challenged. What are we to do? The major rule is: As long as it doesn't hurt anyone or anything. Respect other's peaceful imaginations. Respect as opposed to adhere to. Try, try, try to keep imagination in its proper place. And Enjoy. 

With all of this, a bit of relaxation is in order: Brian Crain " A Walk In The Forest" 

Imagine if the world kept repeating 

The movie  "Groundhog Day" concerns TV weatherman, Phil Connors (Bill Murry), who is forced to live the same Feb. 2 (Groundhog Day) over and over again until he gains some karmic insight into his life. It seems that Phil Connors wasn't the only one this happened to. Chris and Jack found one more unfortunate soul. 
Let's follow the events of this soul. "GROUNDHOG DAYING | Chris & Jack" 

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There are no rules of architecture 
for a castle in the clouds. 
Gilbert K. Chesterton  

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Flowered Fields to Super Bowl Party: Expectations vs Reality 
Reality: a lover is gone... and then 
Expectations: a super Bowl party... and then 

Flowered Fields (English sonnet) 

The flowered fields of summer are all gone
Dark clouds now steal the stars away from view
Each day the bitter tears like rain anew
Each day I wonder on and on and on
The emptiness of dreams we traveled through
Now shrouds of doubt and hopeless faith they spawn
This pain and sorrow purpose for the dawn
This pain an unbelievable come true
Yet in the distance I can hear a song
It sings to me of wonders locked in time
A meaning which my soul can still discern
It’s her who calls my heart to sing along
It’s her who calls a love which was sublime
When flowered fields of summer do return 

The future looks bleak for this lover... and the draws this English sonnet. As most English sonnets, this one is divided into two parts. The first half (the quatrains) describes a sad ending. The triplet (the second half) describes a hope. One more note. Notice the repeating words in the first half (Each day, This pain). This disappears to return, in a big way, at the end of the sonnet. do the flowered fields of summer. 

Summers were always the top season for Arlene and I. One could say, we were the flowers of summer. The fields were our dreams. So many of which came true. It truly was a fairytale romance. 
Three month to her 50th birthday Arlene was taken away. I went on to accomplish many more things. The fields of summer were gone. After a time, I met, courted and married Amor, who had tragically lost her husband. Together Amor and I made lights reappear. Bright lights for a future as well as to the past. For a long time, all of the magic of Arlene and Martin were shrouded  in the clouds of confusion. "Why did she leave me?" As if Arlene had a say in her untimely death. All the dark clouds are gone. The fields of summer have returned, not only for tomorrow but of yesterday. ...and there is a voice singing. 

We humans are creatures of feelings. Some feelings are good. Some feelings are bad. Even more. Feelings season every aspect of our lives: the things we do, the things we think, the things we hear, the things we say, everything. Often-times feelings have little to nothing to do with facts. My favorite restaurant is Mona Lisa. Is it the best? Hardly. Everything is better there, for me, because I have always been treated first class there, many great memories are there. So the food, for me, is better there. The same holds true with negative feelings. So what do we do? It is easy to say, keep our feelings positive. Imagine a criminal court judge who is positive (or negative). Is justice affected? So what do we do? I don't know. I am not qualified to tell anyone how to manage their feelings. Especially, since I know I tend to have good feelings. How about you? Therein lays a clue. We are human too; with feelings to Enjoy. 

When it comes to feelings in music try: Adrian von Ziegler "For A Lost Love" 

Do our parties go as expected 

According to The Daily Meal the 10 most popular Super Bowl foods, ranked: #10 Potato Skins, #9 JalapeƱo Poppers, #8 Pigs in a Blanket. #7 Deviled Eggs. #6 Pulled Pork Sandwiches. #5 Guacamole. #4 Nachos. #3 Chicken Wings. #2 Chili. #1 Pizza. Then there is the party expectations. For this we turn to Jason Horton. Who is Jason Horton? Just a YouTuber. 
Then there's reality. "Super Bowl: Expectations vs. Reality" 

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Keep all special thoughts and memories 
for lifetimes to come. Share these keepsakes 
with others to inspire hope and build from 
the past, which can bridge to the future. 
Mattie Stepanek