Thursday, March 2, 2017

My World to Circle Of Love 
One man's world has gone crazy 
One man has discovered love 

My World (poem)

And so I saw my world today
To stray awhile with those I’d meet
Repeating laughs we shared before
Exploring what our neighbors hide
There at the corner of our street
We greet the scenic ocean shore
Imploring us to stride beside
The tide perhaps enjoy a dip
It didn’t seem like such a chore
Ignoring warning turn aside
Abide or else in rut you slip
A tip we should have listened to
Then all at once our minds did glide
Inside lost caverns we did skip
And flip around awhile to skew
Our view confounded and unwound
And then again there came this zip
A trip that brought me back anew
I knew my feet were on the ground
Astounded here I couldn’t stay 

A world gone mad to the tone of this poem. At first glance this may look like a free form poem. Take a look at the last word of each line and the first words of the next line of each stanza. We will see the rhymes (today - To stray, I'd meet - Repeat). Is that all? Hardly. The last words of the stanzas also rhyme with the last words of the proceeding stanzas. What may make these hard to see is: There are five words and they progress upward. Confused? That may explain the end of the poem. 

From my teenage years on, I have marched to the beat of a different drum. This got worse when I started to move up at Chevron Corporation (then Standard Oil of California). I worked at the San Francisco headquarters. I used to stand out in a crowd by dressing different. In the disco days it wasn't too bad if one didn't mind flashy clothes and one dangling ear ring. As I turned to new wave, so did the fashions I introduced to Chevron. To make matters more pronounced, I had jobs with high visibility  I got away with it all because I was Martin, that guy with the wild, successful ideas. Successful ideas like the War Room. A group of people off in an unseen room who heard a question posed to a leader and provide him or her the best answer. Successful ideas like turning complaints into gifts. If someone has a complaint, find its root and remove it. These were just two of many. I was not the originator of all the ideas, but I took the chance to introduce them to Chevron. I was paid to come up with wild ideas. As I got older my idiosyncrasies became more concealed, like weird stocking, or odd ties, but my ideas were out there. Girls playing on a boy's team in youth sports was an idea I was on.  Yes, I was a Mad Hatter of my time.

No matter what people tell us, I think it's healthy, every now and again, for everyone to go crazy. (As long as it doesn't hurt anybody or anything.) Crazy like buying that little rubber duck you always wanted (and his brothers and friends)to sky diving from an airplane. Ever want to be a kid once more? Ever feel like trying something we have never done before? Ever feel like doing something on the sour of the moment? Why not? What's stopping us? Let it go. (As long as it doesn't hurt anybody or anything.) We only live once. It is our life to live. To live as we want.I believe it is healthy to let our ourselves go free. It can't be healthy to hold back a yearning. Living and ever wondering. Time is ticking. This is our time. The world is full of wonders. Wonders for us to esplore. We are one of those wonders. Let's take a moment, no matter how cazy it gets, and Enjoy.

To take us there: Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit" 

Love can be crazy 

According to studies it takes less than four minutes to decide whether you have feelings for someone. That decision is based mostly on body language. Specifically: 55% on body language, 38% on tone of voice, and only 7% on what the person is actually saying. Individuality also comes into the picture, as illustrated by Rudy Mancuso. 
Let's follow the music of love with Rudy and see where it leads. "CIRCLE OF LOVE | Rudy Mancuso" 

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I have fallen in love with the imagination. And if you 
fall in love with the imagination, you understand 
that it is a free spirit. It will go anywhere, and it 
can do anything. 
Alice Walker


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

That Evening to Crazy Accident 
A couple's special night 
A special night for a double date 

That Evening (Shakespearean sonnet) 

The moon remained as warm as it had been
Through memories of our remember when
To light the night for kisses to begin
And cuddle under stardust now and then
Sweet jasmine is still dancing with the breeze
To guide two lovers with so much to share
Where minds are free to wonder as they please
Assuring sighs the other’s waiting there
A lifetime in a moment was refined
The dreams of lovers clearly in their view
While in each other’s arms they were resigned
Throughout tomorrows they would see it though
There never was an evening quite like this
It was the midnight of that final kiss 

A special night, a special moment is shared by two lovers and this Shakespearean sonnet. At first glance this looks like a regular love sonnet. It doesn't contain a "conflict" stanza. It does have one "all in one" line. See if we can figure it out before the story ends. 

One of Arlene's and my best dances was next to the Carnelian Room. Now closed, the Carnelian room was a restaurant atop of the 52-story 778 ft, formerly Bank of America Center building. They also had several rooms for rent for parties. Arlene and I got two adjacent rooms. At the Lodge there was these lovers, Mary and Andrew West. They were in their golden years. Arlene and I were pretty good, as far as lovers go. But we didn't hold a candle to Mary and Andrew.These two were the lovers we all hope to be when we grow old. They were living proof that love is ageless. It was hard to guess their age. Whenever one was seen alone, we can bet the other one was nearby. When they looked into one another's eyes or danced together one could imagine moments made. Here was love. The Wests came to our dance overlooking San Francisco. The next day Mary was admitted into the hospital. She died two days later. Mary and Andrew had enjoyed their last dance with us. They knew this was their last day together. (Andrew joined Mary within a few weeks. Death can be beautiful.)

All things must come to an end. It is the existence we are born to. We are taught to mourn the loss of a person, a time, a place. This is normal and fitting. I offer one more thought. Knowing that all things end, why not make beautiful, wondrous, special moments now? Go that little extra in each moment. One more kiss. One more look. One more taste. Do not let anything go for granted. Treat all things special. Be special for all things. Create memories. Memories of a person, a time, a place. Memories so special that no sadness can survive the joy of the moments made. Rather than feeling down that it is over, rejoice that it happened at all, and that we made it special. We are special. Through us it will go on. It will go on through those we touch. And on and on. Do all things really end or just change? When the time comes for the sun to greet one more day, we can join it in sadness or Enjoy.

Here to urge us on: Max Melvin "Come Along" 

The dating scene 

Here are some fun facts about the dating scene: Most couples are willing to enter an exclusive relationship after six to eight dates. Most common time for breakups is around three to five months. It takes between 12-14 dates before couples will trade house keys. Meet Anwar Jibawi. He is hosting the less common, yet still popular, double bate. 
Let's see how the evening unfolds. "CRAZY ACCIDENT | Anwar Jibawi" 

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The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for 
you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally 
meet somewhere. They're in each other all along. 


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lay Down Your head to You Are Not Alone 
One person finds a shoulder to cry on 
One person does not find a shoulder to cry on 

Lay Down Your Head (sonnet)

Lay down your head beside its afterglow
And marvel at the things we left behind
For here and up ahead we are consigned
All else now forms a backdrop of our show
Lay down your head by world which we defined
Its truth is hidden deep within our flow
A beauty only we may come to know
A vision only our own fate assigned
The world may shout why didn’t you do more
And shine their golden medals in our face
The reasons for it all is hard to trace
Some words some other person might have said
So different is life which we have lead
Lay down your head our dream of all before 

Things are over and all that is left are the comforting song of this sonnet. This looks like an English sonnet but the couplets do not follow the standard format. The couplets turn into a round. Other than this, the sonnet follows the usual two part format, The first half (the quatrains) is an attempt to comfort. The second half (the couplets) covers a reason. 

Val was a professional friend. I was the photographer for her dance troupe. She was my singer. Val was also a member of the Crew, Arlene and I hung out with in the disco days. When the disco days were quickly winding to an end,Val took it very hard. With disco dying, her dance troupe (disco oriented) had no future. All of my songs were for night clubs which were closing. Add to this, she was going through a divorce. She was in a bad place. Val focused on the success and happiness of all those around her. In her eyes, she was a complete failure. Arlene and I accepted disco was over, All we had to offer Val was shoulders to cry on and memories of an unbelievable time. Arlene and I were going through changes of our own. I wish I could say that we helped Val. About this time Japan was drawing talented American girls to work in their nightclubs, not as strippers but as singers and dancers. Val became one of these. (For those concerned about Val: She never remarried. She never achieved the success that she dreamed of. She did become a choreographer for "Beach Blanket Babylon". Now in her gold years, Val remains a parlor singer, with enough of a following to keep her working.)

Sound familiar? Everything is going real good. Then suddenly things change. Change for the worse. All our dreams are shattered. I certainly can. Many can. Countless are those who have met this bitter storm and have just given up. But why? It is not our place to say or to judge. And when we pick up the pieces of a broken life, be gentle and listen. It is easy for me to say don't give up. I had a very lucky life. Many successful authors, speakers and professionals make a lot of money telling others how to be successful, don't give up. But that is their job. The truth is we are all different. Our situations are different. There is good luck and there is bad luck. Here we are. And here is where it all starts. One gift that the human species enjoys, is the gift to adjust. If life knocks us down; pick ourselves up and dusk ourselves off. If we can dust ourselves off, we can see what awaits us are the next corner. Life is a wonder. This is our life. All that is expected of us is to do the best that we can. Do the best we can and Enjoy.

Here to guide us on: Secret Garden "Simply You" 

Life is precious 

According to Emory University,  each year, 34,598 people die by suicide, an average of 94 completed suicides every day. More people die by suicide (34,598) than by homicide (18,361) in the United States. Suicide is the eleventh-leading cause of death across all ages. To celebrate her birthday and to remind us how important life is Rachel Levin, of Rclbeauty101, has put together a special video. 
Help is only a phone call away. "You Are Not Alone" 

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A single rose can be my garden... 
a single friend, my world. 
Leo Buscaglia