Saturday, March 25, 2017

Drifting Daisies to S is for Songs with Sia 
A celebration of spring with daises 
A celebration of S with Sia and Sesame Street 

Drifting Daisies (Poem)

Drifting daisies never dally
Lingering within love’s alley
Carefree couples there will sally
Holding hands as years of yore
Whispered wishes of tomorrow
Far away from fears and sorrow
Secrets from a daisy borrow
Holding hands that yearn for more
Daring dreams that do come true
Soulful stars that show the way
Dazzled by how daisies play
Drifting toward our rendezvous
Happy heart that hold a notion
Casting kisses cause commotion
On a daisy’s dancing motion
Holding hands as dreams explore
Mystic music springs of wonder
Longing lovers set a sunder
Bed which daisies soon fell under
Holding hands as passions sore
Daring dreams they do display
Draped in fragrant flowers’ dew
Darling daises shade their view
Drifting through another day
Drifting daisies did surrender
To a time which turned so tender
Memories which would not end their
Holding hands and youth restore 

Celebrating the return of spring two daisies drift off once more in this poem. This playful poem permeates with Word Wizardry.Word Wizardry is the use of words in a playful way. In this poem the play is the use of word sounds: Like the "D" in "Drifting daisies never dally." 

In the Victorian era, 1837 - 1901, every flower was symbolic. Daisies represented purity and innocence. If a gentleman fancied someone and that interest was reciprocated with a bouquet of daisies. It meant that the gentleman thought the lady were wonderful. It would also imply the gentleman was interested in courting and pursuing a relationship. Arlene and I pursued our relationship after that first kiss, many, many years ago. As a celebration and remembrance of those early days, Arlene and I would occasionally reenact those early days. We would stroll, hand in hand, down some old, familiar streets and paths. I walked Arlene home from school decades after she graduated. We shared a single ice cream cone. We would. just for fun sneak a kiss in doorways (and other hiding places) like teenagers. We had a special tree by Stow Lake, where we used to go canoeing. Arlene and I would carried on whenever the mood struck us. The mood struck us heavily in spring and summer. 

We cannot go backward in time. We cannot relive a moment. In truth the past is seasoned with our feelings about the moment. There is nothing wrong with revisiting something or someplace we enjoyed. We wouldn't think twice about going back to a restaurant we liked. But walking a girl (a wife) home (to her parent's house) from school some 30 years latter... It's okay for teenage lovers to hold hands or any couple, regardless of age, to hold hands in a park, or in some out of the way place. But adults holding hands in the street, or even in a mall, may call some attention. It takes something more to drown these eyes, whispers out. To love someone so much that the world doesn't matter. To love someone so much that the rest of the world says aw. For that matter, do we like roller skating, swinging on a swing, riding on a carousel or any number of things we believe we've gotten too old for. When? How? We only live once. (Remember the golden rule - Do not do anything that hurts anybody or anything.) We cannot go backward in time. Is there anything wrong with celebrating a moment? While we toast to the wonders of our life, Enjoy.

How about a love song: Marc Anthony "My Baby You" 

In the A B C of life let's skip to S 

Sesame Street was conceived in 1966 during discussions between television producer Joan Ganz Cooney and Carnegie Foundation vice president Lloyd Morrisett. Their goal was to create a children's television show that would "master the addictive qualities of television and do something good with them", such as helping young children prepare for school. From time to time celebrities come on the show and join the cast.The latest big celebrity to visit Sesame Street was Sia. 
Let's join Sia as she celebrates the letter S. "Sesame Street: S is for Songs with Sia" 

If you enjoyed this video press this link to Sesame Street: Oscar ft. Macklemore

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In this world, it is too common for people 
to search for someone to lose themselves in. 
But I am already lost. I will look for someone 
to find myself in.
C. JoyBell C.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wind Is Blowing to "Real People" in CHEVY Malibu Ad 
The love of his life left him 
A Car dealer wishes this man would leave 

Wind Is Blowing (poem)

Wind is blowing
Window flowing
But what can I do
She is gone
Days keep glowing
Whys unknowing
For what asks empty shell
Exploring shadows
Moment sewing
Feelings growing
More confused than yesterday’s
More confused than yesterday’s
Dew drops showing
Ways of going
Vanishing in memories
Drifting in the clouds
Kiss me once again
When the rain falls
When the last candle is blown out
When nothing lasting remains
Still is growing
In wind blowing
The pain which rules my soul
The testament of a true love 

The wind hears the lament of is heartbroken soul roaming this poem. I hesitate to call this a free form poem because of the rhymes in lines one and two of each stanza, except the fifth. The fifth stanza goes off to a world of its own. When the poem style returns (the sixth stanza), there is an odd sense of reconciliation. 

This goes back a longtime ago, before Arlene and I moved in together, I had moved out of my mother's house and living with a teacher. I get a phone call from Arlene. She wanted to break up. And that was that. It was all over. Blankness was all can remember of that day after that phone call. When Mr. Ogletree, the teacher, came home he found me by a window. He did his best to bring me back. It was the end of the world. "It is the end of the world, so why not...", were Mr Ogletree's words. So why not what was the puzzle that brought me back. I was still devastated. At school (college), the teachers and my classmate were sympathetic to my situation. Arlene and I were  quite the thing. The girls were more than happy to comfort me, I now being free. I couldn't see their advances at the time. Arlene was the only girl. That was how my mind was. And in the back of it was the riddle, "Why not what?" 

Months passed. I still wasn't fully recovered. It was a Saturday. I was at work at the restaurant. David, the owner, said to me, "She is here." It was Arlene. David gave us a table and served us lunch. He also gave me the rest of the day off, so that I could be with Arlene. Just like that we were back together. I never asked her why she left me or why she came back. And what is that, "Why not." It was all those things that went on in my head that kept me going one more day.

Life can and may challenge us with "insurmountable" moments: the loss of a loved one, the loss of needed income, the loss of everything we own, a life altering or threatening disease and things of the like. We are not prepared for these things. Even counseling cannot fully prepare us for when disaster strikes. It strikes, What about us? To make matters more complicated, not only does everything change (at least in our mind). we are all individuals. Each event effects everyone differently. There are even cases were it takes time for the mind to accept a disaster. There is our greatest enemy and friend. The mind. Once we have it back and working with us, we can walk again. How do we get our mind back? I wish I could help by giving a solution. I do believe for every challenge life has a solution. It may not be a 100% fix (better or worse). After all, this is the same life that is aging us. Aging us with all the benefits and shortcomings. One of the benefits is the now that we exist in. One of the benefits is trusting in our tomorrow. Life is beautiful. Life is a wonder. The purpose of life is meant for us to Enjoy.

Back to the poem and: Michael Jackson "She's Out of My Life" 

A car commercial of a different kind 

The Chevrolet Motor Company was formed in 1911. The new company, started in a Flint garage as a cooperative venture between a Belgian-born race-car driver named Louis Chevrolet and William Durant, entrepreneur and the founder of General Motors. Meet Dave of the team of Ali Shahriari and Dave Irwin. of Zebra Corner. Dave is a comedian, writer and YouTuber. He is rarely asked to do Chevy commercials. 
This Chevy Malibu ad should explain why. "If 'Real People' Commercials Were Real Life - CHEVY Malibu Ad" 
(This is NOT a real commercial) 

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Ever has it been that loves knows not its own death 
until the hour of separation. 
Khalil Gibran

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wave Upon Wave to Nerf John Wick 
An escape in perspectives 
An escape from assassination 

Wave Upon Wave (free form poem) 

Wave upon wave within my sleep
I reach out my hands toward the skies
Hoping wishing dreaming for some escape
From this endless meaningless misery
I’m taken up to the heavens
To enjoy all the best life has to give
Good fortune and labor have smiled
Here I sit on a throne others have fashioned
Looking down at some poor ants
I shed a tear as I watch one amble aimlessly
Wave upon wave within his sleep
He stretches forth his hands through vales of why
Devotion unswerving he feels something more
Beyond the drudgery of just one more day
She picks him up holding him close
Her heart speaks what words cannot say
Her eyes tell of fantasies waiting somewhere
And high in his cloud blanketed with love
He looks down upon his reflection
In a pool of tears of those not as happy as him
Wave upon wave within its sleep

Fortune is found in perspectives through this free form poem. This poem starts at the end. It take a loose look at layers of existence. The last line of the poem should make us feel like there is more. Take the message anyway we please. There is always something better and something worse.

I am a Christian I do believe in an afterlife. What it actual is, I don't know. All that aside, I know there are people better than me. But I met Arlene and my life was paradise. I had a teacher, among all my teachers, who took me and dressed me special. I have seen and done things other people only dream about. I have been given opportunities to pay back and serve my fellow brothers and sisters. I have been able to inspire others. Arlene and I were a dream. The world is a better place because this little ant was here. Life had its ups and its downs, even for me. Now I am old and Arlene was taken from me. With a life as glorious as mine how could I be sad? Just in case, though, I was granted Amor, my new wife. Amor has the gift of making me happy, no matter what.  With Amor and the many treasure chests and people and things of a past, how could I be anything but happy? Is there a heaven? Yes... my life.

I have lived a pretty blessed life, which I feel prohibits me from suggesting to others how to live their lives. Living a great life does have paradoxes. There is so much I cannot do anymore, but I did so much and did it well. Arlene was taken way too soon, but we were magic and the memories we made... I can only imagine me now had I lived a lesser life. But even as I type this, I am taken to the lives of others that I served. People who do not own a home. People whose relationship(s) didn't work out. People with far less experiences. People who were homeless. A great many of these were satisfied. Then I thought, there are doctors, lawyers, plumbers. florists, writers and the endless jobs we do. Even beggars. Some do this really well. The point is that there are many levels, many different considerations. What is happiness? Happiness is an individual thing. There are no layers to it. One individual can be just as happy as another (if not more), regardless of their social status, or those things perceived to be important (or unimportant). Had my life been different, would the things important to me be different? Does it really matter? Still, I am happy. So should we all be. Find a moment. Find a purpose (or two). Find that individual called you and Enjoy.

Here to take us to another moment: Kenny G "The Moment" 

How does one remove danger from a gunfight 

The name Nerf, referring to the toy brand created by Parker Brothers and currently owned by Hasbro, actually comes from a strange source - drag racing. In the late ‘60s, foam-covered bars, sometimes called “nerf bars,” were put on the front of the trucks that pushed racers to the starting line. This prevented damage to the cars. In order that we might more fully enjoy the stunts and actions of a scene, Corridor has removed all the danger. They have done this by replacing all guns with Nerfs. 
Enjoy agent John Wick minus all the danger. "Nerf John Wick" 

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Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; 
everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that 
demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can 
his life be repeated, thus, everyone's task is unique as his 
specific opportunity to implement it. 
Viktor E. Frankl


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Something Is Wrong to Cheat Day 
Argument in his mind 
Argument of two delights 

Something Is Wrong (modern sonnet) 

About now is the time for me to walk
Forget the reason it left long ago
All doubt about whose fault is vaguely clear
Regret will be the prize won here today
She could have kept in mind the other times
Brush off her day once more and think of us
We would not fight if she learned how I try
Hush oft resounds her answer to this blight
Were I a man to better rule my tongue
Selecting words more wisely could be fun
Whereby a hug or kiss might be a start
Reflecting on the one that matters here
Where could I find another such as you
Withstood life’s ripples just to stay with me

A mind meets heart to reason ends this modern sonnet. There are no rhymes in this sonnet. Modern sonnets do not have to rhyme. Part of the fum composing a modern sonnet is: how far can the artist go and still have the creation be recognized as a sonnet. This one uses the iambic pentameter meter. The quatrains represent what was going on in the mind. The final couplet Is the resolution (whether in words or thought).

Even during our best days, something would cause a scattering to enter Arlene's or my mind. When we were dating, I don't remember us ever arguing. I guess we had better things to occupy or minds. Our first argument took place some time after we moved in together in our "Palace in the Sky". I don't recall exactly what was the cause of the flare up. I do remember the strangeness of it. We had never argued with each other before. We had no experience with it. The hurtful words just seemed to flow. Talking turned to shouting, until Arlene rushed off to the bedroom. She slammed the door behind her. When my mind regained its sanity, I noticed the bedroom door was opened a little. I heard Arlene crying. I rushed in to say I sorry. The rest is up to a lover's imagination. When we moved to that Richmond street apartment the arguments got worse. I don't know how we survived those days. Arlene and I move and the argument stayed in that miserable apartment. A new world of dreams opened up to us. With so much going on, scatterings would enter our minds. Arlene and I seeing where we were and the magic of it, learned to think before we spoke. We learned to express our feelings in a way that the other person heard. If an argument did break out, Arlene was very good at keeping the door open. 

This is just me talking. Positives attract positives and negatives attract negatives. "Life has its funny little ups and downs." Have we ever found ourselves a little more angry than a situation calls for? Maybe someone cuts us off in traffic. Perhaps someone gives us very poor service. Maybe we feel we are not being listened to. We get a sense that we are not being treated fairly. We explode (or want to). It happens to the best of us.  When we express our feelings, other unrelated (to the specific incidence) feeling(s) may have attached themselves. Making us more angry than the situation warrants. This is particularly common in relationships. Me... I became more positive. Chevron brainwashed me to their positive way of doing business. Arlene and I would talk to each other about things that bothered us, whether about each other or something that happened throughout our day. Listening and discussion are essential tools. I believe an active physical lifestyle, tennis, walks, bike rides, dancing. helped keep tempers down. I'm sure we all have more valuable tools. Crazy as it may sound, everything can be turned into a positive. Let us watch, learn and understand. ...a positive way to Enjoy.

Relationships and arguments: Carpenters "Hurting Each Other" 

Should we enjoy a carrot or a Cupcake 

Carrots are an excellent source of beta-carotene, and contain high amount of fiber. Beta carotene is important for eyesight, skin health, and normal growth. They are a good source of fiber, vitamin C and potassium, as well as vitamin B6, folate, and several minerals including calcium and magnesium. There are approximately 178 calories in 1 (2-3/4") cupcake (no frosting). With a calorie breakdown of 26% fat, 71% carbs, 3% protein. Which do we think is better for us? Here is a guy who decides to cheat on his diet. 
Maybe this video will tell the errors of cheating. "CGI Animated Short Film HD: 'Cheat Day Short Film' by Diem Tran" 

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Better than any argument is to rise at dawn 
and pick dew-wet red berries in a cup. 
Wendell Berry