Friday, March 31, 2017

She Dreams to Rolling Stones 1964 without music 
A woman dreams of being young again 
The Rolling Stones young again 

She Dreams (sonnet) 

She dreams again about her days of youth
With eyes which added wonder to the sky
And lips cast kisses made the flowers sigh
A world where Joyous teardrops bore the truth
Those wrinkles were mere questions passing by
Does he still pine each moment they’re away
What shall she wear to help impress the day
She dreams about those days and wonders why
When did those magic whispers choose to stray
Amid the memory’s forgotten spring
Another hope another heart to sing
Another lost tomorrow to betray
Yet through his eyes her moods would gaily swing
She’s beautiful and time won’t change a thing 

An aging lady dreams of being young once more in this sonnet. This may look like a Shakespearean sonnet. But it is not. It doesn't follow the normal rhyme schemes. On closer examination the middle rhymes become the outer rhymes of the next stanza, A/B/B/A, B/C/C/B, C/D/D/C, D/D) This was done to imitate a flower's petals. 

Amor doesn't like to wear too much makeup. (Not that she needs to.) She does take an inordinate amount of time choosing an outfit. She will put on a minimum of three before choosing one. She will ask my opinion, which is always good (honestly good), but changes until she is satisfied. No matter how many times she does it, I find the whole routine funny, fascinating and new. It was one of the things that attracted me to Amor. Not only me, but people who enjoy having her around. She is funny and does funny things. Not stupid or dumb, but rather cute and fascinating. There is a freshness to her behavior. Her best friend is her mirror. Around it she keeps pictures of herself when she was younger and when we were courting. Now here is the riddle she deals with. Amor is much, much older than that young lady off on her own. It has been almost 10 years since those courting days. Yet there in the mirror is a truly attractive lady. It seems the years have been really kind to her. Or was it me telling her how beautiful she is. I tell her often and then she glances in a mirror (for this reason or that) to see if I'm telling the  truth. It is true. People tell her how young she looks. Her friends are showing their age. Why is Amor growing more beautiful? Here is the riddle Amor searches for in her mirror. 

The wonders of a woman. Make her believe she's beautiful and she becomes beautiful. There is a bit more to it. We must be honest. She must be truly beautiful to us. It cannot be just a bunch of words, no matter how good the intentions There must be some observable truth behind the compliment or observation, Something she and/or others can observe. With these criterion met, the woman becomes beautiful. More. The woman can do this on her own. She can tell herself she's beautiful. She sees it. and so it is. More, This process is not limited to beauty or women.  A student's improvement in school, someone's work performance, the way we are treated and a myriad of other opportunities. It is the power of positives. The process is simple, Positives attract positives. The more positives. the more positives are attracted. So the beautiful lady becomes more beautiful. This will not work for everything. If a person has no voice, that person cannot sing. They may be able to play the piano. We all are wonders. If we haven't yet discover the power of positives, get ready to be amazed. As wonderful as we are, we can be more. Welcome positives into our live and Enjoy.

If we need a reminder: Joe Cocker "You Are So Beautiful" 

Let's take The Rolling Stones and take away the music 

The Rolling Stones were formed in London in 1962. The original line-up consisted of Brian Jones (rhythm guitar, harmonica), Mick Jagger (lead vocals), Keith Richards (lead guitar, backing vocals), Bill Wyman (bass), Charlie Watts (drums), and Ian Stewart (piano). Stewart was removed in 1963, Just for fun, let's also remove the music. 
So here they are on the TAMI Show in 1964 in Los Angeles. "Musicless Musicvideo / ROLLING STONES 1964 live at the T.A.M.I. show"

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Aging has a wonderful beauty 
and we should have respect for that. 
Eartha Kitt

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Grim Reminder to White Zombie 
Down one street flows a grim reminder 
Down another street walks the grim reminders 

Grim Reminder (villanelle) 

You see the river flowing down the street
I turn away pretending it’s not there
It is the grim reminder of defeat
Although I hide I hear my son repeat
The fear which is broadcasted everywhere
You see the river flowing down the street
In silence do I let him future meet
As life to serve our country he does swear
It is the grim reminder of defeat
With every letter to refuge retreat
His words an echo of the daily fare
You see the river flowing down the street
Another night of bombings I must greet
As even dreams retell the whole affair
It is the grim reminder of defeat
With failure to do anything complete
As blood of my dear son I’m forced to bear
You see the river flowing down the street
It is the grim reminder of defeat

A father must bear the result of his failure to do anything are the waves of this villanelle. Villanelles  look complicated but they're really not. If you are interested in trying your hand at on go here: In this villanelle the final lines act as echoes. Something is wrong but the answer does come until the end. 

I am against war, as I know we all are. This poem is not about me. I was very involved with youth groups. One of my fathers was very vocal about President George W. Bush. He didn't like him. At every big event we got the privilege (not) of listening to this father's complaints about the president. When the boy turned 18 he joined the army. We found this out because the father continued to attend events when his son left for training. Evidently the father was unaware of his son's intentions. When President Bush went off with Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, that was all this father talked about. He thought there was something else going on. When war broke out, the son was sent to fight in Iraq. He came back badly wounded (he was wheelchair bound). The father was even more wounded. In his mind: All that he did was complain. He didn't even know of his son's intentions to join the military.Every time he looks at his son he is reminded of all the things he didn't do. This villanelle is about the defeat of a father and of a nation. 

As a Mason, I am discourage from personally talking about politics except if it involve the public schools. (Politic tends to make people fight.) I can encourage others to get involved. With that said; A great deal of my success with my fund raising activities was due to my personal appearances. When it came to the public schools, I had to add phone calls, letters and attending board of education and city supervisors meetings. As citizens, we should all vote at all elections. It is my opinion: if person doesn't vote, they shouldn't complain about the outcome of an election. The political process doesn't end at voting. Sometimes we have to contact our leaders. "But I am just one voice. What difference will that make?' A lot of people think that. Enough people that one phone call or letter represents many. Get some other people involved and 10 become 100's, 100's become 1,000's. There might be others, who share our beliefs. Organize. There may be marches or protests. Even if we cannot attend or participate, we should show our support. In our political system, there is so much more we can do. Keep this in mind: We can fight or we can improve. Together, we can do so much more. I saw what a group of people did for the public schools. I know what we can accomplish, if we try. Exorcise our rights. Be an active part of a positive change. See the difference we can make and Enjoy.

A song for our heroes: Johnny Horton "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" 

If we thought zombies were bad 

The idea of a walking, shuffling undead being first came into western civilization's horrified consciousness with the publication of a jarring 1929 novel by William Seabrook called "The Magic Island". As if these monsters weren't horrible enough, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have discovered another layer of disgust about these abominations. 
What can be worse than a zombie? "Key & Peele - White Zombies" 

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What a cruel thing war is... to fill our hearts 
with hatred instead of love for our neighbors. 
Robert E. Lee


Monday, March 27, 2017

What Is A Dream to You Can Do Anything 
A focus on the power of dreams 
Were can the power of dream take us 

What Is A Dream (poem)

What is a dream
But hopes so depending on you
To make all their purpose come true
A fanciful flight
Your wings to ignite
What is a dream
A hidden stream
Of wonders waiting to break through
To change the world you thought you knew
A realm blazing bright
Awaiting your light
What is a dream
No matter theme
Of beauty coming into view
Reason can’t stop what dreamers do
Each wish out of sight
Your will shall incite
What is a dream
Living in gleam
Of fantasies an artist drew
And be that person always new
A secret held tight
Breaks loose to delight
What is a dream
Silently scream
Through magic moments known by few
Of cloudy times away you blew
A star of such height
Makes others unite
You are the dream 

The stream of a dream and what it may seem fills the lines of this poem. The rhyme scheme of this poem should have become self evident.  The beat pattern is a bit more complex, though it stays the same from stanza to stanza. One final thought. When discussing dreams a free form poem seems more appropriate. Why was a poem with tight and ordered rhymes and beats used? 

At Chevron, I was paid to dream. People would come to me for something and I got it done. This all makes me seem great, but I really wasn't. I had a skill and a high success rate. I was active at a time when computers were still new. My greatest success was my work with the San Francisco public schools. This may give an insight into how a man, dreams and life worked. I became a Mason in 1991. I was assigned to head my Lodge's public school committee in 1994. The Masons are big supporters of the public schools. They also have lots of money. All this amounted to pencil boxes and minor supplies for the schools, by the organization who once was the backbone of our schools. My first action was to contact the California Association of Nonprofits. They match up people with money to give with organizations who need money.  They found us Miss. Wong, a teacher at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. She was trying to sell a reading program, "Stepping Stones To Reading". She had the backing of the school's teachers. She only needed the money. It was much more than the Lodge had given before. Word got around to the other Lodges. All eyes were on a teacher. a Lodge and a new guy. After a year, "Stepping Stones To Reading" was so successful that it was adopted by all of city's middle schools and San Francisco took over the funding. When my Lodge made the newspapers, the Masons donations turned from pencil boxes to computers, equipment, repairs and volunteers. As successful as this was, there were yet bigger times and successes ahead. Did I foresee (dream) any of these things? Did I even want to be involved with the pubic schools before the assignment? Did I dream up "Stepping Stones To Reading"? So it was with all of my dreams. Yes, even Arlene. We recall, I didn't get really serious about her until the night of the magic tear. 

We all have dreams. Dreams we have in our sleep and dreams of things we want to be, Sometimes these are the same thing. I will be the first to admit I may not be the best to preach on this subject. My success rate was very high. I had extremely wealthy organisations financing my dreams. When it comes to realizing our dreams, believing, knowing we can is a major element. Many dreams die because we think can't. To this I say, "Can a rock float on water?" Imagination. The power to see, To see all the possibilities. Then we have our enemy, distraction. We are all set to move from point A to point B and here comes a very attractive C whistling at us. Or our pal D (doubt) who wants to discuss why we can't or shouldn't reach our goal. Can a rock float on water? Discover the power of dreams. Discover the power in all of us. And as we unlock the next door to all we can be, our dreams, Enjoy.

Take us away Adina: Adina "Where the Sand Meets the Sky"  

The power of positive thinking 

"Please know that I am aware of the hazards. I want to do it because I want to do it. Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be a challenge to others." Is a quote of Amelia Earhart. Here to inspire us further are Natalie Madsen, Mallory Everton and Whitney Call, of Studio C. 
A good reminder to stay focused. "You Can Do Anything"

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Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, 
life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. 
Langston Hughes