Saturday, April 8, 2017

Someone Left Behind to Billy On Sesame Street 
They searched for one of a kind 
Billy searches for kindness and compassion 

Someone Left Behind (Martin verse) 

They searched but they just couldn’t find
That someone who they left behind
Who helped them when they were so blind
He truly was one of a kind
He taught them a new way to be
A pathway to new clarity
A dream from their past memory
That now has this chance to be free
Such wonders again they did find
This world of a child’s clarity
Where kisses were not memory
And every word was purely kind
Rejoicing in how can this be
Their troubles were so far behind
They wondered why they were so blind
So blind but alas never free
They saw he was not of their kind
So towards him they all became blind
Till once again they fell behind
They searched but they just couldn’t find 

They thought they had found the answer, but they were reclaimed by the blindness of status quo in this Martin verse. Martin verse uses five stanzas of four lines each. Though a meter is desirable, it is not essential. Once the eight words are selected they should not be changed.  The first two stanzas introduce the eight words. The third and fourth stanzas mix the words of the first two stanzas. The fifth stanza uses the words of the first stanza, in reverse order. 

This poem was more of of warning than what Arlene and I went through. The Masons is a fraternal organization. My job at Chevron was to "think outside the box". I am a trained stage performer. All these things and Arlene made me the right person in the right time. When I joined the Masons, I was picked up by a mentor, Jake, who guided me to my many successes. Personally visiting the sick and shut in was Jake's idea. Jake got me one of the Bay Area's top ritualists to be my personal teacher. Over the next six years I would set every word of Masonry to memory. My talent and Jake got me a spot on the line of officers, a seven year commitment. Ernie Bluer called for a rejuvenation over the seven years I was to serve. In my third year, Arlene came up with an idea: Maybe more men would attend the meetings if the ladies had some activities at the same time. This idea was so successful other Lodges adopted it also. After we were assigned to put together Lodge parties, Arlene and I searched to bring back members the  Lodge had lost to other organizations. Our dancing and success at parties made us welcome guests. Rather than taking away members, we came up with a better idea: Working together we can do so much more. This thinking was introduced into the family of Bay Area Masons. From this came a surprising offshoot. When a man wanted to join Freemasonry, we could make sure that man joined a Lodge in which he would be most active. A new way of instructing candidates was created. Rather than one man working with one mentor, men and Lodges could work together, in a school setting, with many teachers. Attendees and candidates were encouraged to give their opinions. which helped the fraternity grow. Yes, I was the right person in the right time.

Believe it or not we all make or cause changes. Life (all life) is a vast ocean and we are a lifetime of drops. What is drop, even a lifetime of drops, compared to the ocean? What if the ocean was the Indian ocean or the Mediterranean Sea? What if our life was a major rain or part of a long season(s) of rains? What if the ocean was drying up or never existed? Let's put aside the excuse: "We can't." The fact is: Most of the time, we can. One of our big obstacles is taking on too many things. The fewer our projects, the bigger change we will bring about. Believe there are others of like thinking. People who know how to work together are a wonder. What I'm alluding to: There are two people. Working together they become so much more (than two individuals). Know the power of positive. Use it to our advantage. With this thinking, how can we lose? We can only succeed. The world is changed because we are/were here. Taste the seasoning we add to life and Enjoy.

Need some more inspiration: The Piano Guys "Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends" 

What do cookies have to do with kindness and compassion 

Sesame Street was almost called 123 Avenue B, but it was changed due to the fact that it was a real New York City address. Billy Eichner, of Billy on the Street (a comedy game show) has come to Sesame Street looking for a little kindness and compassion. He is armed with cookies and has the Cookie Monster to assist him. 
Do we see a problem? "Billy on the Sesame Street" 

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Every single person is sacred. Sacred means special, 
precious, a treasure of true beauty. That means you. 
Amy Leigh Mercree

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wonder Wanders to Next Top Model 
A lover wonders at a dream come true 
Then craziness wanders through a photo session 

Wonder Wanders (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Behold the dream of wonder standing there
Which wanders through my mind of what could be
The wonder of the possibility
That wishes will soon wander in the air
One wonders at such beauty is it real
To wander freely there before our eyes
Which wonder with the whispering of sighs
Which wander close with hopes a kiss to steal
I wonder if my dream is here to stay
Or will she wander back behind the stars
And leave my heart to wonder at the scars
Which wander with a tear back to that day
Behold my dream of wonder at your glow
The wandering lost soul that loves you so 

A lover allows himself to loose himself in the dream of this Shakespearean sonnet. Besides following a lover lost in a dream, this sonnet plays with words wonder and wander. As the sonnet progresses the two words alternate on each successive line. 

This sonnet reflects a behavior of mine. A long time ago, I was a photographer. My main teacher was my close friend Val. She was not only my teacher, she was my main model and big source of my clients. Val and I were close friends and that was it. Val didn't teach me about photography specifically, but about beauty. Val could drastically alter the way she looked, her feelings, by the way she applied her makeup. Through her, I learned there were levels of beauty. Not just esoterically, but in reality. When a model comes for a photo shoot, see it. Bring it out. Capture it on film. Okay, here comes Arlene. We were already married. In my eyes, she was already beautiful. Now I'm armed with "Val's eyes". I could now see and appreciate a deeper beauty. A beauty that knows no age. A beauty that is always new and refreshing. I could lose myself in Arlene in timelessness. It was hard to keep track of time when I was lost in Arlene. When I got into the charity business, "Val's eyes" helped me see the goodness in people. A skill that would become invaluable in my efforts. Years after Arlene passed, I started courting Amor. She would meet the wonder of "Val's eyes".

I believe, I have experienced, there is goodness in everyone. I admit, there are rare exceptions to my beliefs. I feel these exceptions don't deserve my time or energy. Most people are good and/or have a good nature within them. So why does it seem that there are so many bad things happening around us? Social norms, culture, beliefs, shock value, poor choices, environment and a vast array of reasons, but most of all the media. The media seems to be focused on our bad sides. Bad news sells. A few police officers act criminally, so all police officers are bad. We can go off on the media but consider this: Fear is bad. But fear makes a roller coaster good. Conflict is bad. But what makes a good American football game? People are generally good. People are involved in good things all around us. What good things are we involved in? Need more proof? Look at the world ten years ago. Overall it is better. Believe. Know. See. There is beauty all around us. The beauty of the human heart. A heart working toward a day. A day when our children can play together in peace and equality. Breath in the wind and Enjoy.

Back to the sonnet and a girl: Bruno Mars "Just The Way You Are" 

Beauty gone wild equals the modeling world 

Modeling careers are generally really, really short. Young women typically model only about three seasons. Every new runway show features about 70% new faces. Why, we may be asking ourselves. Here are three fresh faces, specifically Anwar Jibawi, Rudy Mancuso and Juanpa Zurita, to give us some insight. 
Some insight into silliness. "NEXT TOP MODEL | Anwar Jibawi, Rudy Mancuso & Juanpa Zurita"

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Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, 
the amazement of the Gods. 


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

We Are The Fairy Tales to How To Tell Kid Where Babies Come From 
Lovers share the secret of the heart 
Dad shares where babies come from 

We Are The Fairy Tales (Shakespearean sonnet) 

What need have we of others’ fairy tales
When we can be as stars within a sky
Can be so free to cast love’s dreams on sails
Which free the need to hold lingering sigh
They stayed to play amid our star kissed waves
When play gave way to secrets of the heart
Gave way to sway as passion misbehaves
In sway we stayed in love transformed to art
Refused the news of something might be new
Their news were views locked in some distant past
When views did snooze till life passed on through
Though snooze refused we woke them up at last
The need we freed creating tales of love
Still stayed and swayed in starlight from above 

Lovers free others lost imaginations in this Shakespearean sonnet. If we haven't noticed this sonnet contains a heavy word play. The second and forth syllables of each quatrain contains a four sound/word round. (In the first quatrain: need, we, be and free.) This represents a living playfulness. With this in mind, what happens in th rhyming couplet? 

Arlene and I may have slowed down: as young lovers. as we got older, or maybe transformed. The disco days were made for us. We were the princess and prince of the dance floor. Our parenting days left plenty of opportunities for holding hands, hugging and cuddling, an affection kiss or two. And when the bedroom door closed... When I joined the Masons, their parties consisted of dinner, drinks and maybe some live music. With our kids on their own, Arlene and I were going to movies, dining, theaters, the symphony, opera and such. When we were placed in charge of parties we introduced dancing. We did this by hiring a singer/dance instructor. Once we got the men dancing, the rest was easy. Dances were just part of the fun. With the money the Lodge had, the only limitation was imagination. The Masons were getting old and covered with dust. Arlene and I were the right people in the right time. Someone else, Ernie Bluer, called for a rejuvenation of Masonry. So we introduced train trips, visits to wineries. forests, haunted houses to name a few. Our dances became legendary. We danced on top of the city, out on the bay, in gardens, even in a lion house. Arlene and I were fairy tales. It was so satisfying seeing couples letting go. People were young again. The magic was spreading and contagious. What was even more rewarding to Arlene and me was that others took over where we left off. The magic that ignited in our time is still alive. 

As time ticks by we are getting older. Once we reach a certain age, there are things that we cannot do anymore. But our minds; There's a wonder. "You are only as old as you feel." I'm certain many of us have heard that one. According to a 2014 study done by scientists from University College London, people who saw themselves younger were generally healthier and over all had a longer life expectancy. (source: The daily Mail) How our minds think about ourselves effects how we look and how we look at life and the things around us. Change the way we think and we change the world. And who are we? How old are we, really? Grow? Glow? Our mind is a wonder. It can even attract to itself like things; Like joys. like interests, like thoughts, et cetera. Is there magic? Let us open our minds. Experience and Enjoy. 

Is there magic? Let's ask Barry: Barry Manilow "Could it be Magic" 

Imagination is equal to a dad answering a little girl's question 

According to WebMD, most children begin asking questions at the age of 3  to 4. One of the questions might be. "Where do babies come from?' This can be an uncomfortable situation. Here is New Zealander Jordan Watson, of How To Dad, to share with us what other dad's do when and if this moment arises. 
Note: any similarities to reality are similarities to reality. "HOW TO TELL A KID WHERE BABIES COME FROM" 

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The power of imagination 
makes us infinite. 
John Muir


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Endless Waves to Girl Genius Revealed 
The wonders in some tankas 
The wonders of a little girl 

Ways (tanka) 

Once there was a light
Flowing across ways it knew
Then it disappeared
Leaving others to wonder
What ways did it have in view

Endless Waves (tanka) 

Endless are the waves
Sparkling promise on bright sand
Under hope filled skies
Thrilling the wonders of life
On this paradise of you

Fields Of Time (tanka) 

In the fields of time
Some people enjoy their view
Lavishing in life
Wondering what waits ahead
While others weep their goodbyes

Wonders are explored in these tankas. Tanka (短歌 "short poem"?) is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature. They are believed to have originated in the seventh century. The  classical  tanka is comprised of 31 syllables spread out in five lines, broken down thus: 5/7/5/7/7. Modern tanka writers challenge the classical tanka form. (A tanka being a "short poem".) 

As I went on with my charitable activities they got to be more than I could handle. Let's take my activity with Toys For Tots. Toys For Tots is a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve, which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. The Masons were big supporters of the program until 1965. I was assigned to rejuvenate it in my Lodge in 2003. By 2006 the Masonic family of the San Francisco Bay Area bought into the program. This was done by taking people, who thought that they were less than they were and giving them an opportunity to shine. The Masonic Toys For Tots program was taken to some of the business committees. One of the volunteers started up an amateur football league. Through the new Toys For Tots program some of the Masonic Lodges became supporters and meeting facilities of their communities. Other volunteers were brought in by individuals who learned how to let people shine. Masonry teaches that no one lasts forever. Hence, it was important to pass on my insights of running a successful Toys For Tots program to my successor. I passed over the reins in 2010.  

There is wonder in everyone. At least that has been my experience. It is easy for some people to take an idea and run with it. There is a world of individuals. who for one reason or another, can't or don't get started. I believe everyone wants to be more. This belief has helped many. Inside everyone is a foundation. of some sort. Maybe that foundation is a need, a desire, a belief or whatever gets that person out of bed. Build on that foundation and it gets better, stronger. The best way to build is success or confidence. So what does all this mumbo-jumbo mean? Believe that everyone wants to be better. If we are a leader or someone working with others, find/see that something that is important, of value in that other person(s). How does it match into the goal at hand? It is okay to get that person's help. Once found (and it will be found), formulate a series of steps toward achieving a goal. Each step should be success oriented. If we are working on ourselves or to make ourselves better, the idea is the same. It is important that each step is easily attainable. It is the power of success, confidence that lead us to achieve that wonder that we are. We are all wonders. There is a shining star in everyone. Believe, know, see and Enjoy.

How about a song to celebrate the magic that is us: Limahl "The Never Ending Story" 

There is nothing quite like the magic in a young girl's eyes 

The most famous member of the Magic Circle,  a British organisation dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of magic. is Prince Charles. He joined the club in 1975 after performing the famous Cups and Balls trick for members. Not quite Prince Charles, Michael Carbonaro, a magician by trade but a prankster at heart, can still wow us. More importantly, he can wow a little girl and her mother. 
Want to be amazed.  Keep your eyes on that big Rubic's cube on the table, "The Carbonaro Effect - Girl Genius Revealed" 

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No one, is a nobody. 
Everyone is special in their own ways.