Friday, April 14, 2017

My princess to Dance With Me 
For one couple the dance is over 
For one couple the dance has just started 

My Princess (lyrical poem)

Sleep sleep sleep my princess I will be along
At last the ball has ended
The last guest said adieux
We showed them all our special song
And hope that some attended
A dream we shared come true
And for a while the moonlight flowed
Young hearts reborn there in its trance
With thoughts of kisses in their glance
So unashamed the love they showed
Dream dream dream fair princess what could be so wrong
For one whom we depended
To earn the rest she’s due
Through all you kept our vision strong
And never once pretended
What lovers had in view
And for a while the moonlight flowed
And for that while we took a chance
To hold the world within a dance
Yet from that dance how romance glowed
Sleep sleep sleep my princess as we leave this throng
To worlds we have transcended
To realms of only you 

The last party has ended as a lover blesses his sweetheart with sweet dreams in this lyrical poem. This poem uses a variety of styles. The choruses use a normal rhyme style. The rhymes are contained within the stanza. The verses use a floating rhyme style. Each line rhymes with the same line of the preceding stanza. The choruses are four lines long, while the versus are three lines long, While the meter of the entire poem is consistent, the verses use a decaying meter (each line contains less beats). The poem ends somewhat abruptly (one verse instead of two). 

In 1999 I was master of the Lodge. This meant absolute power, as long as I did nothing wrong. This period tests a man. For some reason, this period was very hard on me. So hard that I was going to quit Masonry. I stayed on because one of the young ladies in one of girl's groups I was involved in asked me why I was going to throw it all away. So I decided to slow down. So here Arlene and I were. We had done so much. So many people, things and ideas had changed because of us. The world was spread at our feet. We lived beyond the need for money. (Others gladly paid our way.) We got to be young again. Here we were. No more parties to run or that we had to attend. No More Lodge responsibilities. Our kids had grown up. What were Arlene and I going to do? What a life we had up to this moment. The world awaited us, Here was our world. We had each other. So, day by day we did things to appreciate each other; Who we had become. Life is grand.

This was my life. Everyone's life is different. Everyone's path is different. One thread our paths have in common, every path of every person on earth, past and present, is satisfaction. Are we satisfied with what we did, with what we accomplished? Life is a wonder, We started off there and ended up here. Is this where we planned to be? From there to here there are many things to do. Did we do some of them? The relationships... the memories... are our treasure chest full? Time can be short or long, but we are only here so long. Our past is now memories. Hopefully, most good, satisfying. Here we are. Do we see the message? There will come a time when we can no longer... Before that time comes, remember we are here. What can we do better? What can we do to be satisfied? (Maybe we already are.) We are all wonderful. We are all deserving. Life is spread out before us. Take it in to the fullest. Find and claim our satisfaction and Enjoy.

Let's take a trip down memory lane: Frankie Carle "A Lover's Lullaby" 

 There are dances and there are dances 

Research  proves that dancing also reduces stress and tension for the mind and body. Studies by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute have shown that dancing also prevents heart disease in particular. Anwar Jibawi and Hannah Stocking insist these studies may not be entirely correct. 
Let's watch tis video and find out why. "DANCE WITH ME | Anwar Jibawi & Hannah Stocking" 

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Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. 
They're in each other all along. 
Jalaluddin Rumi

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Always to The Force Awakens To A Bad Lip Reading 
A lover's dreams take her to the stars 
Bad lip reading bring the stars back to earth 

Always (English sonnet) 

She stares across the ocean of her days
Returning to her in sweet memories
Which shares this precious moment with a breeze
Still whispering the promise of always
A love that promises to always please
And always tries to guide her through this maze
An always as all other hope betrays
And always sweetens memories as these
Now always and again the sun must set
To kiss another memory good night
And add its lavish luster to the moon
Now in his arms she casts aside regret
She dances with eternity in sight
Her always couldn’t come again too soon 

The always of this lover's dreams is the focus of this English sonnet. When one thinks of sonnets, the Shakespearean style comes to mind. (A/B/A/B C/D/C/D E/F/E/F G/G) Here is the English sonnet. It is also written in iambic pentameter (ten beats of soft followed by hard). It has two quatrains followed by two triads. The rhyme scheme is as follows: A/B/B/A B/A/A/B C/D/E C/D/E. 

This poem comes from a practice of Arlene. Every once in a while she would stare into her bedroom window. I once asked her what she ways looking at. She told me: Into her tomorrows. I had a real good friend who worked at Hertz Car Rental. Occasionally he offered me an unbelievable deal on a rental. I get a call, from him, one Saturday. He had a ride for me. I told him, I was low on cash. He said, "No problem." So it was Arlene found herself driving a Dodge Challenger Convertible down highway 101 to Monterey. Arlene loved to drive. It was a sunny Autumn day. The scenery was great. There's nothing as beautiful as a happy Arlene. While cruising the beaches of Monterey, we heard a horn honking. It was Arlene's old school friend and her husband. Long story short: Her friend got lucky and married a guy with money. She saw Arlene's car and not wanting to be outdone got her husband to take us all out to dinner. After dinner, we went dancing. When we drove back home, I thought to myself, what an unbelievable day it turned out to be. At home. after preparing for bed, I found Arlene staring into the window. 

Even to me, this is a bit confusing. There is an old saying: "Money can't buy everything." I'm not so sure. Is this this just a saying to keep the "have nots" satisfied? I look back at all the things I have done. I consider myself to be lower middle class. Yet, I had very wealthy organizations financing my dreams. When I volunteered in the soup kitchens, I wondered who was paying for all this food. When I was working for Toy For Tots, I got hundreds of people involved. Hundreds of people, all buying $8 toy (some of them gave much more). That's a lot of toys. That's a lot of money. Improving the public schools took a lot of hard work. But it took a lot of money too. I like to believe one can exist beyond money. I believed Arlene and I had realized this. (There was still the monthly upkeep costs: utilities, food and such.) Then I realized, someone was paying for this. I remembered visiting people in hospitals. The more money they had, the better care they received. Then I remembered me. I was doing all this to give back for a blessed life, Then I remembered the countless other giving, working at my side. I have seen what money can do. I am confused. Yet, I am proud. I am amazed;. People are amazing. This, they will be my wealth. Money may be able to buy anything, but it is you I prefer to Enjoy.

Need some more inspiration: Mercedes Jones/Amber Riley "I Will Always Love You" 

Talk about confusing - A force awakens 

 At one point, Han Solo refers to many of the iconic vocabulary from the Star Wars mythos as “mumbo-jumbo.” This is the very same word the late Sir Alec Guinness so (in)famously used in interviews, when complaining about the dialogue he had been given for his role in the first Star Wars film. This is what Bad Lip Reading must have had in mind when they created their version of "The Force Awakens".  
May the force to control your laughter be with you. "'THE FORCE AWAKENS: A Bad Lip Reading' (Featuring Mark Hamill as Han Solo)" 

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Know this: I am addicted to you. I have tasted your mind, 
and I cannot forget its flavour. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

A Kiss Will Dismiss to Luncheon Lovers 
At one end we meet a couple dealing with an old romance 
At another end we meet the beginning of a new romance 

A Kiss Will Dismiss (Shakespearean sonnet) 

The day at hand a thread of something wrong
With song we set aside just yesterday
To play as we together make love strong
Along our path to lovers’ hideaway
A something feels so strained amidst the sound
We found from people we might soon become
Who drum a senseless beat into the ground
Till drowned with feelings which have all gone numb
So now we join the chorus of the noise
That toys with promises once made in vow
Somehow our dream maintains a sense of poise
In joys which lay embedded in our prow
Remiss to say it all comes down to this
Dismiss amiss with this another kiss 

A couple deals with the challenges of an aging love in this Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet uses another form of a rhyme within a rhyme. The second syllable of each line rhymes with the last word of the previous sentence. The second beat of each stanza (first line) rhymes with the last word of that stanza, The sonnet ends wit rhyme madness. (How fitting when a kiss is coming.) 

It is no secret that I'm a sucker for a kiss. Let's put that aside. Believe it or not, there was a time when the husband made all of the household decisions. This included where the couple will go for fun. The wife might permitted to decide how the household might be decorated. I know, because Arlene and I came from this generation. I used to take Arlene out to places that I thought she'd like. Looking back, it would have been better, or easier, just to ask her. There was something less "manly" in taking the more logical route (asking her). Arlene gave every appearance I was doing a good job. She seemed happy. She looked like she was having a good time. One night I come home from work. Arlene says to me, "We're going out Thursday." That was all. She took me to my favorite Italian restaurant where they were having a rare live performance of Italian songs. It was a great evening. When the bill came Arlene paid it saying, "How did you like that?" Followed immediately by a kiss. I got the messages. In time I asked Arlene what she wanted to do for fun.

We are interesting creatures. This is the way things are done and, right or wrong. we do it. Then things change and we slowly wake up and adjust. Let's take women and men equality, as an example. There was a time when the males of our species was better designed to protect the family. It was the female's job to find a mate who displayed the best chances for the success of the family. This was the accepted norm As we became civilized we created structure, such as governments, so we might more productively work together. Some of these governments were matriarchal (run by women). The problem was male testosterone. Eventually, all female societies were conquered. It seems feeding a family, to them. was more important than an army. With the men in charge, women became second class citizens. That was okay (not really) because that was the way it was. We accepted it. Now, in . our more modern age, we are slowly waking up. Men and women are not equal, but should be respected equally. If a person (male or female) can do a job, they should be given the chance and the pay. Anything one sex can do, should be open to everyone. Men and women are different. The future holds vast challenges. By taking advantage of the differences of women and men and  making the two work as one we can meet these challenges. Remember, we have been asleep for thousands of years.There are "this is the way things are done" we have yet to realize. We will realize them. We interesting creatures are changing. We men are slowly seeing and appreciate the power and benefit of two sexes working as one, equally. We are part of that awakening. It is happening all around us. Marvel at this long overdue magic moment and Enjoy.

Let's get back to the sonnet and that kiss: Faith Hill "This Kiss" 

So how do couples meet now-a-days 

Dating advise is a dime a dozen. For instance, SpinFold asserts when a man first approaches a woman, she will base 7% of her initial impression on what he says, 38% on his style of speaking and 55% on his appearance and body language. Then we have Studio C. They seem to think the man in this video can attract women. 
Let us just enjoy. "Luncheon Lovers" 

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The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist 
expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. 
William Arthur Ward