Friday, April 28, 2017

Come With Me to A Girl Never Forgets 
Some memories are delight 
Some memories are a fright 

Come With Me (poem)

A memory
Returns to me
Again to see
What used to be
Come lay with me
Come stay with me
Into this light
My soul took flight
A past delight
Did there ignite
Come lay with me
Come stray with me
A heartfelt hue
That once we knew
Returns to view
Our Joyous dew
Come lay with me
Come sway with me
And soon came moon
To add its tune
As lips commune
Made lovers swoon
Come lay with me
Come pray with me
For don’t you see
My memory
You came to be
A dream set free
You laid with me
You stayed with me 

A lover drifts in a moment in this poem. This is a form of a lyrical poem.  The first four lines of each stanza uses close rhymes intended to inter-mesh. Lines five and six have two rhymes (if we consider "me" rhymes with "me"). The real rhymes on lines five and six are on the second beat. Notice that the rhymes the last stanza is similar to the first. Is there a reason for this? 

It's no secret, I'm a kissing fool. The best kiss of my life was the one after I walked Arlene home from our first dance. The next most memorable kisses where at the Disneyland Resort during our honeymoon. It was more than our very special occasion. It was more than the perfection of the day. The air was alive with the scent of jasmine. It was so beautiful that it was intoxicating. Imagine: kissing Arlene in the moonlight wrapped in the magic of jasmine. Skip ahead. Arlene and I were touring Savannah. Georgia. Savannah is a beautiful City. Our original itinerary was changed by the bellman of the hotel we were staying at. Through him, Savannah was opened up. Or was it the jasmine? We didn't know it back then, Savannah was noted for its jasmine. It was everywhere. It was intoxicating. Was the city really so beautiful. or was it Arlene or was it the jasmine? The nights were once more filled with the moonlight, the fantasy of jasmine and kissing Arlene. Let's skip ahead again. When we rented a house, I planted jasmine in the garden. The sweet little flowers were beautiful, but the scent, though everywhere, was not Savannah or Disneyland. Perhaps we were too close to the ocean. Arlene and I bought a house. Only small wire fences separates us from our neighbors. I decorated these with jasmine. Then came the hot summer nights. Imagine me under the moonlight, kissing Arlene, caught in the wonder of jasmine.

Such is the world we live in. Wonder, fantasy, magic are all around us. It is different for each of us. It is not limited to a few things. They are every where and in everything. Consider a baby. Everything is new and fascinating to a baby.  Then we grow older and use to things. Some things gain a special place in our heart, mind, soul or in our being. Even these treasures are subject to change. I remember being a parent. I was blessed to see the world through my children's eyes. The wonders are still there. A drop of water with a rainbow within it; Which can change the perspective of the world; Which can hold life in it and may be the source of life; which joined with other drops may form a river; And so on and on. Is a computer more fascinating than this drop of water? So is the sunrise. the birds singing, the scent of jasmine, a friendly smile, the world. Take it in.  It is there for us. Live our life to the fullest. Take every moment and Enjoy.

Back to the poem: Snow Patrol "Chasing Cars" 

On the subject of memory 

Researchers still don't fully understand exactly how you remember or what occurs during recall. The process of memory begins with encoding, then proceeds to storage and, eventually, retrieval. It has been proven that women generally do have better memories than men. To help illustrate this are Anwar Jibawi, Inanna Sarkis and Hannah Stocking. 
Maybe there are a few more factors. "GIRLS NEVER FORGET | Anwar Jibawi, Inanna Sarkis & Hannah Stocking" 

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There are those moments of life that I'll always remember. 
Not because they were important but because you were 
there with me. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Voice to How Tall Is Grant 
One man is hearing things 
Another man is seeing things 

The Voice (Italian sonnet) 

He heard a voice he hadn’t heard before
It beckoned forth so anyone could hear
It seemed so strange so many did ignore
This melody which he now felt so clear
It sang about a time so long ago
When things seemed so much brighter than today
His dreams then seemed to have a smoother flow
He wondered why they shouldn’t stay that way
So nearer to the voice he ventured on
Not weary of so much he left behind
Not leery of such promises now drawn
And shadows looming furthest from his mind
Here is the voice he hadn’t heard till now
Of all those little things he did not see
The truth of things he could not now avow
Is free to live a life once meant for he 

A man is led on by a strangely familiar voice in this Italian sonnet. An Italian sonnet is like a Shakespearean sonnet except instead of a rhyming couplet an Italian sonnet has another quatrain. In this sonnet a man hears a voice. As the sonnet goes on, the voice becomes more complicated up to the third quatrain (the conflict stanza). Thing become clear in the final quatrain. Clear except for one thing: What is the voice saying to us?

It wasn't a man, but a woman, Anna. Anna was a secretary at Chevron. We became friends when I worked in Copy Services. One afternoon Anna treated me to lunch. It was in appreciation for all the fine work I had done for her. As we talked over lunch, the discussion turned to "inner voices". I shared with her mine. She tried to share with me hers. Anna's seemed to a bit more confusing and complex. I told her to try to listen to it more carefully. As time went on, I learned that it was a bit more involved. Anna worked for Chevron Shipping. It was her dream to be a sailor on one of the oil tankers. There was only one problem. She was a woman. (It was a different time.) This stifled Anna's voice. As we would talk, Anna got more frustrated. I eased her by telling her to follow her voice. Then it happened. A girl was suing Chevron for sexual harassment. It seems men were catcalling her in the halls. This led to other cases dealing with how women were being treated at Chevron. Chevron responded heavily with a program to make sure all of its employees are treated equally,  fairly and with respect. This was how Anna fulfilled her dream. She met and passed the same requirements as any crew member of an oil tanker. I would see pictures of Anna in "Chevron Shipping's Safety News" letters. She looked happy.

There was a time when people where limited: by sex, race, social classes and many other things. Except for a fortunate few, we were not truly equal. (Ironic statement.) Most, of the older generation, just accepted things as the status quo. Then comes my generation and human relations began to be challenged and changed. We still have a long way to go. But we can do things our ancestors couldn't; in many ways, including sex, race, et cetera. This puts a lot on us. No longer can we freely say, we can't do this, we can't do that, because. In today's world there is so much more we can do. The only "because" is us. We all have voices within us. When the "because" becomes old age, let the voices shout, "We did it." Live life to the fullest. Pursue your dreams. Know there is nothing we cannot do. Let our life rejoice in the marvels our time, and Enjoy.

As we move forward let's take a moment: Brian Crain "Voice from the Past" 

Need another perspective 

Perspective is an understanding of how aspects of a subject relate to each other and to the whole. A subjective evaluation of relative significance or a point of view. The ability to perceive things in their actual interrelations or comparative importance. Confused? So is Mike Trapp of College Humor. 
Let's see if we can size this up. "How Tall Is Grant? "How Tall Is Grant?" 

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Everyone who wills can hear the inner voice. 
It is within everyone. 
Mahatma Gandhi


Monday, April 24, 2017

She Strolls to Can You Watch My Stuff 
In his dreams she walks 
In her dreams he walks 

She Strolls (poem) 

I sense her once again stroll through my garden
Soft music of the flowers thrills the air
The moonlight’s sweetest kiss now begs her pardon
For letting all my dreams know she is there
Is this imagination or a vision
Which sways away within a lover’s heart
Where she walks there is no such precision
Of where a day may end and dreams will start
And though the shroud of doubt may skew my view
With reason shouting right there by its side
And jealous hearts concoct a brand new brew
Delivered by another’s lonely pride
I sense her once again so softly calling
In whispers cast so only I may hear
And once again I sense that I am falling
In dreamer’s garden here to hold you near 

A dream is strolling, once again, through the garden of his imagination in this poem. This poem contrasts two syllable rhymes withe one syllable rhymes. Throughout the poem the beats are kept tight to emphasize the differences. In the conflict stanza (three) the two syllable rhymes disappear. Question: Is she real or a dream? 

Arlene was more to me than my lover and my wife. She was my dream. It wasn't enough that our love, life and romance began with the Magic Teardrop Arlene shed. Or that perfect day we enjoyed on the day we were wed. Not one thing, all that day, went wrong, My princess and I enjoyed many fantasies. Let me share one more of those dreams. In the height of my radio advertising days, my partner, Mike, landed us a great deal. It was for a new hot dog stand company that was opening throughout the Bay Area. First we had to meet the owner. I decided to bring Arlene along (for some reason). The owner had a large house with an unbelievable garden just outside Petaluma. Bringing Arlene along was a great (though unclear) idea. She hit it off big with the owner's wife.  The ladies retired to the garden as the owner poured Mike and me a glass of wine. What happened next was a bit hazy. As we were discussing the advertising deal and ideas, I couldn't take my eyes off Arlene, in the garden. It was like she was calling to me. She was so beautiful. She didn't seem to see me staring at her. What was even stranger, my being distracted didn't disturb the meeting. After the meeting, when we went back to our cars, Mike told me I was brilliant. We had achieved a big contract. All I could remember was Arlene and her beauty in the garden. The real inspiration. Arlene and I spent that evening at a resort overlooking the Petaluma harbor.

Life is a wonder. Sometimes things happen in what seems a prearranged manner. A man takes his wife to a business meeting and is inspired by her. Martin, and all his talents and experience, is delivered to the Masons at the right time. I'm certain that we all have wondrous chain of events in our lives. Some of these chain of events may not be easily explained (if at all). Some of these chain of events are so common, we take them for granted. We are born. We grow old. We pass on. Some events go on unseen. Why is this happening? What is going on? I don't honestly know. Life is a wonder. Are these chain of events meant for us? Are we that special? While we try to figure it all out, Enjoy.

Life sings to us: Handel "Where'er You Walk" 

One of life's wonders is imagination 

Everyone has an imagination. The imagination is not simply the province of artists and children, sci-fi buffs and gamers. It is simply the ability of the mind to think in pictures. We use our imaginations all the time, whether we are daydreaming, planning, remembering, or meditating. Sometimes our imagination can go a little too far, as in this video created by Wong Fu Productions. 
After watching this video ask yourself, "Did I watch that video?" "Can You Watch My Stuff? ft. Leenda D" 

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No, there's nothing half so sweet in life as love's young dream. 
Thomas Moore