Friday, May 26, 2017

The Glow to Master Ken Debunks the Candle Punch 
Lovers stroll toward the light 
Martial art master extinguishes the lights 

The Glow (English sonnet) 

There amid the shadows veiled in light
Another hope another dream to sow
Another chance to let a feeling go
And if we feel some pain it’s still alright
There amid these shadows rests a glow
Some flicker lost to meet its lonely night
Some chance to hold another moment tight
And if it hurts a tear will let us know
Let’s sing about the Joys which fill our day
And rainbows which have lost the need for rain
And brighter dreams have lost the need to roam
Let’s sing away the doubt which made us stray
For we have brighter reasons to explain
I love you dear so let me take you home 

Amid the shadows lovers still find reasons to sing in this English sonnet.  As in most English sonnets, this one is divided into two parts. The first part talks about a shadow the lovers find themselves in. The second half discusses the hope to overcome the shadow. It is a subtle nuance: The hope triads start with the conjunction "Let's" (let us). Indicating the partnership. 

Here we were, Arlene and I. The saddest part of our life. Most parents may relate. Our son was off to college, in Montana. Robin was busy with her schoolwork, her friends and trying to earn some extra cash. Our family was breaking up. Gone were those trips to the zoo, the parks, the bike rides together. The dining room table was so quiet and empty. It was over. Gone were those unbelievable disco days. "The Crew" of friends Arlene and I used to dazzle with. The concerts, the dances, the parties, the life style... It was over. The "palace in the sky", Our apartment overlooking San Francisco. Two young lovers living a dream. It's all over. But we did it. We did it all. And now this. I'm sure we could have done better. But we were pretty good parents. And there was the proof. All in all it was a pretty spectacular life. The proof is there was one more wonder filled chapter to be written. 

Life is what it is. Beautiful. Painful. Full of wonder. A flower unfolding its splendor for us. So much there, it is impossible to take it all in. And here we are. A vital part of the grand scheme of things. Every step we take, everything we take in, every idea we let out, changes everything forever. There it all is before us; For us. Then one day our eyesight isn't what it used to be. Our favorite ice cream parlor is closing. Our children have grown up. Our friends are dying. It's all gone. Sounds so sad. But then come the waves; The wonder of life; The changes we made; The memories. Alive. We are still alive. There is yet one more chapter to be written. Our past becomes our strength, beckoning us on. What is passed is a celebration. We did it. We lived it. See the sun rising to another day just for us? How important it is that we Enjoy.

Isn't that right Sade: Sade "Nothing Can Come Between Us" 

What can martial arts Master Ken add to this 

Karate means "empty hand". Karate developed from the indigenous martial arts of Ryukyu Islands (called te in Okinawan) under the influence of Chinese martial arts, particularly Fijian White Crane. Here to divulge one of the many secrets of martial arts is Master Ken of Ameri-Do-Te and creator of EnterTheDojoShow. 
So let's enter the dojo and learn how to put out the lights. "Master Ken Debunks the Candle Punch" 

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Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive. 
Matt Cameron


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Star Of Heaven to Save The Starfish 
A lover is lost in a star 
Something is lost in starfish 

Star Of Heaven (Martin verse) 

Oh star of heaven pure delight
Make one more dream come true tonight
A moment by your bless├ęd light
A wonder to make all things right
A world impassioned by your glow
Such Joy is felt within your flow
One final wish a heart would know
A memory might you bestow
What splendor would dance with delight
Imagined blossoms endless flow
In paradise which few may know
A wonder only you make right
If ever hope should lose your glow
Forever’s sorrows start tonight
And there is no more use for light
What else could emptiness bestow
My wonder of everything right
The reason that I feel so light
Will you grant me your gift tonight
Oh star of heaven pure delight

A lover is once again lost in his star in this Martin verse. A Martin verse uses two rhymes of eight words. The first rhyme of four words is introduced. Then the second rhyme of the last four words is introduced. In the next two stanzas the two sets of rhymes and eight words are mixed up. In the final stanza the first four words reappear, but in reverse order.

Ah Fortuna. In the year 2000, I had just completed an exhausting year as Master of my Lodge. The dream of a former Master, Ernie Blueher, was now complete. The Lodge was thriving. I had a lot to do with it. I and my partner, Arlene. Another of our grand successes was the public schools. In 2000 I turned over the reigns of the pubic schools to another who was highly interested and motivated. He did so well he was honored by the San Francisco Unified School District. To show his appreciation he lent Arlene and me his Eel River lodge at an outrageously low rate.

So it was, Arlene and I found ourselves on the shore of the Eel River, surrounded by California Redwood. Nearby was the small town of Fortuna, where Arlene and I got our supplies. Also in Fortuna was a bar with a dance area. The lodge had a wonderful view of the heavens: the sky, the forest, the river and Arlene. It was a dream. In town we had dancing, an important part of what brought us here. We had the river and those majestic trees. We were timeless children of wonder, taken in beauty and marvel. At night Arlene and I had the the stars, unhindered by city light. Joyous reminders of all that passed to bring us here.  And with a kiss we were there.

Every now and again we deserve a break. Not just a vacation or some time away from work (although these can be helpful and pleasant). These breaks cam last a week or longer or be as short as a warm cup of one's favorite brew. Some time to catch our breath, to remember who we are and what we are doing. Some time for ourselves. Some time because we deserve it. (This rarely means sleeping, watching TV, video games and things like that.) A moment, or two, where everything is left aside. These moments can be different for each individual and can change from time to time. Sometimes these moments call to us. Go with it. We become better, refreshed, able to handle more. Know that we are special. We are wonders. We deserve to Enjoy.

Here to guide us along: Groove Lovers "Mediterranean Star" 

Now for a star of a different kind 

Starfish have no brain and no blood. They use filtered sea water to pump nutrients through their nervous system. There are many reasons these beautiful creatures are washed up on shore. The most common reason is a storm. There they will most likely die. But not if Jeremy Warner, of Studio C, has his way.
Jeremy believe saving just one starfish's life cab change the world. "Save The Starfish"

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Journeys end in lovers meeting. 
William Shakespeare

Monday, May 22, 2017

A Common Melody to The Most Generous Boy In The World 
Something special calls to people 
Something special rings out from a young boy 

A Common Melody (round) 

A melody upon the sea
A silent voice that called to me
What did it bode it would not say
But from its spell I could not flee
That no one heard caused some dismay
Perhaps this fate was meant this way
That only I could feel the sound
While other people felt their day
So to the ocean I was bound
My thoughts were spinning so profound
What secret was awaiting there
What symphony makes my heart pound
Sweet music seemed to fill the air
And to all else I’m unaware
Till I then kissed the promised shore
To find what fortune had to share
But then the music was no more
Just faces wond’ring what it’s for
What set us drifting to this place
What special need did sea restore
And there it was upon each face
A special smile a special grace
That shared this common memory
That somehow vanished but this trace 

Something calls to a man and brings him together with others in this round. In this round the third the third line sets up the rhyme for the next stanza. The third line of the last stanza leads back to the first stanza. Thus we have a poem with no beginning or end. It is not intended that this round means this one man endlessly is called to the sea. It means that others are endlessly being called. 

I have been involved in charities and volunteer work for a long time. It is a good feeling to help others and/or work for the community. My life was extremely blessed. Serving others was a good way to give back for my many blessings. Most all, it gave me the opportunity to see the good side of people. When I was a coach or working for the PTA, it was mostly parents trying to do their parts for their children. With the Masons, my charity and volunteer work got more ambitious. My biggest two was the public schools and Toys For Tots. Both of these projects were assigned to me. I did a sterling job with both of these projects. The real fact is: I achieved on the shoulders of people who wanted to help. It is amazing, how many people want to help, but for some reason don't. It is even more amazing to see how many people how many people are serving their fellow man, their Mother Earth. I and others like me have been gifted to find doorways for those who want to help. So, one by one thousands are added to our ranks. The ranks of those who are serving: cleaning our beaches, planting trees, helping our teachers, building homes, feeding the hungry, searching for the lost and much, much, much more. All around us are people free serving, I have seen them. I was a part of them. maybe you are too.

One of the first rules of First Aid is: make sure that we are okay first. The rational (simply put): how can we help if we too are injured? or Why make two when only one needs rescuing? Of course there is the main  rational of getting us to think before we rush off. Then consider what made us humans so successful. Why we are still around. So, we are pretty much okay. We are relatively satisfied. I believe we should help others up. I believe we should help to make our world a better place. The proof that I may be right is that good feeling, we all experience. Then there is that something, we experience, looking in someone's eyes,,who is serving by our side, knowing we are answering the same call. Something has brought us together. I believe that it is our calling to give back for the satisfaction, successes life has granted us. Life is wonderful. We are wonderful. Live, love, serve and Enjoy.

Listen and we may hear a voice: Diane Arkenstone "Voice Of The Sea" 

Goodness is all around 

Paul Allen, cofounder of Microsoft, now serves as the chairman of Vulcan, his private-investment company. As chairman of the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, he's given millions to global-health causes, including $5 million to Seattle BioMed, $4 million to Global FinPrint, a conservation project focused on the preservation of sharks worldwide, and $7 million in grants to Alzheimer's research. Paul Allen is just one example of some of the most generous people in the world. As Meir Kay points out, it doesn't take a millionaire to perform major acts of generosity. 
Here an example of generosity (and more). "The Most Generous Boy In The World!" 

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The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. 
Leo Tolstoy