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The Song to Darci Lynne Farmer 12 Year Old Ventriloquist 
A well fashioned song to mark an end 
A well fashioned song to mark a beginning 

The Song (Shakespearean sonnet) 

It was a song an echo from his past
Which caused his dreams to pause and then repent
In all the joys and happiness well spent
A time forever after meant to last
And though he danced his partners have all gone
Was no one left who understood his smile
He wonders has it been so long a while
And still this song politely lingers on
How could they know the melody he hears
The places they have seen and they have chanced
Igniting dreams in others with their dance
To song which now ignites confusing tears
He sighs as song continues to portend
He knows his song is coming to the end 

The sweet music of a memory plays out in this Shakespearean sonnet. While most Shakespearean sonnets have a love theme, this one toys with our sentiments. This sonnet uses the less popular rhyme pattern: ABBA/ CDDC/EFFE/GG. 

After Arlene's passing, I returned to some semblance of normalcy. Beside my family, friends and associates, I was helped along by the many projects I was involved in and those that called for my attention. I didn't organize entertainment anymore. My attention was drawn to Toys For Tots, College Scholarships for youths, Masonic rituals and education, my various charities and things like that. To aid all that I was involved in required that I attend Lodge functions, not only for my Lodge but many other Lodges who were supporting my efforts. At these functions, I could see many little things Arlene and I had introduced. It is amazing how good ideas spread. On one hand I was complimented and honored. On the other hand I missed the partner who made all this come to life, Arlene. And what life it was. A beautiful song that touched the lives of so many. But this song was coming to an end, as I turned my projects over to new fresher souls. The story of that man was coming to a close. Little did I know there was one more chapter to be written.

What are we doing right now? Did we ever think how we were changing the world? Oh yes. even us changing everything. Think about this: A farmer was picking strawberries. These strawberries made it to market, where they were purchased by a chef. The strawberries tasted so good the chef was inspired to make a special snack for his boss. The boss was having a bad day, until he ate the snack. The snack was so good that it took the bitterness off of things. The boss was the President. So a farmer changed the world. So it is with all of us. We are all connected. Cause and effect. A chain reaction. We write about saving a tree. Someone reads what wrote and decides to join us. Others join in and writing turns into so much more. Now let's take things one step further. We only have one vote in an election. What if we convinced others to vote? To vote in our direction? What if we inspired others? To grow their garden as nice as as ours; Another way to prepare a meal; To join in the efforts for a better tomorrow; To lead; To follow. Make no mistake, we are all of us changing the world. Not only that, we are leaving a memory of ourselves behind. Let us make our memories ones that we can Enjoy.

Let's think this all through over a warm beverage: Cappuccino Bar "Espressivo" 

Talk about making memories 

Ventriloquism history is diverse as it is ancient. What is concrete and to be relied upon is that it began as a religious practice. The Egyptians have a claim to it, the Greeks also, so do the Zulu communities in Africa. During the middle of the 20th Century ventriloquism remained very popular due to such greats as Edgar Bergen, Shari Lewis, Senor Wences, and Paul Winchell. Enter the picture Darci Lynne Farmer, a 12 year old from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is her dream to join the greats in ventriloquism. 
Let's join Darci Lynne as she auditions on the 12th season of America's Got Talent. "America's Got Talent 2017 Darci Lynne Farmer Ventriloquist Golden Buzzer Auditions 1" 

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You may not realize this, 
but people have the power to change the world. 


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dreams Become Them to Terrible DJs 
Lovers look at dreams 
Two DJ wanna-bes share their dreams  

Dreams Become Them (poem) 

Have you seen them
Have you heard when
They arrive like the tide of the night
And stay here until they’re chased clear
By renewed and steadfast sight
Do you feed them
Do your words hem
To you and the people you should love
Your hopes’ sphere is what they revere
It is you they’re leery of
No more dreams Them.
No more girth Stemmed
They yearn what you lightly cast aside
Were once dear You held them so near
Now some shadow they abide
What’s the need then
What’s the world,them
What takes your dreams before they decay
What with fear was created here
Trust and hope will take away
Do you see them
Do you need them
Do you love and treasure and feed them
Now you’re here and youthfully clear
These dreams could really be them 

Lovers lost in the meaning of their dreams become this poem. This poem has three sets of rhymes. First there is the echo of the first two lines of each stanza. Then there are the story lines: three, four and five. Lines three and five rhyme with each other. Line four rhymes with all lines four. In the end rhyme and meaning become metaphors.  

It was not uncommon on weekends to see Arlene and I out walking with the kids, Peter and Robin. Peter was every little sister's dream. A big bother who would never shut her out. He was always there to protect her and make sure she was happy. They were a cute pairs. This alone made it a pleasure to take them out. One hot summer day, when Peter and Robin were very young, we went exploring Mountain Lake Park, in the Richmond district. We were following the path. Peter and Robin leading the way. When we got close to the lake. we left the path and cut across the grass. All of the sudden the sprinklers turned on. People sitting on the grass ran for the dry path, as did Peter and Robin. Arlene and I, on the other hand. took each other's hands and danced around one of the sprinklers. After a kiss, we stared into each others' eyes. How did we get here? As we were getting soaked, in our eyes, was all that brought us to this magic moment. (Arlene and I have had this experience before and would enjoy it many times again.) Oddly, the experience ended when the sprinklers were turned off. I can still see the expressions on Peter's and Robin's faces. There were their parents, acting like little kids.

Dreams. We all have them. At night. When we close our eyes. But there is more. We dream of what lies ahead; What we want to do with our life; That someone special; That place we have never been; That goal; and on and on. We have all heard, "If we can dream it we can be it." To be honest, I'm not sure if that is entirely true. For my work and for the Masons I did some mind boggling things. In my life there is much that I didn't do or left undone. (Make no mistake, I did have a pretty awesome life.) In my work and for the Masons the tasks were pretty specific. I believe therein lies the challenge.  We humans are diverse, dealing with diverse complexities. A paradox within a paradox. ...then the unexpected happens. Oh dear! Still and all, we can have an awesome and pretty unbelievable life. It starts with that warm beverage in the morning. What I mean by that, we all know those little things that makes us happy. Keep those things near (if even a happy thought). Adopt a "can do" attitude (maybe not today but I can do it). Realize it is our eyes that see the world. As our attitude changes, so does the world. Notice how we cause changes. The magic starts. Believe in ourselves. We are truly wonders. See it. know it. Then dream on; Create; Enjoy.

Let's dream on: Beethoven "Moonlight Sonata" (Cafe Del Mar version) 

Can dreams be complex 

1909 is the year Ray Newby, who was only 16 at the time, pioneered what has become a major cultural counterpoint. Today, the DJ world is a man's world with only 24% of DJs being female. The first DJ dance party was held in 1943, followed by the idea of using two turn tables in the 1950s. Why this brief history of DJs? Because Rudy Mancuso and Juanpa Zurita are dreaming of becoming DJs. 
Rudy and Juanpa becoming DJs? What's so complex about that? Just watch. "Terrible DJs | Rudy Mancuso, Juanpa Zurita & Marshmello" 

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The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams. 
Eleanor Roosevelt


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My Tomorrows to Baby With A Gun 
The risks of love 
The risk of a baby with a gun 

My Tomorrows (English sonnet) 

Could I should I free this feeling inside
And what will we say when it drifts your way
Will you take my heart and cast it away
Or will my tomorrows open up wide
Should I could I trust chance not to stray
And let you decide the fate of my pride
Will you be the cause I shrivel and hide
Or will my tomorrows glow from today
Why is it a smile has done this to me
I who met dangers much stranger than this
I who enjoyed nights that others dream of
Could I should I leave this to destiny
And one little kiss perhaps she’ll dismiss
Or will my tomorrows be filled with love 

A lover lost in a decision and this English sonnet. This English sonnet uses a different form. Rather than using two different ways to deliver an idea, this one merely switches from quatrains to triplets. We may notice this sonnet is very tight in rhythm and line structure. When the triplets arrive we think something new is coming, as the first triplet is so different. Then the second triplet arrives, It is a condensed version of the quatrains. 

I have never had this dating problem (accept for the story of Gloria). Girls made it known they were interested. When it came to Arlene, there is the legend of the magic tear. When it came to Amor, my present wife, I pulled out all of the stops. She didn't stand a chance. Besides the dinners, the gifts and the charm, I used her friends against her. They all told her that she shouldn't let that Martin get away. This poem describes some of my brothers. I don't know how many times I listened to one more guy who couldn't get a girl; Either a specific one or any girl. When they told me this problem in a bar filled with girls, it made me wonder. Some of these bros had internal problems to overcome; Shyness. self confidence, the fear of this or that and other things like that. Some bros are just bums. We guys don't seem to mind if our friend are bums or ill behaved. Most girls don't want a relationship with a bum. As far as helping my brothers out, I was very fortunate. Arlene was the dating advise "expert". She could smell if a guy had dating challenges. She would gladly give the best advise Cosmopolitan magazine had to offer. Now, who is a guy going to listen to about dating, a guy's wife or that guy cooking dinner? 

What are these little chips in our personalities? These fears of this or that. Some doctors tell us their sources are many. Some doctors tell us they relate to something that happened in our past. Some doctors say it may have something to do with self preservation. Some doctors tell us it is wiring problems. Doctors and their theories. What about me? If we am afraid of spiders. Simply avoid spiders. But if we are a bug exterminator  or we are "really" afraid of spiders, we may have to seek out help. Interpersonal challenges fall into the realm of "I need help". Take comfort in this: By realizing the problem we have crossed a major threshold. Realizing the problem is a big step. Help is out there. Remember we are all individuals. What works for one may not work for everyone. By actively seeking assistance, we have crossed the half way point. One more big step.  Help can be as easy as a friend, a book or the computer. The other end can be a bit more complicated. I believe, it is always better to get other opinions. Life is too valuable to let little chips prevent us from taking it in fully. Believe we are destined to be more. Believe that we can. Know that the answers are out there and Enjoy.

Let's see what Frankie has to say: Frank Sinatra "All My Tomorrows" 

We think we have problems 

At just six years of age, Miko Andres from the Philippines is believed to be the world's youngest sports shooter. Despite the obvious dangers and concerns raised over a boy of six handling such a weapon, Miko's father is eager to stress that safety is always at the forefront of his mind. Thomas Ridgewell, of TomSka, thinks he may have found someone much younger. The big problem: This little one has turned to the life of crime. 
Let's join the action as the police are called out. "Baby With A Gun 2" 

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It is not death that a man should fear, 
but he should fear never beginning to live. 
Marcus Aurelius

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Grand Lovers to James's New Girlfriend 
These grand lovers were a bit different 
Jame's new girlfriend is a bit different 

Grand Lovers (Shakespearean sonnet) 

If never two were meant to be as one
Defying reason strangely making sense
The stars set omens there before the sun
Proceed young lovers at your own expense
Each day brought opportunity to stray
A chance to cut in deeper to our wound
Poor reasoning to once again betray
This boiling pot of passion oft retuned
Yet in the friction of this human mess
Igniting hope that others crave apply
Imagining such passion without stress
The hidden show would only make them cry.
There never were two lovers such as we
For them the story ended happily

Two lovers, a dream was formed out of the confusion of this Shakespearean sonnet. If this "love" sonnet seems to be a bit quirky then perfect. The reader should feel somewhat confused at the onset of this sonnet. As the tale continues some sense starts or seems to take shape. Then comes the rhyming couplet. The "we" becomes "them". The "never" introduced at the beginning of the sonnet forms a different connotation. 

We didn't know it way back then or we simply were unaware (didn't care). Arlene and I were quite different from each other. But two madly in love teenagers could hardly see that they were incompatible. Me not being able to dance and the importance of dancing to Arlene should have been a clue. I'm sure that there were many other things, but they weren't as important as being together. One would think that when we moved in together, Arlene and my differences would become more evident. Our first apartment was a "palace in the sky". It was on Twin Peaks overlooking San Francisco. A lovers' dream. It was magic. Arlene would take us to astrologers and fortune tellers, who all warned us we were incompatible. We just laughed it all off. Then Arlene's father died. We moved close to Arlene's mom, to take care of her. It was then reality hit us. We were very different from each other. When did we change so much or was it that we didn't truly see? The food we liked, the music, the clothes.the way we behaved, everything. Fights (shouting) were not uncommon. Silence was our best friend. It got worse. We were dangling on our wedding vow. Then we made our escape from that apartment. The disco era came along. Arlene and I decided to build, to try and build on our differences rather than letting them tear us apart. The dances, the parties, the lifestyle made this experiment a little easier. Arlene and I were different, to the point of incompatibility, yet there was power in this. We saw and took in the world so differently that together it gave us an amazingly broad view point. Not only that but it kept Arlene always fresh to me. Our differences became our strength.

Let's consider relationships and remember I am not a therapist. People are different. Besides the many studies, what brings couples together is a mystery. The laws of attraction are the matters of two individuals' hearts. It could be looks, behavior, memories, moments or any number and combination of things. To make matters more complicated, there is change. Everything changes. We change. Relationships change, hopefully for the positive. It is important, in a relationship to allow, to expect the other person to grow. Hopefully we can be a source of that growth. It is important to take the time we have together to make moments; Grand and wonderful moments. There may come a time when these moments will be our strength. Relationships encompass that someone special or family and friends (and there is more), all reasons to Enjoy.

Back to the land of lovers: Hugo Montenegro "Amor de MaƱana" 

Talk about the laws of attraction 

Evolutionary biologists say that it’s better to be average looking, as average features advertise better reproductive health and more diverse set of genes. James Corden, of "The Late Late Show with James Corden", take exception to this. James has a new girlfriend. 
James introduces Emma at a dinner party hosted by Billy Crudup and Kristen Schaal. "James's New Girlfriend Is the 'Alien' Xenomorph w/ Billy Crudup & Kristen Schaal" 

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What good is the warmth of summer, 
without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. 
John Steinbeck