Friday, June 9, 2017

Dazzle With The Light to Guys Drink Coffee For The First Time 
A lover is dazzled by his desire 
Two guys are dazzled by a cup of coffee 

Dazzle With The Light (English sonnet) 

Please come my love let’s dazzle with the light
The stardust cast this moment in our view
To see the Joys of lovers’ hearts will do
When splendors of impassioned dreams ignite
Let’s sail away and bid this world adieu
A rainbow waits to guide us in our flight
Let’s see what kisses’ visions can incite
When timeless moments made our souls pursue
Around us every breath is standing still
As whispers of enchanted wishes stray
Each wonder waits the hope of hidden thrill
As in our arms surrender slips away
Forever’s dance awaits us to fulfill
Please come my love and let our magic play 

A lover invites his desire to incite a wonder in this English sonnet.  As most sonnets of this type, this one is divided into two parts. In the first part a lover describes a wonder. In the second part the lover alludes to this wonder waiting. The nature of the couplets adds a sense of quickening. To neatly tie this sonnet together, it starts and ends with "Please come my love..." 

A little game Arlene and I liked to play every once in a long while was "The First Meeting". Arlene would choose a place and a setting where I would meet a girl (Arlene). I would have to win this girl over. One time Arlene chose a Caribbean lounge south of Market Street in the financial district. I pulled a 12 hour shift, so I went there directly from work. When I got there I scouted around. Arlene wasn't there, so I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. After a time in walks these three gorgeous women. One of them was Arlene. There were these two guys that I struck up a conversation with, while I was waiting. I asked them if they'd like to meet a girl. After they agreed, I told them to follow my lead. While one guy was getting a table, the other guy and I went to introduced ourselves to the ladies. After introducing ourselves, I said it was more than a coincidence that three lovely ladies should find three lonely guys and a table. Initially the girls sat together, but as the evening, the drinks, the hors d'oeuvres and the charm wore on the sweet ladies took to us guys and I found myself with Arlene. We guys must have been pretty good, because the ladies became a little touchy-feely. As one thing led to another we guys and gals found ourselves in each other's arms. It was then I confessed that Arlene and I were married. It was then I found out that it was more than a coincidence that three lovely ladies should find three lonely guys. It turned out that the two girls were Arlene's coworkers. The guys were their husband and boyfriend. After a good laugh, we raise our glasses up to a great night.

A little fantasy every now and again is a good thing. (As long as we don't entirely lose touch with reality and we don't get carried away.) We are never to old for make believe, to escape. To be a kid once more. In fact it is good for us. It has been proven that settings our mind free can relieve stress, improve brain function, stimulate the mind, boost creativity and keep us feeling young and energetic (per Lawrence Robinson, Melinda Smith, M.A., Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. and Jennifer Shubin). It can be as simple as losing ourselves in a book or as complicated as becoming someone else in a foreign land. The possibilities are endless and we deserve the possibilities.We deserve to appreciate the world all around us and within. So, open up. Let ourselves free and Enjoy.

For the lovers out there: Groove Lovers "Sunset Dream" 

Not enough excitement - Maybe some coffee will help 

The amount of caffeine in coffee depends on the type of beans, how they were roasted, and how the coffee was brewed. Typically, a small 8-ounce cup of coffee has between 65 milligrams of caffeine if it’s instant and 115 milligrams if it’s drip brewed.The effects of caffeine on one who has never had it is explored by Zack Evans and  Justin Tan, of BuzzFeed Video. 
Enjoy your coffee. "Guys Drink Coffee For The First Time" 

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The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; 
that makes us reach for more, that plants 
the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. 
That’s what I hope to give you forever. 
The Notebook 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

These Words to 36,000 Kids You Don't Want To Mess With 
A lover's words show their strength 
36,000 kids show their strength 

These Words (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Were I to cast my words unto the stars
Or set the wind ablaze with verse of you
Make birds resound in chorus who you are
And flowers to present their scented dew
Would I scarce offer words to light your feet
To heights my heart and soul have raised to dwell
For all enchanted dreams you would complete
Enticing waves of passion then to swell
How brazen of me thus to hope this way
As if I stood here worthy of one glance
What vanity of mind thought words could sway
What blinding strength fired me to take such chance
I thank you for not laughing at this note
Alas there is a truth to words I wrote 

A lover's last hope of reaching his desire are the words of this Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet uses the classic story style, with a slight twist. The first two quatrains speak of words proclaiming the glories of his desire. The third quatrain poses a problem while continuing to praise. Rather than solving the problem, the rhyming couplet leads the reader in another direction. 

When Arlene and I were parents living near the beach, a great love story came knocking at our door. One of my coworkers, Art,  lived at the corner. Art was a nicer than average guy. If I or any of Art's friends needed help, he was always there. He also knew of a pastry shop, which he kept a guarded secret. Whenever people invited him for dinner, he would always provide dessert. He thought the desserts were why he was always a welcome guest. He was welcome because he was a nice guy (the desserts didn't hurt). Art fell in love with this girl at work. He had fallen in love before, but things didn't go well. Each failed relationship affected how he talked to girls he liked. I know this because I overheard Art discussing his dilemma with Arlene. Cosmopolitan Magazine had turned her into a relationship expert. After asking my permission, Arlene shared with Art some of the many love letters I had written her. I don't know exactly what went on. I saw less of Art at work. Soon he moved. I tried to find out what happened to Art but was told he was on vacation. A couple of days later Arlene gets a thank you letter from Art. He had moved to Concord with the girl of his dreams. This is how I got the address to Schubert's, one of the best pastry shops in San Francisco. 

Many of us have our fears. Things that we don't like. Things that make us uncomfortable.  Things that we are afraid of. At normal or small levels these things are not a problem. They could be part of our natural defense mechanism. See a bear in the wild, then we best be cautious. Other causes could be our cultural and social upbringing. Is it or is it not okay to wear our street shoes in the house? At small or justifiable levels our "fears" may be  acceptable. When they adversely affect us or our surroundings these things should be addressed. Or maybe we just want to better ourselves. Or maybe it's just tine to change. Help is out there. Others faces the same or similar challenges. We are not alone. There is no shame, but rather pride and courage in wanting to improve ourselves. We are wonders living in a wonderful world. Nothing should stand in our way in taking in our world to the fullest. So let us answer the call to Enjoy.

Do any of you boyz have any final words: Boyzone "Words" 

I wonder what the kids in China are up to 

Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy was founded in 1978. It is the largest kung fu academy in China. 
Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy is located in Mount Song, Shaolin Temple, Dengfeng city, Henan province. It cost one hundred million to build, with a total construction area of 730,000 square meters. Academy management is plentiful: with a professional management staff of 258, with an additional teaching force of 160 level 1 coaches, plus 170 outstanding teachers. Currently there are 36,000 students. 
National Geographic, DJ Ben Surkin and filmmaker Inigo Westmeier bring us a glimpse of The Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy. "36,000 Kids You Don’t Want to Mess With | Short Film Showcase" 

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You gain strength, courage, and confidence 
by every experience in which you really stop 
to look fear in the face. You are able to say to 
yourself, 'I lived through this horror. I can 
take the next thing that comes along.'
Eleanor Roosevelt


Monday, June 5, 2017

Let It Be Me to Abduction 
Lovers captured in a dream 
A human captured by an alien 

Let It Be Me (lyrical poem) 

I lay awake here dreaming
In moonlight that was gleaming
With a memory left steaming
Let it be let it be
A lifetime worth repeating
Two candle flames reheating
Our hearts await completing
Let it be let it be
Let it be me who’s holding you tight
Let it be me who whispers good night
Let it be me she’s thinking of when love songs play
Let it be me who brightens your day
Let it be me who sweeps you away
Let it be me holding her near that brings delight
So here I am just waiting
My passions not abating
These senses aren’t relating
Let it be let it be
What keeps us two from calling
Together are we falling
What make this so enthralling
Let it be let it be
Let it be me who lights up your way
Let it be me whose kisses you pray
Let it be me holding him near makes things alright
Let it be me who makes your life right
Let it be me who you’re holding tight
Let it be me he’s dreaming of when love songs play 

Two lovers share a common dream in this lyrical poem.  This lyrical poem uses two verses followed by two choruses, then repeats. Besides having a love theme this song is meant to be somewhat fun. This sense of fun helps to add some confusion to the second chorus. The "she" and "her" (of the first chorus) turn into "him" and "he" (of the second chorus). In other words, two lovers had the same dream. 

When Arlene and I were young lovers, I'm pretty sure we often (very,very often) had dreams like this. Coming down to earth, Arlene was a highly sensitive people person. She had the ability to listen. draw people together and pursue a common goal. This talent made her the president of our kid's school PTA (Parents Teachers Association). By listening, organizing and encouraging other parents to join in the fun our families made our PTA stronger, which in the end improved things for our children. People with a common dream. When I became a soccer coach, It was Arlene's talent that kept the parents around and join in the fun. We enjoyed many success stories because our teams became families. This was my wife. This was my partner. Together, as one, we would join others to rekindle an old organization. Together, as one, we lived dreams like these.

I am one of the who believe that human beings all share a common dream. A dream of peace; satisfaction and happiness. Oh sure our bad side is thrown in our face, People are killing people, People are taking advantage of people. People are controlling people. Evil is out there. I believe that these are the exemptions and not the rule; not the the norm. Our bad side is easy to see. The news; the media is happy to throw our bad side into our face. Our good side is a little harder to see. It is up to us to search our good side out. Once our eyes are opened, we can appreciate the good things all around us. What makes the whole thing more complicated is: Good is the norm. We humans have a hard time with things that become the norm. We tend to take the "norms" for granted. We have challenges appreciating it.  So good is our norm.There is our riddle. There is our future, There is our common dream. Open our eyes and hearts and join the good all around us and Enjoy.

Back to the poem and that dream: I209P "Are You Thinking Of Me" 

All of this a bit alien 

 Astronomers Margaret Turnbull and Jill Tarter of the Carnegie Institution in Washington, D.C., have compiled a list of 17,129 nearby stars most likely to have planets that could support complex life. What if there were aliens. What would they be like? There have been countless theories. Here with one more alien is Chris Smith and Jack De Sena, of Chris and Jack. 
So, what happens when the new alien and earthlings meet? "ABDUCTION | Chris & Jack" 

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You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep 
because reality is finally better than your dreams. 
Dr. Seuss