Friday, June 30, 2017

The Passage to Life's Big Milestones 
Two lovers at the passage of love's milestone 
A daughter takes her sister through the passages of life's milestones 

The Passage (English sonnet) 

Come sit with me and rest your head awhile
The sun and moon have problems of their own
Let’s treasure precious moments we’re alone
To find the sweetness blooming in a smile
It’s for this instance seeds of love were sown
The world has other stories to compile
While we eternity learn to beguile
In hidden traces words have never known
Let’s put their fabled tales of woe aside
We paid our way to live another day
So haven’t we the right to close a door
So rest with me let others’ cares subside
Our sails await to sweep us two away
For lovers’ realm is waiting to explore 

Two lovers enjoy their passage into paradise in this English sonnet. A basic love sonnet, As all sonnets of this type, this one is divided int two parts. The quatrains are an invitation. The triplets are a coarse of action.

Arlene and I enjoyed this romantic prelude countless times. But none like this Thursday before a three day weekend. Arlene and I prepared a special place on the floor for our elegant get away: a thick comfortable faux fur blanket, pillows, a snuggle blanket, two glasses of Amaretto and the scent of jasmine. We floated on some nice music someone was playing outside. As we were starting to kiss, I whispered a surprise to Arlene. I had reserved a houseboat for the weekend. (It was a dream of Arlene's.) All of the sudden, Arlene rushes off to the bedroom. She proceeds to put on a fashion show for me. Being on the floor. I had an unbelievable of Arlene's legs, which were perfect. These were the outfits she had bought for the weekend. I don't know if it was the legs, the kisses or the beauty of Arlene's happiness, but it took some time (like the next day) to dawn on me: How did Arlene find out. A lovers' realm.

What constitutes magic? Just the question may be a conflict of ideas. First off, "magic" may not be the right word. Neither would "Wonder" or "Marvel" or any word. What am I referring to? Recall when we experienced something, we were taken in by something? The "whatever" occurred before we tied to define it, tried to explain it. When Arlene put on her fashion show. I could have thought of a lot of things. Instead, I enjoyed the experience. Our brain is amazing. When we see a tree, our brain is busy processing: its colors, its shapes, memories associated with trees, feelings, words and on and on. So much goes on in there that some of it escapes us. No matter how good we are, we cannot take in all the brain is processing. The "magic" is when we let ourselves go and take in an experience. When we lose ourselves in something. When it and/or the experience becomes much more. When we don't stick words on it or try to define it. When we simply accept the moment. This is "magic". And as we practice to let go to the wonder of it all, it gets better.  Let's not just live, let's Enjoy.

Back to the sonnet: Labrinth "Beneath Your Beautiful" ft. Emeli Sandé 

Where does it all start 

According to Stanford Children's Health a child's development is generally the greatest between the ages of 2 to 5. During these years, children change from clumsy toddlers into lively explorers of their world. Watch as Ellia, of  Story of This Life, takes her younger sister through some of this young age's milestones. 
Take it away Ellia. "Life's Big Milestones" 

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The more I wonder, the more I love.
Alice Walker

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Oh Wind to Fidget Spinners In The Workplace 
A lover uses a wind to focus his heart oh paradise 
Office workers use gadgets to help them focus 

Oh Wind (lyrical poem) 

Oh wind who passed through my heart
And took it far away
To realms where lovers’ dreams start
And kisses softly play
I close my eyes and think of you
A dream I had that did come true
Now everyday brings something new
A purpose I can hold on to
What destiny has brought to me
From far across a lovers’ sea
Where there was once this fantasy
A wind that’s come to set me free
Oh wind who passed through my heart
And taught it how to sway
To all that love can impart
And words oft cannot say
Now all my world it whispers you
And you are everything I see
My dream of how all ought to be
And each new dawn has you in view
What memories you gave to me
Of sparkling stars and silver dew
And lovers’ eyes to see them through
A wind to fan this world of we
Oh wind who passed through my heart
And here forever stay
Tell loneliness to depart
For love lives here today

A wind gentle sings a lover through the fantasy of this lyrical poem. This lyrical poem, or song verse, follows the following form: C/V/V/C/V/V/C (C-chorus, V-verse). The meter is kept tight as to easily fit into a song. Note that the second set of verses mixes the rhymes of the first set of verses. 

There was a time of the cheap movie. These were movies that Hollywood would spew out and no one could remember the actors or the tittles. Movies, back then, were generally $3.00 admission to get in. No one really went to see these movies. No one but us teenagers. These movies were great for making out. Arlene and I would frequent these movies. Our favorite theater was just above the Sutro Baths ruins, here in San Francisco. It was called Lookout Point. We sat in the comfort of our car. Snuggling blanket was optional. The movies were The Sunset, The Fog Rolling In or The Stars. The soundtrack was tape (a way of storing music before CDs) created by DJ Arlene. Whether it was Lookout Point or one of the other theaters, candy was a must. It made kisses more playful and much sweeter. Those were the times when time stood still. Then movies got better and more and more people actually wanted to view a San Francisco sunset. Lookout Point became a busy parking lot. But in my heart, there is a time.

All around us are amazing things. Whether it is a bad movie or a dusty place to park your car. Even though my kitchens had dish washers, I preferred to do dishes by hand. Now I have pleasant memories of the family doing the dishes. Okay, making out and singing with one's kids while doing some housework may not be exactly alike. Or is it? The main point is: We all have it in our power, our imaginations to make things better. Another example" My dentist was always curious why I was always happy to see him. It was because his office was by a great Mexican restaurant and soon I would be eating real well. So it can be with all things. Arlene passed on. But we had an extraordinary life together. The theory is: There is good and bad in everything. It is up to us which way we choose. (I am not that good. I can only see the bad and good in most things.) All around us are amazing things. It all starts here, The most amazing thing of all. Here is where the better world has its start. And as we create it Enjoy.

What else does the wind hold for us: Era "Wind Love" 

What trend will follow the fidget spinners 

Catherine Hettinger, a chemical engineer by training, was initially credited by some news stories to have been the inventor of the fidget spinner, including by media outlets such as The Guardian, The New York Times and the New York Post. After the fidget spinner, what next? The folks at XVP Comedy have some ideas. 
The next step from fidget spinners. "Fidget Spinners In The Workplace" 

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The world is what you make of it 
E.L. Mendell

Monday, June 26, 2017

Tell Me Why to Sherlock Holmes 
One man searches a mystery 
One man defines a mystery 

Tell Me Why (poem)

Hers was the smile the essences of day
If there was a care it drifted away
There wasn’t a calm her wink couldn’t slay
Why tell me why did she come my way
Lost in her eyes some soft mystery
Like stars in a heaven talking to me
Of dream come alive from some fantasy
Why tell me why then didn’t I flee
She talks to me of realms in the sky
Where she made a space for just her and I
Here we could escape as worlds pass us by
Why tell me why did I sit and sigh
She took me through thoughts I didn’t know
Where whispers and kisses would guide the flow
My heart now answered wherever she’d go
Why tell me why did my love then grow
Then came the words of yes I love you
But how could this be with someone so new
Then time seemed to freeze for dream to come true
Why tell me why won’t time beat anew 

A lover, lost in wonder, searches for reasons make a poem. At first this looks like a simple love poem. Then we notice the ending of each stanza is quite similar. There is one more mystery. Clue: "Why" or "Y". The rhyme pattern, as the poem goes on,  matches the vowels: A E I O U and sometimes "Why".

One of my female friends was a model, singer and dancer named Val. She gave me an insight into the nature of beauty. There is a subtlety to beauty that goes beyond good looks, Armed with this knowledge makes a model so much more. Arlene was naturally beautiful (with great legs). She didn't need any makeup to look good. Not even lipstick. Many were the times this love sick puppy would lose himself in her beauty. I would stare at her (timelessly). I would take her in. I can't tell how many movie scenes. how many play parts, how much scenery and so much more went by as I was lost in Arlene. As time and years went by, I never grew tired of taking her in, Arlene's beauty was always fresh. She just enjoyed and took in my antics, Sometimes she would stare back. Sometimes she played along with, played into my fascination, my fantasy, my"whatever it was". Arlene used to hang out with Val.

There are two types of beauty: The beauty we are sold and natural beauty. Much of what people "know", think and/or accept as beautiful is the media trying to sell us something;  Our culture telling us this is true beauty; This is what we should aim for. It all enters into our existence from our earliest age. There are many reasons for all of this (sales, control, uniformity, beliefs, et cetera). For those of us who don't fit in the mold, we experience the issues. There is another beauty. It goes beyond what we can see or feel (though it does take in all of our senses). We all know it. We have all experienced it. It starts here. Here with us. That person in the mirror, that's where natural beauty starts. This is not to make us feel good about ourselves. It's just the way it is. Natural beauty is an individual experience. Some people like roses. Some people prefer jasmine. Some people don't like flowers at all. What is "ugly" to some is "beautiful" to others. If the sunset (or anything) is beautiful to us it is because something about us creates; relates, is turned on about it. Natural beauty is the key to life. There is beauty in beauty. Now, we can accept the beauty that is sold to us or we can revel in the beauty that springs from us, but the most important beauty is that we Enjoy.

Let's get some other input: Savage Garden "Truly Madly Deeply" 

Sherlock Holmes was brilliant - But what if 

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional private detective created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes is known for his proficiency with observation, forensic science, and logical reasoning that borders on the fantastic, which he employs when investigating cases for a wide variety of clients, including Scotland Yard. Pete Holmes, of The Pete Holmes Show, has a somewhat different view. 
Sit back and become confused. "Sherlock Holmes Sucks at Deduction" 

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Do not dissect a rainbow. In other words, 
do not destroy a beautiful phenomenon 
by overanalyzing it. 
Denise LaFrance