Saturday, July 8, 2017

When Will She See to Best Futbol Celebrations 
A lover wants a girl to see he is the one for her 
A soccer star wants everyone to see he is the best 

When Will She See (English sonnet) 

When will she see just how deeply I care
Here in the wings and waiting for my turn
Each heartbeat reminds me how much I yearn
Not certain if she is even aware
Who started this fire in which I now burn
Is there some dream which we forgot to share
Lost moments in silence we didn’t spare
Lost words in kisses we didn’t discern
She is now the purpose for each new day
Her name now brings enchantment to a breeze
Each flower her reminder brings to me
Surely love will not let me die this way
Even a hopeless soul has thoughts as these
Each heartbeat a wonder when will she see

The mind of a lost forlorn lover is the subject of this English sonnet. As most English sonnet, this one is divided into two parts. The quatrains address what is going on. The triplet take advantage of one less line to give a sense of urgency, as the lover pleads relief. This is also an acrostic poem. To heighten the madness the first and last words of the sonnet are the title and theme.

Not an unfamiliar theme. We have a guy, call him Barry. He has no problem talking to folks of the opposite sex. Then one day he runs into her: we'll call her Claire. All of the sudden the rules have changed. Barry has a hard time talking to her. He feels uncomfortable around her. He finds himself thinking of her, dreaming of her. She seems to be everywhere. The easiest thing would be to try to talk to her. Ask her out or something. But for some reason, Barry couldn't. Into the picture comes Arlene (the Cosmopolitan Magazine girl). Barry approached Arlene to help him out. She told him that surely Claire most see something is going on. She must see that he is treating her different than other women. It was Arlene's theory that Claire felt what was going on. She was waiting on Barry to making the first move. Arlene was confident once the first move was made, together Claire and Barry would overcome the other obstacles. Arlene suggested Barry take a deep breath and buy some flowers. Almost a week later Arlene gets this box of candy and a note that said, "Thank you. Barry."

So what was going on? We have one creature who was out of his environment. We have another creature with certain expectations. The first creature was asked to try to lay a little fear aside, make some commitment and venture forth (take a chance). This play must have occurred countless times, or it would not make the pages of a magazine for other creatures to enjoy. Endless stories, boundless combinations, yet we say we've heard them all before. We take pride in being unique individuals (and we truly are) and yet it seems we are engaged in a set play. A play that is moving forward. How can this all be? A set play that is changing, Endless possibilities that make magazine and that computer analogs are busy predicting. Unique individuals playing characters we have seen before. Limited endlessness. How can this all be? (I ask again.) We are discovering things faster. The planets are getting closer within our reach. What was impossible is now a toy. Life is a wonder. Here we are, in the center of it all. Be a part of it and Enjoy.

Here's another story we are familiar with: Holiday Park "I'm Waiting" 

We are all familiar with soccer - Or are we 

Soccer developed in London’s famed Newgate Prison in the early 1800s. Prisoners who had their hands cut off for crimes of theft came up with a sport that used only the feet. The game spread from there. If we thought that was crazy just watch the victory celebrations by Anwar Jibawi. 
Who is Anwar Jibawi? He is a famed soccer star, in his own mind. "Best Futbol (Soccer) Celebrations | Anwar Jibawi" 

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If I know what love is 
It's because of you 
Herman Hesse

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Come Drift In This to Just Some Motion 
A lover entices his desire to paradise 
A dancer entices magic with his motions 

Come Drift In This (poem)

Come drift in this which time has put aside
And place my dream come true within my care
To sail with fancies floating mid the air
And find the shores where hearts of lovers hide
A path of hopes and kisses awaits there
Where pure imagination is untied
And wishes wrapped in stardust is our guide
Come drift in this the wonder which we share
No waves of winds which wander though the day
Nor mist which masks the truth from lovers’ sight
Should steal away what ever has in view
So dance with me through heavens on display
And see what worlds our whisper will ignite
Come take my hand and let me drift with you

A lover's song of realms beyond fills this English sonnet. This sonnet has two forms of the same invitation. The quatrains speak of a place. In the triplets, after a brief journey through nonthreatening conflicts come the invitation to be off. This sonnet describes a place that is nonspecific. It exists in ideas only.

You live in California. You don't have a lot of money. Your wife wants to go to Italy. You really want to make her happy. (There were a lot of of other challenges at the time.) I was in this situation. I don't know why Italy or why now. But it was in there and Arlene couldn't break free. I shared the situation with a friend. He suggested we go to Venice Beach. He didn't tell me why. He just thought it was an inexpensive getaway and we may like it. I shared the idea with Arlene and we were off. We stayed at the Venice Suites, on the boardwalk. We ran into a couple, who were also checking in, who knew Arlene and I from Tingles (one of our favorite dance clubs). We spent the rest of that day taking in the beautiful beach and boardwalk. Our friends heard about some dance clubs and invited us to take a chance. The four of us had a great time and even met two other couples who were staying at our inn. On the following day the eight of us met for breakfast. Our joviality attracted the attention of another couple who suggested we all take in the Venice Canals. So the ten of us were off. The canal bout held twelve. Another couple, from our inn, filled the empty spots, thus we became six couples. That night the twelve of went out dancing. The next day we took the bus to the Santa Monica Boardwalk. Our party spirit took over the whole bus. That evening, instead of going clubbing we, the busload,held our own dance at the inn. On the following day it was time for most of us to return home. I still remember Arlene's words when we were alone, "That was remarkable."

Life is a wonder. A couple take over a hotel. Not just Arlene and me, but any or all of us couples, What brought us together, there and then? Was it a fantasy? I believe these experiences are all around us. I believe these experiences happen to each if us. Have we ever been somewhere or seen something and knew that it was just for us? Have we ever knew what a person was going to say before they say it? I am not suggesting for or against the paranormal. There is a perfection, though (or close to it). A balance of all that is meant to be. From the the tiniest experience to "who knows". Things just fall into place, Sometimes we are one of those "things" Even more: Because of the Laws Of Attraction there maybe more going on. Does that breakfast taste particularly good? Life is a wonder, so Enjoy.

Back to the sonnet and a dream: Clelia Felix "Dancing With The Sun" 

Dance anyone 

Dance is an integral part of the live and recorded performing arts and cultural industries. It is often collaborative and provides creative and work opportunities for artists working in a range of other art forms including music, design, film, sculpture and theater. Meet Sven Otten. Sven is the master of syncdance. 
What is syncdance? Just watch. "JustSomeMotion (JSM) - Parov Stelar - All Night - #neoswing" 

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Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
Albert Einstein

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

This Is The Moment to Movie Night 
The spirit of motivation is in the air 
The spirit of motivation is in a friend's voice - but 

This Is The Moment (poem)

This is the time
This is the moment
The meaning of morning
The bright day ahead
Can’t you just feel it
Within all about you
Something is watching
Hoping to glimpse
Memory divine
Flowers all around
Hushing their scent
That winds may carry
Music of wonder
To kingdom of stars
Promises waiting
Hope’s dream creating
Values restating
Ever elating
Distractions set backs
May mask what is real
With veils of untrue
But they will not drown
Something so unique
This is your time
This is your moment
For you are morning
The bright day ahead 

Something in the wind attaches itself to us in this poem. This looks like a free form poem. It's true that only the fourth stanza rhymes. It does follow a very tight syllable structure. The first and last stanzas contain four lines. The rest of the stanzas contain five lines. The first and forth lines, of the four line stanzas, contain four syllables. The rest of the lines, in this poem, contains five syllables. 

If we have been following these blogs with some regularity, we will admit that I lived a pretty lucky life. It all started when I met Mr. Johnny Land, a music teacher who watched over me through my college years. Then I met my completion, Arlene. Together we became more. The days of our youth were spent in exploring, discovering and reveling in all that life had to offer. As parents we were very involved in our children's up bringing, schools and sports. (Perhaps a little too involved.) My job, at Chevron, was to think creatively. I joined the Masons, were my skills and talents made me a natural. It was the perfect arena to pay back for all of my blessings. The Masons are a charitable organization. In my Lodge came another person, we'll call him Bill, who also had a blessed life. He too had a strong need to give back for his blessed life. Bill was very successful with his charitable endeavor. In my Lodge were a lot of people who for one reason or another were held back. Bill and I were the motivation they needed. These people were the fuel that motivated others. Bill's and my drive were not unique. Others  also had a need to pay back through charities and service. The lights of motivation attracted each other and others. I lived a pretty lucky life.

What motivates us is a puzzling question. What motivates one person may not motivate another. To make matters even more complex, what motivates one thing or aspect of one person's life may not motivate another thing or aspect of that same person. To make matters more maddening, there is change. There is our fears, our beliefs, our shortcomings and there is the "can'ts" or the 'tomorrows". It seems that it takes motivation to get motivated. Remember, the wonder that is us. We have within ourselves the power and ability to accomplish almost anything. Plus there is help out there. Sometimes and somethings require small steps (at least at first). Know that we can do it. Motivation is contagious, Not only will your motivation fuel more in us, it will motivate others. And as the world of possibilities grows and opens to us, Enjoy,

Need more motivation: Whitney Houston  "One Moment in Time" 

Here's some boys who need motivation 

According to The New York Times the average American watches more than 5 hours of television every day. For three of these victims James Richard Tatro, or Jimmy of LifeAccordingToJimmy, is about to save the day.
Let's watch what happens. "Movie Night"

If you enjoyed this video press this link to SAVE THE PHONE!

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Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! 
Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your 
own powers you cannot be successful or happy. 
Norman Vincent Peale


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Night Has Come to Sleep Paralysis 
Tankas of the madness of night 
A girl meets the madness of night 

Night Has Come (tanka) 

Night has come once more
They came and now they are gone
But there was a time
When spring’s blossoms ruled the day
Kissing hopes for tomorrow 

Settling Hours (tanka) 

The settling hours
Which brought comfort to the day
Now scours through the night
Searching for some reasoning
To make it all feel worth while

Madness (tanka) 

Darkness claimed the night
When victim fell into lair
Of madness and death
And with the last screams was heard
Forgive me for what I am

The night transforms in three tankas. Classically a tanka is a short poem of 5 lines following this syllable order: 5/7/5/7/7.  Rhyming is optional. In English, most tankas do not rhyme.  Modern poets are successfully challenging the tanka's classical 5/7/5/7/7 structure. It is not uncommon to see tankas written in freer syllable style. 

One of the weirdest nights Arlene I ever had was at a dance at San Francisco's Norwegian Club. I was made a honorary Norwegian at this affair. It was one of many fun awards given out that evening. Still, I was surprised and honored. I was equally surprised to see two of our friends there. Arlene and I thanked them for coming. They said that they wouldn't have missed this for the world. We joined them  at their table and spent the rest of the night drinking, laughing and dancing. On the following day Arlene called one of the friends to talk about that night and thank them, once more, for coming. They didn't know what Arlene was talking about. Arlene tells me, so I call the second person. He insisted he wasn't at the even't either. He even volunteered witnesses, who would confirm that he was with them. Who were those two people Arlene and I were with last night? Was it the alcohol? Was it an elaborate joke? Weird. 

Happenings like this enter many individuals lives. Things that defy explanation. I'm sure. that there was a explanation, to what happened to Arlene and me, out there somewhere. But no one was hurt, so why not enjoy the riddle? There are some riddles that require our attention (like when my family thought the house was haunted) that require our attention and should be solved. The question is: Are people being hurt or in danger of bring hurt? If so, it is our responsibility to step up and do something. With that being said, this is a wonder we live in. Splendors, or happenings. that defy (or at least stretch) imaginations grace everyday. The beauty of a rainbow is a perfect example. The rainbow is glorious sight. Arlene and Martin enjoying an evening with two familiar strangers. The unexplained marvels which wander into our lives, making our lives even better. A special gift our world is offering us to Enjoy.

Night enters into a once beautiful romance: Amr Diab "Osad Einy"  '

Thing that go bump in the night 

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon during which an individual is unable to move during falling asleep or awakening, but is aware of their surroundings. It is often accompanied by frightening hallucinations to which one is unable to react because of paralysis and perceived physical experiences, such as a strong current running through the upper body. Sleep paralysis poses no immediate risk to those who experience it, although it occasionally causes significant distress. 
BuzzFeed Video takes sleep paralyses one step further. "Sleep Paralysis" 

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The most beautiful thing we can experience 
is the mysterious. It is the life of all art and science. 
Albert Einstein