Friday, July 28, 2017

A Haunting Whisper to What Happens In The Girls Locker Room 
What is the secret behind a whisper 
What is the secret of the girls' locker room 

A Haunting Whisper (Martin verse) 

A haunting whisper in the night
A memory of past delight
Is hiding somewhere out of sight
To try and fix what wasn’t right
Familiar voice it calls to me
With promises to set me free
And dreams of all that yet might be
A brighter side to destiny
And as it sang throughout the night
What hidden secrets were set free
The once was lost now came to be
Strange memories I couldn’t right
Familiar voice came over me
With all the victims of delight
Till teardrops come to ease my sight
These footsteps of my destiny
I saw the way to ease the right
It took my hand and gave me sight
Was this the price of my delight
A haunting whisper in the night 

The secret of a whisper is unmasked in this Martin verse. I created Martin verse in 2010. It is an easy form to use .Come up with four words that rhyme. Now come up with four more. Next, in four lines mix two of the first words with two of the second set. Do it again with the remaining words of the first and second sets, Lastly, use the first four words in reverse order. There, we have written a Martin verse. Don't forget to let me know so I can guide people to your site.

Like most couples. Arlene and I would have our scuffles. When they happened late at night, they were almost comical. (Except no argument is really comical.) I would take my pillow and grab a blanket and sleep on the couch. That will teach her. The next morning, Arlene made sure I saw her in her nightgown or pull over. Then I realized, I lost again. Did I learn? I did mention before that I was a slow learner. Every now and then, Arlene would have mercy and sing out from the bedroom. It wasn't as if she was really singing. It was the way her voice touched my heart. All at once, I was transported back to the beginning. All of the precious moments, the feelings came back. The magic of the future came to me. It was an amazing feeling. Even more amazing, it happened in a time of its own. I forgot everything, except that I wanted to be with Arlene. As time went on and we got older, every now and and again, I would hear Arlene's song to my heart. It was always fresh. It seemed like it was always like the first time. But how could I know? 

Far be it for me to talk. Even after being brainwashed with Chevron's positivity sessions, I would still argue with Arlene. In reflection it seems now to have been over silly things. But maybe not. We live in a world of opposites. For every one thing there is its other. We cannot fully appreciate the good without at least a knowledge of the bad. It is believed, by some, that if one thing is eliminated its opposite will disappear. In a world of positives some negatives must build up. How do we get rid of it? First, and most importantly, know it's happening. Know that negatives are building up inside each of us. The second part is a little more complex. It is complex only because we are individuals and so are our negatives. Rest assured, like a shower or a bath, there is a way, or ways, of freeing ourselves of our negatives. And don't we want feel good? It's a wonderful world. Breath it in and exhale and Enjoy. 

Now let's listen to the wind: Govi "Voices In The Wind" 

The forbidden is revealed 

One of the world's most top secret places is Iron Mountain (The World’s Official Archive). It is the home to some of the world’s most priceless treasures, 8 security guards holding AR-15s guard its entrance. It’s called Iron Mountain. To go deep into the mine requires traveling about 22 stories beneath the surface of the earth. Fortune 500 companies store databases here. Major banks back up their information here. Iron Mountain contains 27 million original negatives of the world’s most famous photos. Ranging from iconic photos of Albert Einstein to Rosa Parks. Also, major record labels store original master recordings here. Think Elvis and Frank Sinatra. And last but not least, Bill Gates‘ collection of over 100 million images rests inside. 
Another top secret place is the girls' locker room. Now only, the doors are open. Here to give us a tour is Rachel Levin of rclbeauty101. "What Happens In The Girls Locker Room!" 

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Each and every morning, I want to be only a pillow 
whisper away from you. I love to see your smile 
as you open your eyes, awakening from your sleep. 
I never want to lose that. 
Gabor Timis 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Settling Of A Dream to How To Save Money 
A dream teaches people a secret 
A young lady teaches us how to save money 

The Settling Of A Dream (English sonnet) 

A dream had settled somewhere in the night
But people passed it by without a care
They couldn’t see their future lying there
They didn’t have the time to set things right
The dream soon caught the light of youthful stare
A child of hope this wonderment of sight
With dream in hand what worlds can’t we excite
Together we have so much more to share
But people passed him by in their old way
They wouldn’t see their future passed their nose
They didn’t have the time to save the youth
A dream had learned to cry one fateful day
Together people held each other close
Together sharing something more than truth 

The evolution of a dream was the tears of this English sonnet. Here is an example of using an English sonnet to tell a flash fiction. In the first half a dream appears. No one notices or cares except a boy. The dream fills him with possibilities. The second half begins with no one caring. This sets off a conflict with a tragic conclusion. The dream learns something new and the people are brought together. The nature of the dream is kept unclear. 

When I bought my house it was a very tight neighborhood. It was the type where people looked out their windows to see what's happening on the block. Sunny Sundays were street sweeping days. We would clean the streets and areas in front of our houses or at least pretend to. In actual fact it was a call to come out and share in the latest gossip. And out we came, armed with our fully loaded coffee or tea. Since Arlene and I were the new ones on the block, we got to hear the old stories. (A couple of times.) It seems the block wasn't always this friendly, except for Ken. Ken was a retired gentleman, who's wife had passed. He was always helping or offering to help someone. He thought he was handsome and he might have been decades ago. He was a polite flirt. His flirting and his misconception of how he looked often brought on laughs. A compliment for Ken. Ken got ill. Alzheimer's. It seems he was a big time volunteer at his church. They sent someone to take him to and from church. When he got back home neighbors would talk to him. When the weather good, his caretaker let him stay out a little longer. This is how Sunny Sundays started. Or so the legend goes.

And so it goes. I never met Ken. His story was told to me. I told it to you. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that Ken's story was told to. I enjoyed listening to the tale, as I'm sure people enjoyed telling it. Who knows how this effected our day? Who knows how our attitudes effected others? And on and on. The message is: We effect things. Yes each of us matters. The world is different because we are here, and will be different after we are gone. But we're not completely gone. So the question is: How do we want to be remembered? This is a personal choice. There is no right or wrong answer. There is only one judge (Two, if we are religious.) If that isn't important enough, bear in mind, we effect eternity. And of course there is our old friend, change. Make no mistake, this is our time. Use it. Carve out a story for ever. Most of all, Enjoy.

Here to tell us about the power of dreams: Celine Dion "The Power Of The Dream" 

Now let's learn how to save money - from a cheapskate 

The easiest way to save money is to have a set amount automatically deposited into your bank account each pay period. Another way is consider becoming a cheapskate. The average cheapskate is generally known to be good at saving money.
Here to give us some cheapskate lessons is Liza Koshy. "HOW TO SAVE YOUR MONEY!!"

If you enjoyed this video press this link to WHY I TATTOOED MY ENTIRE BODY

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Every great dream begins with a dreamer. 
Always remember, you have within you 
the strength, the patience, and the passion 
to reach for the stars to change the world. 
Harriet Tubman


Monday, July 24, 2017

The Forest to Jimmy's First Travel Video 
Tankas of discovery 
Jimmy discovers his travel plans were somewhat different 

Dawn (tanka) 

Dawn awoke again
Shedding hope upon the world
She whispered to me
Come out and find the magic
That I have waiting for you 

The Forest (tanka) 

Dark was the forest
Were the people heard a roar
Never heard before
So they cut down every tree
An still couldn’t find their fear

Never Lost (tanka) 

Searching through the sands
For that something never lost
Tearing through a soul
Lover crying in the dark
Cannot hear the melody

Discoveries awake in these tankas. Tankas are easy to compose. A traditional tanka is a thirty-one-syllable poem, written in a single unbroken line. A form of waka, Japanese song or verse, tanka translates as “short song" and is better known in its five-line, 5/7/5/7/7 syllable count form. They do not have to rhyme. Modern tanka poets are successfully challenging the traditional style. 

Arlene was not an outdoors person, when I met her. San Francisco is a beautiful city, but it was Arlene's prison. I may have had a poor childhood, but I did get exposure to many of California's natural wonders. Giant sequoias are the world's largest single trees and largest living thing. They grow to an average height of 50–85 m (164–279 ft) and 6–8 m (20–26 ft) in diameter. They can be found in Muir Woods, only about 12 miles north of San Francisco. A sequoia is an amazing sight. I had the privilege of introducing Arlene to sequoias. She was so awestruck that it took all day to complete a one mile hike. Lake Berryessa is only 2 hours from the city. It has warm calm water and oceans of scenery: the best of which became Arlene in a bikini. Lake Berryessa became Arlene's favorite lake. Also about 2 hours from San Francisco is the Russian River. Russian River is approximately 110 miles long and extremely family friendly. It became her favorite river. Ironic that a person's prison was so close to her loves. It was my joy to open my joy to my joy.

We live in challenging times as far as nature is concerned. Environmental concerns like global warming, acid rain, air pollution, urban sprawl, waste disposal, ozone layer depletion, water pollution, climate change and more. According to ScienceDaily, anthropologists predict the next major extinction is coming in 40 year. This extinction will be due to human population and our need and demands on the environment. What can we do? Much more than we think. First learn what;s going on. Make a personal commitment to get involved. By learning and committing a world of possibilities open up to us. Contact and support leaders who share our concerns. Do not support leaders and businesses that don't. Make our voices heard. Get involved (the best we can). Know that we will make a difference. We can save our world. And as the sun rises to another day made better by us, Enjoy.

And now a song I hope we will enjoy: Cusco "Ghost Dance" 

If we want to see the world don't make it like this 

$644.9 billion was spent on leisure travel in 2015. Needless to say, people like vacationing. But sometimes you get to your destination thing is certain: the more you know, the better. James Richard, of LifeAccordingToJimmy, recently took a long deserved vacation. 
Let's watch his video and see how it went, "My First Travel Video" 

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Mother Nature is the great equalizer. 
You can't get away from it. 
Christopher Heyerdahl