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Lovers' Rift to Mom Jeans 
Couple explore love 
Women explore jeans

Lovers’ Rift (sonnet) 

Believe in timeless moments such as this
Where one by one each heartbeat ticks away
And scents so near have so much more to say
Entwined in vines of tender love we drift
And not a breath of wonder do we miss
The air we bare becomes a special tune
Whose memory in time will make us swoon
And call us back into this lovers’ rift
Believe that never flows through this abyss
How could forever move bliss from its sight
Together we add meaning to the light
Believe and feel our world begin to shift
Let’s bless what we believe in with a kiss
For could there be a far more fitting gift 

Lovers drift to a world far apart from this one in this sonnet. From the traditional sonnets to the modern sonnets there are stepping stones. This is one of them. It stays within the realm of iambic pentameter. It makes its break (rift) in the rhyme scheme it uses: A/B/B/C A/D/D/C A/E/E/C A/C 

What is a lovers' rift? It is a world apart from this one. A realm all their own. It can be as close as within a lover/s arms in a cuddling session or it can be a dream on some distant isle. Arlene and I enjoyed many of them, at home or drifting off somewhere. Our all time favorite was Carmel. To us it spelled romance. Maybe it was because Carmel was were Arlene and I got our fresh start or because of the magical experiences we shared there. Perhaps a touch of both. Although we liked the La Playa, we once had a chance to stay at the Sandpiper. The Sandpiper is a romantic bed and breakfast, with extremely cozy rooms. It is only a few step from the Pacific. Here is where the lover's rift kicks in. It was a clear, warm autumn evening. The sun had just set. Arlene and I went to explore the night. The sand was white. The water was clear and the wave were gentle. The stars seemed to dance on the water caressing the shore. All the light seemed to be on the dream by my side. A night truly made for us. We followed a whisper in a satiny breeze. And as we kissed soft music began to play We were gone.

Why the Sandpiper? What are the odds that at the sea shore the weather could be so perfect on that night? Where did the music come from? All good a fare questions, but not as important as the moment. I remember when my daughter first performed on stage. I could have let myself get distracted. How does she look? Did she make a mistake? Are people talking? A myriad of things to take my mind from what is really important. We can let our self become distracted. The world doesn't make it any easier. There is so much going on. Sometimes our mind wants an answer, a response, a resolution now. But now my daughter is performing, Now two lovers are off somewhere. A treasure trove of experiences that may only come once. Experiences meant for us. So. what can we do? Awareness. Be aware of how the mind works. Be aware of the distractions all around.  Be aware of now and Enjoy.

Are we ready for a lovers' rift: Vargo "Talking One Language" 

Ladies and their jeans 

The term jeans appears first in 1795, when a Swiss banker by the name Jean-Gabriel Eynard and his brother Jacques went to Genoa and both were soon heading a flourishing commercial concern. In 1800 Massena's troops entered the town and Jean-Gabriel was entrusted with their supply. In particular he furnished them with uniforms cut from blue cloth called "bleu de Genes" whence later derives the famous garment known worldwide as "blue jeans". Today jeans have become an important part of women's fashions. 
Here to give us some insight are the ladies of Baroness von Sketch Show. "Baroness von Sketch Show | Mom Jeans | IFC" 

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Now I believe that lovers should be draped 
in flowers and laid entwined together on 
a bed of clover and left there to sleep, 
left there to dream of their happiness. 
Conor Oberst


Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Stars And The Moon to Master Ken's  Social Experiment 
The night bears witness to a dreadful incidence 
Ladies are taught to escape a dreadful incidence 

The Stars And Moon (English sonnet) 

The stars and moon where all he could recall
Reflections of the pool beneath his feet
For now reality was in retreat
Towards remnants of a simple lovers’ squall
She said that all that once was is complete
A fact that he no longer could forestall
He still recalls the coldness of it all
A bitter cold now lying in the street
Was this the final future of a kiss
Was this the destiny of lovers’ vow
Was this the silence broken hearts have found
And there the stars and moon he could not miss
Which drift into a nearby gutter now
As he now drops his knife upon the ground 

Madness and the stars and the moon consume this English sonnet. As most sonnets of this type, we are presented with two sections. In the first section we have a confused lover. We are given some clues as to what led to his confusion. The second half deals with clues of the nightmarish conclusion. It starts with a maddening ostinato: "Was this the". The stars and the moon, usually reserved for lovers, bear witness to a gruesome kiss. 

No, I didn't know any murders. The closest was Steve and Muriel. They were a happy couple who lived close to Arlene and I. Their kids went to school with ours. It was nice to have dinners together and enjoy playing a table game or watch a movie together while our kids played. We met because I worked with Steve at Chevron. Muriel also worked at Chevron, but in a different department. Arlene and Muriel shared a lot of the same interests. Everything went along without anything unusual. One day, at work, Steve tells me and our work companions, he's leaving Chevron. He had another job opportunity somewhere else. A couple of days later, Arlene tells me she talked to Muriel on the phone. She and Steve were getting a divorce. Steve went crazy. It was a time when building climbers and building jumpers (with parachutes) were a novelty in San Francisco. Both were illegal. Steve became both of these. Or so he tried. It seems that his attempts were met by guards or police. I remember, the guys at work laughing at one more of Steve's disasters. It was as if he was notifying the authorities of his illegal intentions. The last time I saw Steve, he said he was moving to Houston, Texas. Muriel became a department manager. She never got remarried.

Amazing what stress can do to a person. I am no authority, so I am hardly qualified to tell a person how to handle or avoid theirs. In fact vast research is going on on the subject. The challenge is that there are many forms and types of stress. Not all stress is bad. Good stress, also called eustress, can propel us forward and help us achieve more goals, ultimately leading to more happiness, success, or fulfillment. Some people like stress. in the euphoria they feel when the stress is removed. Some stress is good for the body. Some stress can weaken the immune system and cause high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, anxiety and even heart disease. To make matters even more complicated, we are all different. Stress has moved beyond doctors, beyond psychiatrists to stress specialists. If we are worried about or just interested in stress seek out a stress specialist or one of their organisations. Remember, life is to live and Enjoy.

Back to the sonnet: Wojciech Kilar "Love Remembered" 

Knowing how to defend our self helps lower stress 

More than 1500 years ago, Vegetius, a Roman writer on military tactics wrote, “Few men are born brave; many become so through training and force of discipline.” What relevance does Vegetius have for us as self-defense instructors?  A lot.  By encouraging repetition and stress inoculation, we can better prepare ourselves to defend themselves in a real attack. What does this mean?
Let's just follow Master Ken, of EnterTheDojoShow. as he teaches women to defend themselves. "Master Ken's First Social Experiment" 

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The greatest weapon against stress is 
our ability to choose one thought over another. 
William James


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Garden to Extinguished 
One person searches for his love 
One person finds his love 

The Garden (English sonnet) 

He searches through the garden of his mind
To find that flower which defines his dreams
She’s always so much closer than she seems
What lonesome wonder makes a man so blind
He searches there along the empty streams
Where memories are lost and left behind
And future hopes are not so well refined
While somewhere someone’s there to mend his seams
She watches from the silence of her heart
Which yearns again to cry out from the dark
But fears unknown response if he might hear
As long as there are dreams they’re not apart
Within some gardens lovers leave their mark
Which brings some special meaning to a tear 

A garden which holds one of love's mysteries is explored by this English sonnet. As most sonnets of this type, this one is divided into two parts. The first part finds a person searching for his love. Notice, his love is so strong that he endures harsh challenges. In the second half we have a maiden. It is unclear where or when she is. (Let our imagination go.) The second half also contains a wonder of love.

All of us, the people Arlene and I went to school with, were getting married. There were a few who thought marriage, at least right now, was not for them. Brian was not one of these. He wanted to get married. The problem was: he didn't have a girl in his life. Arlene suggested that he concentrate on the things he enjoyed and he will bump into someone who shared his interests. Brian believed and trusted her. Enter the picture, Anna. Did I say that there were no girls in Brian's life? To Brian, Anna was more. They were good friends since who knows when. Strangely, she was going through the same thing as Brian. They met other people. People who were not quite right. After each let down Brian and Anna would share the short falls with each other.  Anna got seriously ill and was hospitalized. Brian was her best visitor. He would stay with her as long as he could. He would bring her things to raise her spirits. Arlene was there when Anna was released. From the bed to the wheelchair, Anna slipped. Brian caught her. Something happened, even Arlene could see it. Love!They eventually got married and are still together.

An amazing thing, our brain. Do we have any idea how complicated it is to eat with a spoon? Of course not. It is something we learned long ago. The mechanics of it stored in our brain. We can use a spoon without thinking about it. We can even use a spoon while doing other things. This is natural and pretty amazing. But how many other things have become spoons? The brain, just doing its job, stores away so many things. Some for the good, but there are some things... Ever notice the glories of the moon on a star clad night with the scent of our love in the air? These are things our brain would simply process and store. We must actively get our brain to take in differently. We must actively open our brain to take in and become a part of the world around us. As we exercise our great gift the better it gets. And we should exercise it to experience the wonders all around to the fullest.There in that amazing gem shines the light to Enjoy.

Let's take another stroll in the garden:  Gary Stadler with Stephannie "Garden Of Dreams" 

What does this fire in my heart mean 

If you’ve ever felt a warm glow inside when in love a study has shown that emotional states are associated with specific sensations regardless of a person’s culture. The research visually shows that heartbroken people really do feel an ache in their chest, weak with sadness or feel happiness spreading over their entire body. Being in love makes a person feel a warm glow everywhere.
To help illustrate what's going on a video by Ashley Anderson and Jacob Mann may help. "CGI Animated Short Film "Extinguished Short Film" by Ashley Anderson and Jacob Mann" 

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Life is eternal, and love is immortal, 
and death is only a horizon; 
and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.
Rossiter W. Raymond

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Take My Hand to Help Me Help You 
One lover wants to take his desire away 
One lover wants to help his desire 

Take My Hand (round) 

Take my hand if you dare
You may have to dance
You might have to glance
You may even learn to share
Think you might have a chance
Make a dream or two
Set visions anew
The souls that we enhance
What holds you from my view
Do you need a kiss
Embrace I have missed
In all is there I feel for you
Can I share a world of bliss
Just take my hand
Help me so I stand
And place your faith in this
First my friend, take my hand
For you will I share
All the things we dare
In that day we’ll understand
On that day we will be grand
But for this moment take my hand 

An eternal promise in an outstretched hand forms this round. A round normally has no beginning or end. In this round the middle rhymes (lines 2 and 3) form the outer rhymes of the next stanza. The last 4 line stanza leads back to the first stanza. This round has an coda. Why? 

I was fortunate to have been a part of a unique period. My childhood and upbringing was in a male dominated world and household. So did Arlene. She went to a nun run girls' school, so she was more brainwashed (about male domination) than me. Arlene's father was a chef. No one was allowed in his kitchen. Arlene couldn't cook. I had to cook for my brothers and sister. I made extra money being a houseboy. Arlene couldn't clean house as good as me (though she did help). This was a start of a different order of things. There was only one problem with our "Palace in the Sky". The love birds in it were too content. It wasn't until we moved into that giant flat of our Disc Days that things started to take off. Arlene and I started to "really grow" as individuals. I got into this and that. Arlene got heavily into business. One would think this would grow us apart. But we had learned a secret: 1 + 1 = more. By growing as individuals and rejoicing in our differences we became more. A household which already challenged traditional female and male norms, built form upon a framework. As a team, Arlene and I were pretty impressive. A few of our team accomplishments were: Arlene activating a Parents Teachers Association with me working at her side. Arlene and I proving to a soccer league that young girls and boys athletically were the same, The team of Arlene and Martin bringing about a change in the Freemason  (a male organization). Our single greatest contribution was a son and daughter with an open view of role ladies and men can contribute to society. So for this moment someone took someone's hand.

It is my opinion that this is still a male dominated world. There are lady leaders. It is my opinion that these ladies are acting mainly like men. In the history of our world, there were  matriarchal societies (the Kush, the Sitones and the Mosuo for example). Their priorities were much different than the male run societies. Consider the differences between ladies a men. Men generally are more logical, analytical, rational. Ladies tend to be more intuitive, holistic, creative, integrative. Men are more aggressive than ladies; more combative and territorial. In general, men are more interested in objects and things whereas ladies generally are more interested in love, communication, beauty and relationships. These are just some of the differences. In a perfect world, these differences go hand in hand. Not a male run world. but a world run by what is best in humans. That world is coming. We are wonderful. We are the builders of a better day,so Enjoy.

Let's go back to two young lovers: Picture This "Take My Hand" 

Some men just do not understand women 

Here is a list of what men don't understand about women: 
1. Why You Say The Opposite Of What You Mean
2. Your Fascination With Shoes
3. Why You Won’t Tell Us What’s Bothering You
4. Why You Won’t Order Your Own Fries
5. How You’re So Good At Multi-Tasking
6. How You’re Able To Sleep Like That
7. Why You Ask About Our Exes So Much
8. How You Expect Me To Remember All Those Details
9. Why You Ask Questions When You Know You Won’t Like The Answers
10. Why You Say You Don’t Have Anything To Wear
Paul Logan has decided to hire a boys group and take a more direct route to this challenge. "Logan Paul - Help Me Help You ft. Why Don't We [Official Video]"

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Take my hand. We will walk. We will only walk. 
We will enjoy our walk without thinking of arriving anywhere.
Nhat Hanh