Friday, August 11, 2017

Jasmine's Flower to Asian Bachelorette 
A lover is overwhelmed by a flower 
A flower is overwhelmed by lovers 

Jasmine’s Flower (English sonnet) 

Just like some special moment set aside
A while which only kisses can perceive
Soft memories of once were make-believe
My little flower upon your scent I glide
I float with vales of stardust in my eye
Not sparing daring dreams which linger near
Entwining arms of Joy which I held dear
Soft sighs as life so gently floats on by
Forever I am captured in your scent
Like lovers yearning for another kiss
Or friends brought back together by a song
With you the air of youth is never spent
Enticing hearts who wish to enter bliss
Recalled by jasmine’s flower I so long

A lover is overwhelmed by a flower or two in this English sonnet. As most sonnets of this type, this one is divided into two parts. The first half describes a feeling created by a flower. The second half has the flower being addressed directly. This sonnet is also an acrostic poem. Yes. the Jasmine, in this sonnet, is both a plant and a lady. 

Arlene had this great receptionist job. I had just joined the Masons. Arlene's boss was a Mason. He wanted to congratulate and welcome me into the fraternity, as well as rewarding Arlene for all her good work, by joining him and his wife at his house. The plan was that Arlene and I were to stay at his place and on the following day go out on his yacht (he was wealthy). We drove up on Friday. It wasn't a house. It was a estate. After a very enjoyable evening, Arlene and I were taken to a guest bedroom. The next day was very hot. Perfect for yachting. It was about 10:00 before we saw our host. The smell of jasmine was heavy in the air. So the extra hours was a gift to Arlene and me. Our host apologized for staying in bed so log. Over breakfast, I told him it was okay. It gave me a chance to enjoy the scent of jasmine in the air. It turned out he likes jasmine too. He told me we can go yachting anytime. If I really wanted to see something, follow him.We took a seat on his patio. There we were, two teenage men in their 40's ogling two beauties. who were our wives. It was amazing, our seats on that patio allowed us a wonderful view of his wife as she was showing Arlene around. The ladies knew we were watching them and flirted with us. When the ladies finally came to sit on our laps, our host said, " Do you want to see something?' He made a phone call. Over time, people started to arrive. All of a sudden, magically, it was a party under the intoxicating air of jasmine. It was an unbelievable afternoon and evening: the people, the music, the food, Arlene, the jasmine... The following day the weather was cooler. On the promised yacht cruise I remember thinking, "We can go yachting anytime."

It's nice to be rich. What about Arlene and me? We were party to it all. How many of us couldn't call to meet a friend or two? (Relating to the story.) "Money can't buy everything." We've all heard that one. But it sure can lift the burden of the things we can't do from our minds. To be honest, I am not rich, but I have had Chevron and the Masons pay to make my ideas reality. I've seen what money can do. I've also seen what people can do. Ordinary people, like me. Let's put the tales aside. Maybe money can buy anything. What is an "ordinary" person? Someone who can potentially achieve anything? What else were we told? The truth is: It all starts here. What we believe. We are truly wonders, who can enrich the worlds around us. And while we do, Enjoy.

How about a song: Mystic Diversions "A scent of Jasmine" 

Now for a new episode of The Bachelorette 

The Bachelorette is a reality television dating game show, owned by Warner Horizon Television, that debuted on ABC on January 8, 2003. The show is a spin-off of The Bachelor aired on the same network. The show offers the opportunity for a lady to choose a husband among eligible bachelors. Wong Fu Productions noticed that there too many eligible Asian bachelors. 
To correct this, here is Wong Fu Productions' episode of The Bachelorette. "Asian Bachelorette" 

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From plants that wake when others sleep, from timid 
jasmine buds that keep their odour to themselves all day, 
but when the sunlight dies away let the delicious secret out 
to every breeze that roams about. 
Thomas Moore


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Tale A Dream to Continental Breakfast 
A dreamer feasts on beauty 
A traveler feasts on breakfast 

A Tale A Dream (round) 

Here was the marvel he was searching for
A flower which had bloomed on dreamers’ shore
And by her all he hoped for would he bare
For visions of this moment offered more
The flower sang of beauty oh so rare
A glow beyond all other’s scented flare
A proof that wonders happen was her sight
If ever there was heaven it was there
He rushed upon the source of his delight
From heart and soul came yearning hold this tight
To shape and form a timeless memory
And kisses past forever to ignite
Was in this endless ever’s fantasy
A tale a dream of lovers came to be
A summer’s blanket from the winter’s cold
A season for just one more kiss to free
For when he found her flower had grown old
A truth from youth his desires would remold
For what once was was destined to restore
For lovers of the moonlight to behold 

A dreamer is lost in forever in this round. A round is a poem where one thing leads to the next. The ending leads back to the beginning. In this round the third line of each stanza forms the rhymes of the next stanza. The third line of the last stanza leads back to the first stanza. If the last stanza seems a little unclear, it is because "He" is being transported back to the beginning. 

Arlene and I started as a team on the dance floors of the disco days. Before then, we were just crazy young lovers. Then came the dark times of bitter arguments. From there, we escaped into that large flat just as the disco era was blooming. Looking back, it was strange that years before Arlene had invested so much time in turning me into a dancer. It was as if she could sense that a time meant for us was coming. When we grew, it was more than dancing. I was drawn toward music. photography, creating. Arlene got into organization, communication, motivation and things like that.  Still we stayed strong and together. To us life was a dance. Just like on the dance floor, we could joined our differences to create more. Disco died just in time for us to become parents. As parents,we continued to grow, but more for the sake of the family. We still loved each other a lot, but it was different. Arlene and I wouldn't notice this difference until our parenting days had come to an end. Arlene and I looked at one another. Where had they gone? It was like: all of a sudden we were old. We were put in charge of parties for the masonic organization. The dances we threw brought back a couple we hadn't seen for almost 20 years. We were back. I guess the dance is like that.

As nature's creatures we follow a general order of things. We are born. We grow and learn. We seek out a mate. We have and raise children. And then what? For some of us the "general order of things" is pushed right to "And then what". The "And then what" phase can be a little confusing. Remember this, religion or no, we are only here once. Life,short or long, isn't over yet. There is still an endless possibility of things waiting for us. Haven't met a mate? Hang out with or make some friends. Want kids but no kids yet? Volunteer. Finished with the "natural order"? What do we want to do? What do you want to do? This should be the first and foremost thing that drives us. Sure, there are things out of our reach, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try. (Or make some modifications.) Plus there is so much more waiting. The new natural order for us is: we are born,we learn and pass on. In between Be... Do. Hear that clock ticking? It's saying Enjoy.

Which leads us back to the round: Michael Cretu "Moonlight Flower" 

After all that, Are we hungry 

The term "continental breakfast" is of British origin. "The continent" in Britain refers to the countries of continental Europe. A "continental breakfast" thus denotes the type of lighter meal served in continental Europe, as opposed to the "full" English breakfast. Many inns, motels and hotels now offer free continental breakfasts. 
Jordan Peele, of Key and Peele, stumbled into one of these hotels. "Key & Peele - Continental Breakfast" 

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Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of 
opportunity and strength. 
Betty Friedan

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Closet to First Contact 
How the world changed when he met that someone special 
How he must change to meet that someone special 

The Closet (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I weave for you a story of a boy
Whose loneliness would cause your heart to bend
Till then he never knew the taste of Joy
Till shadow in his closet turned to friend
They talked of all the wonders of the sun
And how it felt to join the birds and fly
Behind closed doors such magic could be spun
Enough to let his miseries drift by
Then came that day when boy was heading home
He met a girl who asked him for his name
From there they talked and let thoughts freely roam
Somehow their worlds would never be the same
When to his closet with such news to share
He realized his friend no longer there 

A friend disappears when a ray of light enters a boy's life through this Shakespearean sonnet. Although this may be interpreted as a classic love sonnet, it is meant to be a story sonnet. What is interesting is the "the conflict stanza" (the third quatrain). Although it promises a bright new life. it also brings a death. 

Here's a strange one. A tale Arlene shared with me, that her friend shared with her. Arlene would hang out with a friend from school, Alana. Alana and her brother were well off. Their family was wealthy. Even so. Alana and her brother both had jobs. One day Alana calls Arlene to tell her Allie (what she called her brother) was fired from his job. In all our years, Arlene and I may have bumped into Allie, but we never really knew him. Things got worse as Allie only left his house for necessities, like food and such. Though time, he stopped answering Alana's phone calls. His shopping schedule made it really hard to catch hum on the street. Alana was persistent and caught him once. Allie was polite but very short. He insisted someone was waiting for him. Allie's behavior became so disturbing his whole family became concerned. They were about to take some radical action, when all of the sudden Allie meets a girl. The two hit it off. A new and improved Allie emerges. No one pursued what had happen to him. Everyone was just happy to have him back. I met Allen (Allie's real name) and his fiancee, Rachel, at a dinner party held by Alana.

Who really understands how the brain works? We know so much and are making unbelievable strides. Yet, there is so much left to learn. To throw one (or more) wrench into the works, there is change multiplied by we are all different. Yet, for each  one of us, it all starts here. What we like. What we feel. What we experience. And on and on. With all our brain does, it s a marvel that more doesn't go wrong. But think about it. One of reasons we humans are still around is because it works; and works well. It is evolved to work well and improve. Yet every once in a while something goes wrong: depression, overactive imagination, underdeveloped cells. brilliance, just to name a few abnormalities. Sometimes a person is born with brain abnormalities. Sometimes they develop. Sometimes the brain can correct itself. Sometimes it can't. Let us keep in mind these are exemption or the natural effects of aging. Our brain is a wonder.We are a wonder. Armed with this marvel let us Enjoy.

Let's enjoy secrets of another kind:  Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic) "Secrets" 

The  dating scene - Step one 

 Men, maintain good body language.  When a man first approaches a woman, she will base 7% of her initial impression on what he says, 38% on his style of speaking and 55% on his appearance and body language. Here to show what we are talking about is TomSka, or Thomas Ridgewell.
Tom may have issues of his own. "First Contact (feat. Daniel Howell)"

If you enjoyed this video press this link to Baby With A Gun 2

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A great wind is blowing, and that gives you 
either imagination or a headache. 
Catherine the Great