Saturday, September 2, 2017

He Wonders to When You Walk Your Anxious Puppy 
A lost lover wonders in the darkness of his world 
A cute puppy wonders through the excitement of its world 

He Wonders (English sonnet) 

He wonders how his world got out of hand
What madness chased the one he loved away
That lovers have such hurtful things to say
Is something now he cannot understand
He wonders through his world of disarray
Was this the paradise that they had planned
Their love it seems was just a brittle strand
A fragile dream in search of its own day
He wonders how his world could hold such pain
And every heartbeat only promised more
There seemed no limit to a soul’s despair
He wonders now their world he might regain
As dreams now turn toward shadow at the door
And through his tears he sees his lover there 

Follow a lover';s despair through this English sonnet. As most sonnets pf this type this one is divided into two parts. though subtly. In the first part (the quatrains) we have a lover coming to term with a mistake. In the second half (the triplets) comes the feelings. Feelings that call to her. 

Funny how a young/new love covers up so much. Either we act differently when we meet that someone special or our eyes are a little too forgiving or a little of both. As the relationship goes on things become clearer. This happened to one of Arlene's coworkers, Mitch. How any girl could fall for Mitch was beyond Arlene and others in the office. One did though. What kind of girl would fall for Mitch? At one of Arlene's office parties we got to meet her. She seemed pretty normal. About a month after the party Mitch brings his home problems to work. One day Mitch shows up at the door with a bottle of Amaretto (Arlene's favorite drink). Arlene, the Cosmopolitan girl, had a reputation for strong  people skills.  It seems the girl had left Mitch. Arlene did nothing but tell Mitch what people at work were saying about him. That's all.A different person started showing up at work, No one knows how, but the girl found out about the changed man, After some time and investigation she was flattered and knew Mitch was the guy for her. It was rumored that it was Arlene, who informed the girl about Mitch.

There was a lot going on in the Mitch story. We have a person others talk about. We have a relationship gone sour. We have a person working on himself. Let's get one thing clear: I believe, we are who we are. It is solely up to us whether to change, or if we can change. I believe, if a coworker acts in way that is disturbing, it should be brought to their attention. I have been taught that a healthy team atmosphere is essential to a group's success. If an individual wants to be different, let them. Rejoice in it. In a relationship we have that "halfway point" and "can I live with this". The truth of the matter is: how much are willing to change (if at all) to be with that other person? I do believe some people are made for each other. (Sometimes in strange ways.) There are times and instances when change can be good for us: like don't argue with a police officer when he wants to write us a ticket, The bottom line is that it is our life. We should be allowed to be what and who we like and be as different as we like. That's what makes us wonder. So be proud of who we are and Enjoy.

How about a moody melody to go with that sonnet: Edgar Tuniyants "In the lonely night" 

Do you love puppies 

Like humans, puppies are born without teeth. However, they can't hear, see or smell, either. Puppies don't open their eyes or begin to hear until they're 1 to 2 weeks old, according to the VCA (Veterinary Centers of America), and they can't smell until about three weeks post birth. Until then, it's very important for the mini-puppies to stay close to mom and their siblings to eat and grow properly. And puppies are cute. 
Here is a cute commercial starring a puppy. "When You Walk Your Anxious Puppy // Presented By BuzzFeed & Puppy Chow" 

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Love comes to those who still hope although 
they’ve been disappointed,to those who still 
believe although they’ve been betrayed,
to those who still love although they’ve been 
hurt before.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Forbidden Veil to Face/Off 
A man seeing a memory is lost in confusion 
The plot of a movie is the cause of a confusion 

Forbidden Veil (poem)

I wandered down a lonely trail
The moon forgot so long ago
And memories had ceased to flow
Amid forbidden veil
And there I saw what couldn’t be
A maiden I had met somewhere
Now lost forever in her stare
And now it beckoned me
So here I sat it seemed so right
She sang a song of yesterday
When kisses weren’t so far away
And lovers found a place to stray
Where hearts in love could safely stay
Believing dreams would come their way
Which promised more than words could say
Yet drifting shadows did betray
Instead of Joy I found dismay
The song had sewn my plight
I dare not stay I couldn’t leave
Confusion reigned from all around
Her song became a wall of sound
Which offered no reprieve
I shouted hoping she would hear
But all I found was me instead
With all these reasons in my head
Why she’s no longer near 

Confusion takes possession of a man in this poem. This was intended to be a simple A/B/B/A poem. It is unclear if the speaker is caught by a vision or a memory. In the third stanza he becomes stuck. Hence the repeating the B rhyme. As the poem ends, if we weren't confused before, we should be now. Oddly,we are in touch with the speaker. 

Perhaps a husband or a boyfriend can relate to this (or a lady might admit to this). Arlene had a strange power over me. Sure, I loved her and I would do anything for her. But in the nature of things, this wasn't enough. It all starts with, "Marty." Then I know I'm in trouble (or in for delight). Then comes the kisses and hugs and Arlene's magic. When I came back to this world, whatever it was, Arlene won. Arlene learned not to overuse her superpower over me after this incidence. Arlene wanted a new car. After a "Marty", we were off. I remember a few more  "Marty"s at the Mitsubishi dealership. The next thing I recall was driving to dinner in Arlene;s sexy new car. Arlene was not as happy as she should be. It seems that I didn't haggle one little bit. I went with everything the dealer offered. He had a real sucker on the hook. The dealer felt so bad (or good) about dealing with me that he threw in a free dinner How could a guy be that stupid? The answer was "Marty".

Life goes on. How we choose to live our life is up to us.After all, it is our life. I do want to offer this insight, Some individuals enjoy doing the same thing. Breakfast. lunch and dinner at the same time everyday. The same routine everyday. There is nothing wrong in this. In fact there is a need for this type of personality. There is one thing, though. Our brain and how it stores things. If we have a tendency of doing the same thing, the brain will store it with similar memories. This includes little things like brushing our teeth. watching TV, our cell phones... All being stored with other times we went shopping, did the laundry, went on Facebook. Ever heard this, "What did you do this weekend?" What is our answer? Are satisfied with our answer? There will come a time when we will ask our self the question. We now have a valuable insight. Use it to be the wonders that we are. Use it and Enjoy.

Think I'm the only one who's girl crazy: Boyzone "Words" 

Another look at a film 

"Face/Off" is a 1997 science fiction action film directed by John Woo, written by Mike Werb and Michael Colleary, and starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. Travolta plays an FBI agent and Cage plays a terrorist, sworn enemies who assume each other's physical appearance. The film earned favorable reviews and grossed $245 million worldwide. It was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Sound Effects Editing (Mark Stoeckinger) at the 70th Academy Awards. As successful as it was Defy Media and Screen Junkies found some problems with the movie.
Here is what Screen Junkies found.  "Honest Trailers - Face/Off"

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Love makes people do crazy things. 
And not feeling loved can bring people to the edge of 
Jacqueline Simon Gunn

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Flowers Follow to Granny Grab Your Gun 
Teardrops find their defense in three words 
Grannies find their defense in the martial arts 


Flowers Follow (English sonnet) 

A teardrop to some flowers follow me
A sigh to wished for words once more awake
A broken heart another chance to take
A moment which was never meant to be
He wanders through the mist of a mistake
The clouds of doubt now rules his certainty
As streams of pain consumes his memory
And as he dies his world begins to shake
Unclear from here where storm had found its start
Which form this rift that tore between these two
From here such winds are endless realms away
And she it seems her tears weren’t far apart
With flowers followed words of I love you
Another bless’ed tie was formed that day w

Teardrops blossomed into words to bless this English sonnet. As with most sonnets of this type this one is divided into two part. The first part (the quatrains) is his perspective. The second part (the triplets) is her perspective. What makes this somewhat confusing is the atmosphere of this poem. Clarity has given way to the confusion of a serious relationship dilemma. Thus the fist stanza of each part is unclear of who the speaker is. 

This is how crazy our arguments were in that small Richmond district apartment. I came home late'; Someone had spent too much money; Something wasn't done; Something was brought home from work; The causes go on and on. Then came the shouting. It only got physical once. When I hit Arlene. It felt so bad (the shame of it) that I never raised my hand to her again. Not to be outdone, shouts led to more shouting. This and that would be added to the fire. This would continue until someone left. Doors would slam. And there I was. Was Arlene gone forever? That will teach her. What were we fighting about? What am I gonna do? I guess I told her. A mind muddled in a mire. It never felt good. Then came the words, "I love you." It is unclear were the words came from or who said them. The mind was much too lost to grasp what was going on. When again eyes could see, Arlene and I were in each other's arms and someone was crying.  A crazy result of this time: "I love you" took on a deeper meaning from those times on. 

All I can say: that Richmond apartment was a negative environment. When Arlene and I moved out, we were a normal couple. Negatives do attract other negatives. More important: positive do tend to attract other positives. In a world of positives and negatives this is important to remember, By adopting a positive attitude and a positive lifestyle, we will tend to attract positives into our lives. Oh, we will get an occasional negative. We can just laugh them off. (They hate that.) Seriously, a positive attitude allows us to deal with negatives in a logical manner. Learning from them. Our positiveness allows us to turn negatives into something useful. Our surroundings may be negative or contain negatives. This is something we should be aware of as it will effect us. The more positive we are the more good things we attract. It all starts here. We are wonderful. Let the positive flow and Enjoy.

A great video and music to go with the sonnet: Vivaldi's "Guitar Concerto in D" 

Martial arts or a gun 

A study published in 2013 by the Violence Policy Center, using five years of nationwide statistics (2007-2011) compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation found that defensive gun uses occur an average of 67,740 times per year.
Then there's Master Ken of EnterTheDojoShow. "Granny Grab Your Gun!" 

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Emotions have cycles whereas love endures. 
Some people confuse emotions, which are 
ever-changing, with love's durability.
Donna Lynn Hope

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Summer's Air to High School Dance Battle 
Summers pass into memories 
One more senior outing passes into memories 

Summer’s Air (Martin verse) 

What moments passed into the summer’s air
Each breath of life filled splendors we would share
Each dream we danced to one more hope would bear
Each kiss of memories was born right there
The heartbeats made would last throughout the year
Each gentle scent which flowers sent was dear
Each star which warmed a lover’s night was clear
Each day made extra time to hold you near
And so we formed the magic of our air
Which every spark of romance held so dear
Was ever there a purpose quite so clear
As whispered wishes born when we were there
Our summer’s flare would last from year to year
So endless Joyful waters which we share
Who knew the coming pain which I would bear
That morning when I could not hold you near
A season came with you no longer there
An end to this was all which I could bear
There rose a breeze with so much more to share
What moments passed into the summer’s air

What made summers endless is revealed in this Martin verse. Take four words that rhyme. Take four more words that rhyme, but do not rhyme with the first four words. In the next two stanza  combine the two sets of four words. In the last stanza bring the first words back in reverse order. We have a Martin verse. It should look like this: A1/A2/A3/A4 B1/B2/B3/B4 A1/B1/B2.A2 B3/A3/A4/B4 A4/A3/A2/A1. 

Summer was always my favorite season. Not because school was out. I went to summer school. When I met Arlene she went to summer school with me. (One of the reasons Arlene's dad liked me.) There was something about the summer's air. We who live in San Francisco are spoiled. There is so much to do and our weather is very conducive. The temperature rarely goes bellow 50 our above 95. But summers... There was something extra to it. Was it the moon and stars on those romantic nights we strolled together? Or the warm caress of the fog? Was it how the days waited for us after a day of work? Was it the caress of the weekends? It wasn't just for those precious moments made by two lovers. One day a family would take in the wonders of the summer's air. The trips to the zoo, playing at the parks, exploring, the beaches, and all the rest. There, for us, all of time. But somehow better in the summer. The day came when my children were grown and off on their own. Arlene had passed. I was touched by the summer's air. Then I understood.

I don't want to be upsetting, but a fact of life is we are all getting older. In time there may be things that we can't do anymore or do as well. Add to this, the opportunities that only come around once. This should always be part of our driving force. Those things we missed  out on, or could have done better, should be a motivators to be all that is meant for us. Never, never, never put aside, or belittle, those things that we do well. Instead of worrying how short time may be, fill each moment with memories. Memories that only we can create. Memories that echo, "We were here." At the end of the day we should know: We are wonderful. And until that day, let us Enjoy.

A song for summer: Frank Sinatra "Summer Wind" 

Can dance be an answer to disagreements 

Dance has been shown to improve motor function, cognitive function, mental symptoms, and overall quality of life in people both with and without Parkinson’s disease. These results have been found in scientific studies, but also shared by a number of you in the comments that were left on the last blog.
Virginia, LPCA, highlighted how dance therapy takes advantage of the discovery of the role of mirror neurons in the brain.What is it about dance that makes it such an effective intervention for neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease (and other brain disorders)?
  1. Dance develops flexibility and instills confidence.
  2. Dance is first and foremost a stimulating mental activity that connects mind to body
  3. Dance breaks isolation.
  4. Dance invokes imagery in the service of graceful movement.
  5. Dance focuses attention on eyes, ears and touch as tools to assist in movement and balance
  6. Dance increases awareness of where all parts of the body are in space.
  7. Dance tells stories.
  8. Dance sparks creativity.
  9. The basis of dance is rhythm.
  10. The essence of dance is joy.
(Taken from National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine

What about disagreements? For this we turn to Scott Winn of ScottDW. "HIGH SCHOOL DANCE BATTLE! CHOIR, CHEER, JOCKS, TEACHERS COLLIDE!! // ScottDW - Hum" 

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It's sad to know I'm done. But looking back, 
I've got a lot of great memories. 
Bonnie Blair